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Dodge bonus

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The dodge mechanic works as a miss chance - a simple percentile chance to completely avoid physical attacks. You will see a "Dodge" hover over your character anytime it helps you dodge an attack.

Dodge chance mechanic[edit]

This check is done independent of the miss chance resulting from Armor Class and other measures of not getting hit, such as Concealment or Incorporeality. The dodge chance is capped by the Maximum Dexterity Bonus of the armor worn and cannot exceed 25% without special feats or enhancements, such as Uncanny Dodge (see below) that allow a player to exceed this cap. Dodge bonuses from spells, enhancements, EDs, items, and feats stack.

As of Update 19, dodge bonuses on items no longer stack, only the best applies.

Sources of dodge[edit]


Iconic Past Life Feats[edit]

  • Shadar-Kai passive: 1% dodge per past life, up to 3%.

Legendary feats[edit]

Monk stances[edit]

  • Lesser Ocean Stance: +3% Dodge, +2 Dodge Cap
  • Ocean Stance: +6%, +4 Dodge Cap
  • Greater Ocean Stance: +9%, +6 Dodge Cap
  • Ultimate Ocean Stance: +12%, +8 Dodge Cap

Epic Destinies[edit]

  • Meld Into Darkness, active: +100% for up to 12 seconds. (Shadowdancer)
  • Untouchable, passive: +1% extra dodge for each Shadow Charge held (Shadowdancer)
  • Echoes of the Ancestors: Martial: Grandmaster of Flowers: passive, stance, 2% (Fatesinger)
  • Echoes of the Ancestors: Primal (ranged version), passive: 1% (Fatesinger) (?)
  • Perfect Balance, passive: 1% per rank, 3 ranks (Grandmaster of Flowers)
  • Walking with Waves, passive: 1% per rank, 3 ranks (Grandmaster of Flowers)
  • A Scattering of Petals, active: for 12 seconds: +25% (Grandmaster of Flowers)
  • Master's Blitz, active: 10 seconds + can be prolonged by killing monsters: +50%, does currently not exceed the dodge cap (bugged). (Legendary Dreadnought)
  • Unearthly Reaction, passive: 1% per rank, 3 ranks (Magister)
  • In the Weeds, passive: 1% per rank, 3 ranks (Shiradi Champion)
  • In the Weeds, passive, when standing still: additional 1% per rank, 3 ranks (Shiradi Champion)


Class enhancements[edit]

  • Artificer
    • Arcanotechnician
      • Master Defender (Tier 5): Your Iron Defender provides you 1%/2%/3% Dodge and he gains +2/+4/+6 Strength, Dexterity and Constitution.
  • Barbarian
    • Occult Slayer
      • Uncanny Dodger (Tier 1): +1%/+2%/+3% Dodge.
  • Bard
    • Swashbuckler
      • Confidence (Core, Lv 1): +1% Dodge, +1 Reflex Save, and +1 to the Max Dex Bonus of your Armor per Swashbuckler Core Ability you have.
      • Uncanny Dodge (Core, Lv 6): No dodge bonus, but you gain the Uncanny Dodge feat. You also gain 1% Doublestrike, 1% Doubleshot, and +1 Attack Damage while Swashbuckling.
      • On Your Toes (Tier 1): +1%/2%/3% Dodge.
      • Swashbuckling Style (Tier 3, Multi-selector): Skirmisher: While Swashbuckling with a Buckler in your off hand you gain 10% Dodge, and you may use a Buckler and still benefit from the Single Weapon Fighting line of feats.
  • Druid
    • Nature's Warrior
      • Flight (Tier 2): Use Wild Empathy to gain +10% Dodge for [12/24/36] seconds.
      • Improved Dodge (Tier 3): +1/+2/+3 Dodge while in any Bear or Wolf form.
  • Fighter
    • Kensei
      • Reed In The Wind (Tier 1): Makes an attack with +1[W] damage. If you successfully damage your target you gain a +3%/6%/9% Insight bonus to Dodge for 6 seconds.
      • Improved Dodge (Tier 2): +1%/+2%/+3% Dodge when wearing light or no armor. NOTE: Does not stack with Tempest(Rgr): Improved Dodge!
  • Monk
    • Ninja Spy
      • Acrobatic (Tier 1): +1/+2/+3 Balance, Jump, and Tumble. +1%/+2%/+3% Dodge.
    • Shintao
      • Reed in the Wind (Tier 1): Makes an attack with +1[W] damage. If you successfully damage your target you gain a +3%/+6%/+9% Insight bonus to Dodge for 6 seconds.
  • Ranger
    • Tempest
      • Improved Dodge (Tier 2): +1%/+2%/+3% dodge when wearing light or no armor.
      • Elaborate Parry (Tier 4): Attacks an opponent. For the next 5/10/15 seconds, each time you damage an opponent you gain +2% dodge for 5 seconds. This effect can stack up to 15 times.
  • Rogue
    • Assassin
      • Nimbleness (Core, Lv12): On Sneak Attack: Up to once every 2 seconds, you gain 1% dodge for 6 seconds. This effect can stack up to 10 times.
    • Thief-Acrobat
      • Shadow Dodge (Tier 3): +1%/2%/3% Dodge, +1/+2/+3 Dexterity, +1/+2/+3 Maximum Dexterity Bonus w/ light armor.
  • Sorcerer
    • Air Savant
      • Elemental Apotheosis: Air (Core, Lv 20): +3 dodge plus bunch of other really cool stuff.
      • Acrobatic (Tier 1): Rank 3 gives 1% dodge bonus.
  • Wizard
    • Pale Master
      • Bone Armor (Tier 2): While under the effect of Shroud of the Wraith, you gain 1%/2%/3% Dodge.

Racial enhancements[edit]

  • Drow
    • Ambidexterity (Tier 2): Rank 2 gives 1% dodge bonus.
    • Improved Dodge (Tier 3): +1%/+2%/+3% Dodge when wearing light or no armor.
  • Elf / Sun Elf
    • Skill (Tier 4): +3% dodge, +3% Doubleshot, +3% Doublestrike, and bypass 3% dodge.
  • Halfling
    • Heroic Companion (Tier 2): Action Boost: Grants an ally 0/+2%/+4% Dodge, +0.25/+0.5/+1[W], +2/+4/+6 to hit and saving throws, and 0/0/+10 Physical Resistance Rating.
    • Improved Dodge (Tier 3): +1%/+2%/+3% Dodge when wearing light or no armor.
    • Halfling Agility (Tier 4): Up to once per second when you are hit, you gain 1% dodge until you are missed. This effect can stack up to 5 times.
  • Shadar-kai
    • Improved Dodge (Tier 3): +1%/+2%/+3% Dodge when wearing light or no armor.

Reaper enhancements[edit]

  • Grim Barricade
    • Reaper's Defense V: +1 Dodge, +1 PRR and MRR
    • Reaper's Evasion: +1/2/3 Dodge while in Reaper Difficulty (4x, up to +12)

Increasing maximum dodge[edit]

Your chance to dodge attacks is restricted in three ways:

The lower limit of the three applies. These are ways to increase (or decrease) the maximum amount of dodge bonus that you can get.

See also: Max dodge breakdown / discussion as of Update 37

Class enhancements[edit]

Bard Swashbuckler

  • Roll with the Punches (Core, Lv 18): +5 Insight Bonus to Character Dodge Cap.

Fighter Kensei

  • Ascetic Training (Tier 2, Multi-selector): Agility: +1/+2/+3 to dodge cap, Concentration, Reflex Saves. NOTE: Stacks with Ninja Spy(Mnk): Agility!
  • Athletic Mastery: (Tier 3): +1/+2/+3 Maximum Dexterity bonus and Dodge cap. works with all armor types

Monk Henshin Mystic

  • Embrace the Void: Gain 1/2/3 Meditation use per rest, +1/+2/+3 to Dodge Cap, and regenerate Ki faster while meditating. While you are meditating, you generate a protective shield which can absorb up to 25/50/100 damage, and is refreshed every 3 seconds.
  • Cauldron of Flame (Core, level 18): Fire Ki Spell-Like Ability. While inside the range of the ability and wielding a quarterstaff you gain +15% Dodge that ignores Dodge Cap.

Monk Ninja Spy

  • Agility: +1/+2/+3 Maximum Dodge bonus, Concentration and Reflex Saves.

Monk Shintao

  • Meditation of War (Tier 5, Multi-selector): Earth Stance: This actually gives you a penalty of -5% Dodge Cap. You also gain +10 Insight bonus to Physical Resistance and +3% Insight bonus to Maximum Hit Points.
  • Meditation of War (Tier 5, Multi-selector): Water Stance: +5 Insight bonus to Maximum Dodge Bonus. You deal 10% less damage with attacks.

Ranger Tempest

  • Improved mobility (Tier 3): +1/+2/+3 dodge cap while wearing light or no armor. -1/-2/-3 armor check penalty in light armor.

Rogue Assassin

  • Light Armor Mastery (Tier 5): You gain 1/2/3 to Maximum Dodge. While wearing light armor, gain 2/4/6 to the Maximum Dexterity Bonus of your armor, -2/4/6 armor check penalty, and gain 2/4/6 Physical Resistance Rating.
  • Measure the Foe (Tier 5): Gain +6 Melee Power, +2 Dodge, +2 Maximum Dodge, +1 to hit and +1 to the DC's of your Assassinate abilities for every 4/2/1 seconds you remain stealthed. This effect stacks up to five times, and lasts 10 seconds after you come out of stealth.

Rogue Thief-Acrobat

  • Tumbler (Core, Lv 6): You can pass through enemies when you tumble. +2 maximum dodge.
  • Kip Up (Core, Lv 12): You are immune to most knockdown effects and slippery surfaces. +2 maximum dodge.
  • Cartwheel Charge (Core, Lv 18): After tumbling, you gain a +2 Morale bonus to Strength and Dexterity for 12 seconds. +2 maximum dodge. +20% Doublestrike with quarterstaff.
  • Spinning Staff Wall (Tier 5): While wearing cloth or light armor, gain +5% Dodge, +5 maximum dodge, and +5 Maximum Dexterity Bonus with Light Armor.

Racial enhancements[edit]

Gnome / Halfling / Deep Gnome

  • Nimble Reaction (Tier 2): +1/+2/+3 Maximum Dodge Bonus and Armor Maximum Dexterity Bonus (cap).

Legendary feats[edit]

Monk stances[edit]

  • Lesser Ocean Stance: +3% Dodge, +2 Dodge Cap
  • Ocean Stance: +6%, +4 Dodge Cap
  • Greater Ocean Stance: +9%, +6 Dodge Cap
  • Ultimate Ocean Stance: +12%, +8 Dodge Cap

Reaper enhancements[edit]

  • Grim Barricade
    • Reaper's Defense VI: +1 Dodge Cap, +2 PRR and MRR
    • Reaper's Heightened Evasion: +1 Dodge Cap while in Reaper Difficulty (up to +2)

Guild buffs[edit]

  • Fencing Master: +2% Guild bonus to Maximum Dodge and Max Dex Bonus.


Dodge in earlier versions of the game[edit]

Dodge bonus to Armor Class[edit]

Previous to Update 14, Dodge used to be considered a bonus type, generally applying to armor class and sometimes reflex saves. In some very rare areas where the devs forgot to update the bonus types, there are still a few abilities/items that display as dodge bonuses to armor class in the breakdown, but officially the system has been discontinued, so they should be considered bugs.

Examples are:

  • Eldritch Shield Ritual and Eldritch Armor Ritual (Technically should count as bonuses types equal to their name per a dev post)
  • Favored Defense I to III +1-3 (Ranger only, vs. favored enemies)
  • Fighter's Mobility I to II +1-2 (fighter only, only while tumbling; requires Mobility feat)

Dodge stacking[edit]

The Dodge bonus always stacks, except the ones you get from items. As of update 19, only the highest item based Dodge bonus will apply.

Prior to update 19, there were some issues with stacking sometimes. Depending on the order you equip your dodge items, the final result may not be correct. A work around for it was stripping off and re-equipping in a different order. (DDO Forums)