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Epic Reincarnation

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Upon reincarnating through this option, you will get to choose an Epic Past Life Feat based on the Epic Destiny sphere from which you sacrifice the 6 million Karma.

Karma are a type of experience points that accumulate from normal experience points while using any destiny of one specific sphere. To see the total karma for all spheres, open the Epic Destiny window and click on the Tree View tab.

Karma caps at 6,000,000 per sphere. When you use Epic True Reincarnation and choose a sphere as part of the process, the entire 6,000,000 karma is forfeited from that sphere. You can re-accumulate karma in your next life from earning experience points from quests and raids as usual while using destinies in the sphere you require.

An Epic Heart of Wood can be traded using 4,200 Commendations of Valor or 42 Heart Seeds. Trade 100 Commendations of Valor for 1 Heart Seed. Exchanging Commendations of Valor for Heart Seeds is useful if you have other characters that you wish to eTR as Commendations of Valor are Bound-to-Character, while Seeds are Bound-to-Account.

Many players abbreviate this mechanic as eTR.

Epic Reincarnation[edit]

  • Loss of XP (level 30 back to level 20)
  • Loss of 6 million Karma from an Epic Destiny Sphere
Required item:


  • No need to empty out your TR cache before eTR. In the regard of items and inventory, Epic Reincarnation is treated like Lesser Reincarnation.
  • Any Favor accumulated does not change. This also means an eTR life that had received items or feats in their last Heroic life will not receive new items or feats until the character undergoes a Heroic True Reincarnation.
  • Since you will need 6 million Karma from an Epic Destiny sphere to reincarnate and it currently takes 8.25 million XP to level from 20-30, you will need to do the majority of your leveling in the SAME sphere, if you wish to avoid additional grinding after you reach level 30.