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Racial Reincarnation

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Reincarnation FlowGraph.jpg

As of U35, characters that are not Iconic Races are eligible to undergo Racial Reincarnation (RR) once they reach level 20. This allows the character to be reborn as a more powerful incarnation, gaining "Past Race" benefits for future lives. Almost everything but the character's name can be changed in this process.

Note that any reincarnation cannot be combined with any other reincarnation option - it's one or the other, never two (or more) at once.

Identical to Heroic True Reincarnation, if a Racial Reincarnation is the first or second True Incarnation for this character, their build points will increase. (see Summary below)

Racial Reincarnation uses the TR cache in the exact same way that Heroic True Reincarnation does. source


Lahar Heroic True Heart of Blood.jpg

  • Build point upgrade (to 34, then 36)
  • Grants passive Racial Past Life Feats
  • Loss of all XP (revert to Level 1)
  • Loss of all Favor and character-level favor rewards (but not server-level favor rewards)
  • Loss of all quest completions, flagging and raid completion counter
Required item:

All other Racial Reincarnation benefits are identical to those of Heroic True Reincarnation (except Past Life Feats); a slightly larger character, access for non-VIP to open quests on increased difficulty, "Hero" or "Legend" status in their examination window, and so on.

Racial PL Benefits[edit]

The Racial Past life feats are listed below; the "1st" column shows the bonus received for the first reincarnation, the "2nd" for the second reincarnation of a given race, etc. The 3rd reincarnation is always +1 Racial Action Point, applied to your current racial Enhancement tree (including Iconics).

All accrued bonuses are applied at Level 1 (i.e. immediately after character creation). Bonuses to attributes change the final, but not "base" value; i.e. they do not count for Feat prerequisites, bonus Intelligence does not count toward Skill Points, etc. source

More than 3 Racial Reincarnations with the same race add no further bonuses.

Race F2P? 1st 2nd 3rd
Aasimar no +1 Heal +1 Wisdom +1 Racial Action Point
Dragonborn no +1 Spellcraft +1 Charisma
Drow yes* +1 Search +1 Intelligence
Dwarf yes +1 Balance +1 Constitution
Elf yes +1 Spot +1 Dexterity
Gnome no +1 Use Magic Device +1 Intelligence
Halfling yes +1 Move Silently +1 Dexterity
Half-elf no +1 Diplomacy +1 Charisma
Half-Orc no +1 Intimidate +1 Strength
Human yes +1 Haggle +1 Wisdom
Warforged no +1 Repair +1 Constitution
* Drow are not available to starting accounts, however they are available "for free" once any character on that server earns 400 favor. Drow and all non-Free-to-play races can be bought in-game via the DDO Store.

So, besides starting with 36 build points, a triple racial-completionist would enjoy +2 to Wis, Dex, Con, Int & Cha and +1 to Str, and a bonus of 11 Racial AP, as well as the +1 bonuses to the listed skills - plus the benefits of the Racial Completionist Feat.

Racial Completionist Feat[edit]

Once a character has completed all 3 Tiers of reincarnation on all current races, a free Racial Completionist Feat is awarded to all future incarnations. This adds +2 to all skills and all ability scores, on top of the bonuses listed above. This is identical to, and stacks with, the class completionist feat. However, unlike the Class Completionist Feat, this is a free feat - it requires no feat slot to be used.

If additional races are added, this Feat is deactivated and the character will need to acquire those new racial past lives before it is reactivated.