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A Smaller Problem

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An encounter in the Ruins of Gianthold. You approach Brawnpits, who are seeking for 3 Ancient Giant Totems. Those are scattered around the zone, at random locations.


  • Bring 3 Ancient Giant Totems to Brawnpits


? Chests and 3,750 XP


  • Brawnpits: You look familiar...
  • Brawnpits: But then, you're so very small, it's hard to tell the difference between you and others of your kind.
  • Brawnpits: Anyhow, matters of great importance are afoot, so unless you are here to bring ol' Brawnpits some Ancient Giant Totems before Betty gets antsy... Actually, it would be very helpful if you could do that. I've already sent my lazy nephews, Thum and Nale, off to find them and I've just about given up on them. Maybe You'll do better.
    • You: Actually, I did find something. Will this do?
      • (If you don't have the three totems)
        • Brawnpits: I may have some trouble seeing the totems myself, but Betty does not, and she tells me that is not what you claim it is. Do you want to argue with her?
          • You: Uh... maybe I just had some questions instead (See below)
          • You: No, that's okay. I'm pretty sure I'm mistaken. I'll go find the real Totems now. (Walk away)
      • (If you have the three totems)
        • Brawnpits: ???????????????
    • You: I have some questions.
      • Brawnpits: Of course you do. The little ones always have questions.
        • You: Where do I find Ancient Giant Totems?
          • Brawnpits: If I knew where to find them, I would have found them myself. They're very small, like you, and hard to see. All I know is that there are bound to be some scattered throughout Gianthold, left over from the days of yore. To find them, you'll have to use your head. For seeing.
        • You: What do the Totems look like?
          • Brawnpits: They're very small. But then again, so are you. They're probably about your size, made of stone in the form of a Giant's head but they may have some wear and tear. You'll know when you see one. You may have already seen on, but of course, I haven't seen what you have.
          • Brawnpits: They may in fact look very similar to the one I managed to find right here next to me.
          • You: That doesn't make any sense. Why are 'Giant Totems' so small?
          • Brawnpits: They're also very old. So old in fact, that they come from when Giants used to lord over the Elves, who were very weak, and not very good stoneworkers. They were supposed to be Giant statues, but they ended up being only useful for Shamanic Totems. Sometimes when you need help, you take what you can get. I'm looking at you.
        • You: What are these Totems for?
          • Brawnpits: Rituals, of course. What else would one use a totem for? They still hold some power, but one like you would never be able to understand it. You ask too many questions. Just be patient, bring me the Totems, and you'll see, young grasshopper.
        • You: What are you doing in Gianthold?
          • Brawnpits: Looking for Ancient Giant Totems, of course. What did I say about dumb questions? I need them to perform a special ritual when the time is right. You'll see. Just continue along your path, and all will make sense.
        • You: Refresh my memory... Who's Betty?
          • Brawnpits: Gladly. Betty is my club. She has a short temper for those that would make good paste. Would you like her to further refresh your memory?
            • You: Uh, no thanks. I like not being paste. I just have some other questions instead.
        • You: Where are Thum and Nale?
          • Brawnpits: Who knows. Probably somewhere out there napping. I tried to send them on a quest of discovery and enlightenment, and this is what happens. Then again, this is a dangerous place. I feel they'll learn something yet.
        • You: Actually, I think I already found something for you. Will this do? (See above)