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Airship sub-race

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An Airship


Airships are not technically monsters, but are considered Construct type monsters of the Inanimate Object race.


Airships are flying ships powered by an Elemental Engine. They are the best way to transport massive amounts of crew or cargo across vast distances. House Lyrandar is responsible for most commercial airships in Eberron because it is hard to control a bound elemental without a Mark of Storm. This does not prevent other skilled people from trying and succeeding on their own. And some of those people become pirates.

In the Forgotten Realms airships are much more rare. They existed in ancient Netheril and Halruaa, but are a rare vision nowadays. In DDO, the only mentions of airships is some words from Hekta Szind (Journal #24).


Airship Cannon Ball[edit]

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Airships have six elemental cannons at portside and six more at starboard. They are usually fired at other airships to deal massive damage, but can also be fired against the ground to hit a large number of opponents.

Once fired, the shots will fly through the air for a few seconds before landing. The game will present you with their intended target area, and you have a short time to either run out of the way, or block the damage (if you have the Shield Deflection feat). Each airship usually only deal a single elemental type of damage, and you can make a Reflex save to take half damage. This means the attack can be evaded or cut in half by wielding a Heavy Shield or Tower Shield.

Grappling Hook[edit]

Airships can launch hooks to the ground or to other airships as a mean to make way for their crew to land and attack the enemy. As long as the hook is still attached, there will be endless waves of pirates. You can destroy the hook, but expect the ship to launch more hooks later.

Immunity to attacks[edit]

Airships, because of their massive size, are highly resistant to anything a single adventurer can throw at them. The only way to deal considerable damage to them is using a siege weapon, like a Ballista.

Elemental engine[edit]

Every airship is powered by an Elemental Engine that drains the power of a bound elemental. It is the elemental that actually controls the ship speed and direction, and his bound state means he can be ordered by the pilot at the helm. However, if someone destroys the elemental engine, the bound elemental will be freed and usually will destroy the ship for vengeance before returning to the elemental chaos.

If you can board an airship and destroy the engine, you will instantly win. Just remember to get out of it before the crash.

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