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Name: Bloodeye

Race: Elf

Gender: Male

Location: Barrel's Bottom, standing atop crates, surveying the docks.

Description: <Commodore> Bloodeye is the man in charge of the security and peace in Three Barrel Cove.
Trivia: He's cited in Treasure of Crystal Cove/Treasure Map quests.

Barrel's Bottom[edit]

If you try to talk to him at any time, he will say?

  • Bloodeye: Why are you just standing there, ye scurvy dog?
  • Bloodeye: If ye can't find nothing else to do, you can clear out some of the renegade pirates from the wilderness.
  • Bloodeye: To head out of town, first climb up to higher ground. Then, take the cliff-side pass on the North-West side of town.

If you have the quest Pirates of the Thunder Sea, however, he will reply:

  • Bloodeye: Now what is it you be wanting?
  • You: Black-Nose Quint in Stormreach sent me. He said you were looking for a hand.
  • Bloodeye: Is that so?
  • Bloodeye: Well now, I could use someone, that be true.
  • Bloodeye: Ye see, all day pirates be coming up to me...
  • Bloodeye: 'Bloodeye, I need help'
  • Bloodeye: 'Bloodeye, can ye spare some men?'
  • Bloodeye: 'Bloodeye, that swab stabbed me and my guts are falling out.'
  • Bloodeye: Arr, it makes me sick! Since when do pirates go whinning fer help when the seas get stormy?
  • You: Um, okay. But what do you want me to do?
  • Bloodeye: I'll tell all the sea swine to talk to you when they need something.
  • Bloodeye: When you travel around Three Barrel and ye see someone in a pickle, then you help 'em.
  • Bloodeye: Savvy?
  • You: So you want me to explore Three Barrel Cove, talk to people, and help out with whatever they need? -- I'm an expert in that! Leave everything to me. (Complete quest)