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In-game description[edit]

  • "Blueshine: This armor glistens with a blue-black sheen as if it were covered with an oily liquid sapphire. A suit of armor imbued with this property never tarnishes and is immune to acid damage and rusting effects. While wearing blueshine armor you gain a +3 competence bonus on Hide checks."
  • "Everbright: Flecks of marble and pearl shimmer across this weapon, set within images of bursting stars and beaming suns. An Everbright weapon will never take damage from acid or rust and can emit a Blinding Flash 3/rest."


Blueshine is a material with which some armor and weapons are made out of. The special properties of Blueshine are that it will never take damage from acid or rust, making it particularly useful when fighting things like Oozes or Rust Monsters as these creature can degrade your equipment rapidly.

It is important to note that the text "Blueshine" will not be included in a weapons name found with this property. Instead the weapons suffix properties will contain the text "Everbright" which will also give it an additional property as well as changing the weapon's material to Blueshine.

  • Blueshine Armors and Everbright Weapons/Shields can be crafted in a Cannith Crafting station
  • Blueshine is not a material but an enchantment - if you do an "item disjunction" on a blueshine item it will not retain the blueshine whereas material properties like mithral or adamantine will remain through disjunction
  • Items made of Crystal, Glass or Blueshine are immune to rust and acid damage.

Weapons/Shields/Armors made of Glass, Crystal or Blueshine are:[edit]




A list of items made of Glass can be found on the category page.