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Cannith Crafting

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The House Kundarak Crafting Hall.

Cannith Crafting, introduced in Update 9, allows players to construct completely customized weapons, shields, armor, jewelry, and clothing. This system was introduced in a state of live beta and was changed throughout Updates 9 and 10. The beta tag was removed with Update 11. The system was overhauled in Update 32 to align it with the Update 29 random loot changes. There are currently two Crafting Halls: one in House Kundarak (near the exit to The Marketplace) and one in House Cannith (near the Cannith Challenges crafters and across the plaza from the Auctioneer and Stormreach Teleporter).


Main article: Cannith Crafting steps
  1. "Disjunct" an item at the Item Deconstruction Device, stripping all effects and leaving the raw item ready to accept crafted effects.
  2. Craft a Minimum Level shard at a shard crafting device, which determines the minimum level of the item. This in turn determines the power level of shards applied onto the item (and also applies the basic level-appropriate bonus if weapon/armor).
    Note: Crafting a Bound shard is significantly cheaper, but creates an item that is Bound to Account; creating an Unbound shard costs significantly more in material, but allows the item to be freely traded/mailed/auctioned/etc. between characters, accounts, players - anywhere. Use a Bound crafting station for Bound shards, or an Unbound station for unbound shards.)
  3. Craft shards (Bound or Unbound) of the effects you want to apply to the item at a shard crafting device.
  4. Craft the shards onto the item at an item crafting device.


  • Dust of Disjunction is used to remove enchantments from random loot, leaving you with a blank item that is keyed for crafting. Material types and Augment Slots are retained on an item after disjunction.
  • Dissolvers are used to turn random loot into essences. The item itself is destroyed in the process, however you often gain some platinum in the process.
    • Cannith Essences are NOT increased on weapons, unlike platinum value, which is doubled on weapons.
    • Only items with an Enchantment Level (a + followed by a number in the upper right corner) will yield platinum when being dissolved. Weapons & Armor always have this; Clothing & Jewelry rarely do. However, Masterwork Craftsmanship, Augment Slots, & Feather Falling will all give Clothing & Jewelry an Enchantment Level. The higher the number, the more platinum you'll receive (generally 60 platinum/level).
    • Dissolvers need to be in your character inventory or ingredient bag; deconstructing using dissolvers in the Shared Crafting Bank will not produce platinum.
  • Cannith Essences are found in chests and from disjuncting random loot using Dissolvers. Essences obtained prior to Update 32 can be converted to Cannith Essences at the crafting potion vendor.
  • Collectables are used in all crafting recipes that create shards which are used to put effects onto items. These collectables can be found throughout the game and can be traded or purchased through the Auction Houses. Collectables come in four different category types: Arcane, Lore, Natural, and Cultural. An Arcane device of a given level range has the chance to drop all items in that range. Backpacks/rubble piles have the chance to drop all categories of collectables for a given tier. The tier and the collectible device are the only determination on the collectables received.
  • Shards are created by using Cannith Essences, collectables, Purified Eberron Dragonshard Fragments, Marks of Yugoloth, and Marks of the Silver Flame in crafting recipes.


All Cannith Crafting recipies use collectables. There are 113 cannith crafting collectables.

Any collectable can be found in an Adventurer's Pack or Rubble. Collectables of each type can be found can be additionally found in

  • Arcane: Alchemy Table, Cabinet, Crude Altar, Reagents Cabinet, and Scroll rack
  • Cultural: Treasure Bags (dropped by mobs)
  • Lore: Bookshelf, Cabinet
  • Natural: Bones, Crude Altar, Fungus, Fungus Patch, Mold, Moss, and Mushroom:
Rarity Arcane Cultural Lore Natural
1-5 Common Collectableicon AmberVial.gif Amber Vial, Tier 1 Arcane, Common Reagent Collectableicon StringOfPrayerBeads.gif String of Prayer Beads, Tier 1 Cultural, Common Religious Icon Collectableicon CrypticMessage.gif Page Torn from a Research Notebook, Tier 1 Lore, Common Document Collectableicon SweetWhitecap.gif Sweet Whitecap, Tier 1 Natural, Common Mushroom
Uncommon Collectableicon VialOfPureWater.gif Vial of Pure Water, Tier 1 Arcane, Uncommon Reagent Collectableicon SmallWoodenIdol.gif Small Wooden Idol, Tier 1 Cultural, Uncommon Religious Icon Collectableicon KhyberPrayerPamphlet.gif Khyber Prayer Pamphlet, Tier 1 Lore, Uncommon Document Collectableicon DeadlyFeverblanch.gif Deadly Feverblanch, Tier 1 Natural, Uncommon Mushroom
Rare Collectableicon VialOfContagion.gif Vial of Contagion, Tier 1 Arcane, Rare Reagent Collectableicon IconOfKhyber.gif Icon of Khyber, Tier 1 Cultural, Rare Religious Icon Collectableicon TomePropheciesOfKhyber.gif Tome: Prophecies of Khyber, Tier 1 Lore, Rare Document Collectableicon PaleCreeper.gif Pale Creeper, Tier 1 Natural, Rare Mushroom
6-10 Common Collectableicon SkullFragment.gif Skull Fragment, Tier 2 Arcane, Common Forensics Collectableicon GlitteringDust.gif Glittering Dust, Tier 2 Arcane, Common Pigment Collectableicon BladeOfTheDarkSix.gif Blade of the Dark Six, Tier 2 Cultural, Common Primitive Tools Collectableicon FuneraryToken.gif Funerary Token, Tier 2 Cultural, Common Morbid Curios Collectableicon KhyberPrayerPamphlet.gif Caravan Logbook, Tier 2 Lore, Common Document Collectableicon PhoenixTavernPurchaseOrder.gif Phoenix Tavern Purchase Order, Tier 2 Lore, Common Financial Records Collectableicon WitheredCryptmoss.gif Withered Cryptmoss, Tier 2 Natural, Common Moss Collectableicon CryptmossWormLarva.gif Cryptmoss Worm Larva, Tier 2 Natural, Common Moth
Uncommon Collectableicon PowderedBlood.gif Powdered Blood, Tier 2 Arcane, Uncommon Forensics Collectableicon SparklingDust.gif Sparkling Dust, Tier 2 Arcane, Uncommon Pigment Collectableicon SignetOfTheDevourer.gif Signet of the Devourer, Tier 2 Cultural, Unommon Primitive Tools Collectableicon MarkOfTheKeeper.gif Mark of the Keeper, Tier 2 Cultural, Uncommon Morbid Curios Collectableicon ScholaryNotes.gif Research Diary, Tier 2 Lore, Uncommon Document Collectableicon WavecrasherCargoManifest.gif 'Wavecrasher' Cargo Manifest, Tier 2 Lore, Uncommon Financial Records Collectableicon Cryptmoss.gif Cryptmoss, Tier 2 Natural, Uncommon Moss Collectableicon CryptmossWorm.gif Cryptmoss Worm, Tier 2 Natural, Uncommon Moth
Rare Collectableicon IntactFingerbone.gif Intact Fingerbone, Tier 2 Arcane, Rare Forensics Collectableicon LuminescentDust.gif Luminescent Dust, Tier 2 Arcane, Rare Pigment Collectableicon ShamanicTotem.gif Shamanic Totem, Tier 2 Cultural, Rare Primitive Tools Collectableicon NecromanticGem.gif Necromantic Gem, Tier 2 Cultural, Rare Morbid Curios Collectableicon TomeMythsOfOldXendrik.gif Tome: Myths of Old Xen'drik, Tier 2 Lore, Rare Document Collectableicon TomeStormreachImportsAndExports857Yk.gif Tome: Stormreach Imports and Exports, 857YK, Tier 2 Lore, Rare Financial Records Collectableicon LushCryptmoss.gif Lush Cryptmoss, Tier 2 Natural, Rare Moss Collectableicon CryptmossQueen.gif Cryptmoss Queen, Tier 2 Natural, Rare Moth
11-15 Common Collectableicon CeramicBowl.gif Ceramic Bowl, Tier 3 Arcane, Common Apparatus Collectableicon SingedSoarwood.gif Singed Soarwood, Tier 3 Arcane, Common Soarwood Collectableicon Lodestone.gif Lodestone, Tier 3 Arcane, Common Omen Collectableicon AmuletOfTheLostEmpire.gif Amulet of the Lost Empire, Tier 3 Cultural, Common Talisman Collectableicon PlanarCrystal.gif Small Planar Crystal, Tier 3 Cultural, Common Infernal Essence Collectableicon RunicParchment.gif Runic Parchment, Tier 3 Lore, Common Intelligence Collectableicon HouseSealedLetter.gif Romantic Sonnet, Tier 3 Lore, Common Lyric Collectableicon DeadlyFeverblanch.gif Bruised Spore Pod, Tier 3 Natural, Common Medicinal Spore Collectableicon BloodfeastFungus.gif Sour Darkcap, Tier 3 Natural, Common Fungus Collectableicon DuskbroodTrumpeter.gif Duskbrood Trumpeter, Tier 3 Natural, Common Beetle
Uncommon Collectableicon VialOfPureWater.gif Glass Phial, Tier 3 Arcane, Uncommon Apparatus Collectableicon CharredSoarwood.gif Charred Soarwood, Tier 3 Arcane, Uncommon Soarwood Collectableicon Moonstone.gif Moonstone, Tier 3 Arcane, Uncommon Omen Collectableicon AmuletOfTheSix.gif Amulet of the Six, Tier 3 Cultural, Uncommon Talisman Collectableicon PlanarSpoor.gif Planar Spoor, Tier 3 Cultural, Uncommon Infernal Essence Collectableicon HouseSealedLetter.gif House-Sealed Letter, Tier 3 Lore, Uncommon Intelligence Collectableicon SilverFlameHymnal.gif Silver Flame Hymnal, Tier 3 Lore, Uncommon Lyric Collectableicon ScholaryNotes.gif Scholarly Notes, Tier 3 Lore, Unommon Document Collectableicon SweetWhitecap.gif Intact Spore Pod, Tier 3 Natural, Uncommon Medicinal Spore Collectableicon CrimsonNightshade.gif Fragrant Drowshood, Tier 3 Natural, Uncommon Fungus Collectableicon HeadsmanBeetle.gif Headsman Beetle, Tier 3 Natural, Uncommon Beetle
Rare Collectableicon CrystalDecanter.gif Crystal Decanter, Tier 3 Arcane, Rare Apparatus Collectableicon LightningSplitSoarwood.gif Lightning-Split Soarwood, Tier 3 Arcane, Rare Soarwood Collectableicon StellarOrb.gif Stellar Orb, Tier 3 Arcane, Rare Omen Collectableicon AmuletOfTheArchbishop.gif Amulet of the Archbishop, Tier 3 Cultural, Rare Talisman Collectableicon TomeMythsOfOldXendrik.gif Tome: History of the Houses, Tier 3 Lore, Rare Intelligence Collectableicon TomeLostSongsOfCyre.gif Tome: Lost Songs of Cyre, Tier 3 Lore, Rare Lyric Collectableicon TomeCodesOfTheAurum.gif Tome: Codes of the Aurum, Tier 3 Lore, Rare Document Collectableicon PaleCreeper.gif Flowering Spore Pod, Tier 3 Natural, Rare Medicinal Spore Collectableicon DeadlyFeverblanch.gif Flowering Hellscap, Tier 3 Natural, Rare Fungus Collectableicon ExecutionerBeetle.gif Executioner Beetle, Tier 3 Natural, Rare Beetle
16-20 Common Collectableicon BlessedCandle.gif Blessed Candle, Tier 4 Arcane, Common Ritual Paraphernalia Collectableicon BlessedCandle.gif Ritual Candle, Tier 4 Arcane, Common Antiquity Collectableicon ChippedBoneTalisman.gif Chipped Bone Talisman, Tier 4 Cultural, Common Drow Artifact Collectableicon CrypticMessage.gif Cryptic Message, Tier 4 Lore, Common Document Collectableicon RuddyFungus.gif Ruddy Fungus, Tier 4 Natural, Common Fungus Collectableicon PaleCreeper.gif Swaying Mushroom Cluster, Tier 4 Natural, Common Ingredient
Uncommon Collectableicon SilverBowl.gif Silver Bowl, Tier 4 Arcane, Uncommon Ritual Paraphernalia Collectableicon VialOfPureWater.gif Vial of Heavy Water, Tier 4 Arcane, Uncommon Antiquity Collectableicon IvoryScorpionicon.gif Ivory Scorpion Icon, Tier 4 Cultural, Uncommon Drow Artifact Collectableicon PolishedOre.gif Polished Ore, Tier 4 Cultural, Uncommon Elemental Essence Collectableicon SilverFlameHymnal.gif Academic Treatise, Tier 4 Lore, Uncommon Text Collectableicon BloodfeastFungus.gif Bloodfeast Fungus, Tier 4 Natural, Uncommon Fungus Collectableicon PolishedOre.gif Swaying Mushroom Spore Pod, Tier 4 Natural, Uncommon Ingredient
Rare Collectableicon RitualAthame.gif Ritual Athame, Tier 4 Arcane, Rare Ritual Paraphernalia Collectableicon StellarOrb.gif Oceanic Sphere, Tier 4 Arcane, Rare Antiquity Collectableicon TearOfVulkoor.gif Tear of Vulkoor, Tier 4 Cultural, Rare Drow Artifact Collectableicon ElementalIngot.gif Elemental Ingot, Tier 4 Cultural, Rare Elemental Essence Collectableicon TomeLostSongsOfCyre.gif Tome: Alchemist's Chapbook, Tier 4 Lore, Rare Text Collectableicon SanguineMoth.gif Sanguine Moth, Tier 4 Natural, Rare Fungus Collectableicon LuminescentDust.gif Glowmoss Clump, Tier 4 Natural, Rare Ingredient
21-25 Common Mortar and Pestle icon.jpg Mortar and Pestle, Tier 5 Arcane, Common Collectableicon SmolderingEmber.gif Smoldering Ember, Tier 5 Cultural, Common Elemental Essence Collectableicon RunicParchment.gif Mystical Formula, Tier 5 Lore, Common Text Slime Mold icon.jpg Slime Mold, Tier 5 Natural, Common Zygomycota Fungus icon.jpg Zygomycota Fungus, Tier 5 Natural, Common
Uncommon Fractured Femur icon.jpg Fractured Femur, Tier 5 Arcane, Uncommon Stone Fetish icon.jpg Stone Fetish, Tier 5 Cultural, Uncommon Warehouse Ledger icon.jpg Warehouse Ledger, Tier 5 Lore, Uncommon Glowmoss Spores icon.jpg Glowmoss Spores, Tier 5 Natural, Uncommon Blister Beetle icon.jpg Blister Beetle, Tier 5 Natural, Uncommon
Rare Prismatic Dust icon.jpg Prismatic Dust, Tier 5 Arcane, Rare Collectableicon PlanarTalisman.gif Planar Talisman, Tier 5 Cultural, Rare Infernal Essence Encoded Communique icon.jpg Encoded Communique, Tier 5 Lore, Rare Scarlet Cryptmoss icon.jpg Scarlet Cryptmoss, Tier 5 Natural, Rare
26+ Common Brass Censer icon.jpg Brass Censer, Tier 6 Arcane, Common Flint Knife icon.jpg Flint Knife, Tier 6 Cultural, Common Ancient Text icon.jpg Ancient Text, Tier 6 Lore, Common Crypt Moth icon.jpg Crypt Moth, Tier 6 Natural, Common
Uncommon Pouch of Bone Fragments icon.jpg Pouch of Bone Fragments, Tier 6 Arcane, Uncommon Ornate Charm icon.jpg Ornate Charm, Tier 6 Cultural, Uncommon Archaic Logbook icon.jpg Archaic Logbook, Tier 6 Lore, Uncommon Hairy Trumpet icon.jpg Hairy Trumpet, Tier 6 Natural, Uncommon
Rare Vial of Dragon's Blood Ink icon.jpg Vial of Dragon's Blood Ink, Tier 6 Arcane, Rare Token of the Spider icon.jpg Token of the Spider, Tier 6 Cultural, Rare Adventuring Oratorio icon.jpg Adventuring Oratorio, Tier 6 Lore, Rare Shimmering Spore Pod icon.jpg Shimmering Spore Pod, Tier 6 Natural, Rare

Minimum Level shards[edit]

Minimum Level shards have a crafting difficulty of their level x 10 except for ML 1, which has a crafting difficulty of level 1. Unbound Minimum Level shards have a difficulty of their level x 10 + 50.

Minimum Level shard requirements
CC Shard icon.png Cannith Crafting Shard(s), various Shard of Minimum Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34
Bound Crafting level 1 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120 130 140 150 160 170 180 190 200 210 220 230 240 250 260 270 280 290 300 310 320 330 340
Cannith Essence icon.png Cannith Essence 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120 130 140 150 160 170 180 190 200 210 220 230 240 250 260 270 280 290 300 310 320 330 340
Unbound Crafting level 50 70 80 90 100 110 120 130 140 150 160 170 180 190 200 210 220 230 240 250 260 270 280 290 300 310 320 330 340 350 360 370 380 390
Cannith Essence icon.png Cannith Essence 100 140 160 180 200 220 240 260 280 300 320 340 360 380 400 420 440 460 480 500 520 540 560 580 600 620 640 660 680 700 720 740 760 780


Each craftable item has a prefix and a suffix enchantment slot. A Mark of House Cannith can be used to add a third extra enchantment slot. Extra enchantment slots are not available on items under minimum level 10. Where you can place specific shards is the same as on randomly-generated loot. (Enhancement bonuses on weapons, shields, and armor are applied automatically by Minimum Level. No other shards are required.)

Crafting higher level items and more powerful benefits is possible once you've gained enough crafting experience. You can attempt to craft a shard even if you aren't high enough level, but there is a chance for the crafting recipe to fail, costing you the ingredients used to craft. You can craft recipes if you have at least a 1% chance of success.

  • Minimum Level shards simply determine the ML of the item. Bound to AccountBound to Account: This item is Bound to Account ML shards have a crafting difficulty of their level x 10, except for ML 1 which has a crafting difficulty of level 1. Unbound Minimum Level shards have a target Crafting Level of their {level x 10} + 50.
  • There are three main groups of Scaling enchantment shards (plus 2 miscellaneous exceptions). Group 1 has a minimum crafting level of 1, Group 2 has a minimum crafting level of 50, and Group 3 has a minimum crafting level of 100 (see table, below).
    • The two scaling exceptions (which have no "insightful" version) are:
      • CL 150 Spell Lore (critical)
      • CL 175 Natural Armor
  • The majority of Non-Scaling enchantments (such as Feather Fall, Keen, or Fearsome) are CL 250, which is moderately advanced. However, three effects have values of CL 1, which can be made by any beginning crafter. Those are:
  • Unbound versions of these shards (scaling and non-scaling) add +150 to their crafting level. For effects which can be Insightful (not all can), add +175 to their crafting level for the Insightful version. Shards that are both unbound plus insightful add +325 (150+175) to the base level.
Scaling Enchantment groups
Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
Base (Bound) 1 50 100
+150 Unbound 150 200 250
+175 Insightful 175 225 275
+150 Unbound
+175 Insightful
325 375 425

Available effects[edit]

Not all effects can be duplicated with Cannith Crafting, and not all Cannith effects can be found on randomly generated items; some are found only via one or the other:

Enchantment availability
Exclusive to Cannith Crafting Exclusive to Random loot

Other craftable items[edit]

  • Arrows and bolts can be created with a combination of Cannith Essences and Siberys Dragonshard Fragments.
  • The Device Workstation can be used to make traps, grenades, and companion collars. Cannith Essences are used in some grenades, traps, and collar recipes.
  • Some Rune Arms can be crafted on. The Minimum Level, charge tier, spell, imbue, and unique enchantments of rune arms stay after disjunction, while the other benefits of the rune arms are removed. Note that the Minimum Level cannot be raised after disjunction. Rune arms can have three enchantments crafted on them, just like random loot.
    • BUG: It seems that when you deconstruct a rune arm, the description shows the "Minimum Level" has become much lower, but in fact it remains the same. (See Crafting Steps)
  • Runestones can be crafted with a combination of Cannith Essences and Siberys Dragonshard Fragments.

Level progression[edit]

Crafting experience
Level Experience
10 104
20 264
30 489
40 807
50 1,256
60 1,872
70 2,699
80 3,811
90 5,305
100 7,313
Level Experience
110 9,938
120 13,298
130 17,598
140 23,104
150 30,151
160 38,925
170 49,620
180 62,658
190 78,551
200 97,924
Level Experience
210 119,659
220 142,505
230 166,520
240 191,763
250 218,297
260 245,580
270 273,137
280 300,971
290 329,084
300 357,480
Level Experience
310 386,083
320 414,828
330 443,718
340 472,752
350 501,932
360 531,259
370 560,732
380 590,353
390 620,122
400 650,040

The maximum crafting level is 400. The amount of experience required to gain a level increases as levels increase. You gain experience by crafting shards and deconstructing items into essences.

Experience gained prior to Update 32 was carried over to the new system.

  • Three schools at level 50 (7,305 * 3 = 21,915) → level 138 in new system
  • Three schools at level 100 (35,230 * 3 = 105,690) → level 203 in new system
  • Three schools at level 150 (81,905 * 3 = 245,715) → level 260 in new system

Leveling tips[edit]

  • You have bound and unbound shard options to gain crafting experience. Go back and forth between both devices, sort by experience and choose your best option.
  • Once you reach 50 House Cannith Favor, Minor Crafting Experience Elixirs (10%, 30 minutes) and +10% Crafting Success Boosters are available for in-game plat.
  • The Fabricators Guild Tutorial rewards you with either a Greater Crafting Experience Elixirs (75%, 30 minutes, BtA) or 5 25% Crafting Success Boosters, BtC. Since burning through even 50,000 Cannith Essences can be done within 30 minutes time, you can run the tutorial quest with just two or three of your characters and select the elixir, and the Success Boosters on the character you want to level crafting in, and pass the potions to your crafter via the shared bank. The tutorial quest can be obtained from Maker in the Kundarak Crafting Hall, Felix d'Cannith in the Marketplace, or Vertigo in the Harbor.
  • Major Crafting Experience Elixirs (100%, 30 minutes), from the DDO Store are recommended if you are going for fast leveling. They are cheap, and can be obtained for the equivalent of 200 favor in DDO points.
  • If you uses Major Crafting Experience Elixirs, Major Success Boosters, and wait for a DDO Bonus Day for crafting experience, it is possible to level extremely fast by making only a few bound and unbound Minimum Level Shards of each level.


With so many effects, many of them scaling from Level 1-34, plus the recipes for those, and each going into different slots (prefix, suffix, & "extra") depending on the item... well, here are some links to tables to better see, at a glance, exactly what's going on...

Costs for ML shards and expendables[edit]


Effects and recipes[edit]

Note: Any effect is either "scaling" or "non-scaling" - there are no effects which can be both.
  1. Scaling effects vary their values when placed in lower or higher Minimum Level shard items, increasing with higher ML. Examples are Fortification, False Life, or any Skill or Ability bonus.
  2. Non-scaling effects do not change with Minimum Level. Examples are Water Breathing, Deathblock, Keen, and any "Efficient Metamagic" effects (like Empower or Extend) that reduce the cost of using that Metamagic Effect on spells by a fixed amount.


  • As of Update 32, some, if not all, randomly-generated loot can be dissolved for Cannith Essences. Some older randomly-generated loot may not be dissolvable, but can still be disjuncted (old term "deconstructed") to be used as blanks.
  • Unlike original Cannith Crafting, you don't need to craft an Enhancement Bonus shard for Weapons, Shields, or Armors (including Robes, Outfit, and Docents). A scaled Enhancement Bonus is applied automatically when you apply a Minimum Level shard.
  • Removing a high minimum level augment from a lower minimum level Cannith crafted item does not immediately reset item's minimum level. Putting the item into shared bank and retrieving it again (or relogging) resets the minimum level properly. DDO Forums
  • When crafting on an item with an augment slot, after disjuncting the item, it will be listed as having a minimum level, but it appears that a lower level shard can be applied. This may be a holdover from the old crafting system when crafting on a slotted item increased the overall level of the item.
    • For reference, these listed minimum levels are:
      • Colorless: ML 1
      • Red/Blue: ML 2
      • Yellow (ML 3)
      • Green (ML 5)
      • Purple & Orange slots should still only be found on named items
  • Dissolving an item with an augment inserted will destroy the augment as well as the item.

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