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Category:Armor by minimum level

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Category for all armor, listed by minimum level requirement.

+1 Starter Breastplate+1 Starter Chain Shirt+1 Starter Chain Shirt of Deathblock+1 Starter Full Plate+1 Starter Leather+1 Starter Leather Armor+2 Starter BreastplateApprentice's RobeBattleworn BreastplateBattleworn ChainmailBattleworn ChainshirtCerulean Crest of WaveDink's Leather WrapsDisciple's RobeExecutioner's Gold PlatemailFestivult Winter CoatGerard's MailHeavy Armor of CelebrationHigh Society OutfitInquisitive's LongcoatLighter Xorian Cultist RobeLousy ChainshirtMadooroh's VestMedium Armor of CelebrationMorninglord's RaimentRagged RagsReaper's PlatemailReaper's Platemail (Green)Reaper's Platemail (Red)Reveler's RegaliaRobe of CelebrationRobe of Trivial KnowledgeRobe of Winter IceShen's RobeStarter Leather ArmorStarter RagsTurquoise Spiral RobeXorian Cultist Robe

Armor of the Unknown HeroCalamity's CarapaceGnashtooth Piecemail ChainNecromantic RobeRobe of DualityRobe of ResistanceScales of the AncestorsSewer SmockStonedust ChainStonedust LeatherTemplar's ChainTemplar's LeatherTemplar's MailUnfinished Elemental PlatemailVestments of LightWayfinder's Armor

Cavalry Plate (Level 4)Cavalry Plate (level 4)Diabolist's RobeDrow Hunter's ArmorDuelist's Leathers (level 4)Duelist's Leathers (Level 4)Frozen Tunic (Level 4)Full Plate of the RingleaderGargoyle Granite PlateIllusionist's GarbInfested ArmorKobold Admiral's UniformMithral Full Plate of Speed (Haste version)Mithral Full Plate of Speed (Striding version)Mournlode Breastplate (Level 4)Mournlode Chain (Level 4)Mournlode Fullplate (Level 4)Orcish Privateer's PlatePall of BloodPlate Armor of the DeepRobe of Shadow (level 4)Utility Vest

Deneith Heavy ChainNo Worries (level 5)Tarnished Deneith Heavy ChainThe Only Exception (level 5)

Aberrant RobeArmor of the AmokBrimstone Boulder Warden's RobeColdharbor CladdingConfiscated Heavy MailDampened Frozen PlateDelera's VestmentElven ChainEnlightened RobesFrozen PlateGrudgebearer's PlateIllicit Warding ArmorIronweave TunicLhor-Tragu's Shadowed ArmorRobe of AcidRobe of WinterRoguebane BreastplateRusted ShirtShadowshimmer CladdingSilverflame HauberkSpider Silk RobeSplinterskull ChainmailThuranni Stalker's MailWarmaster HalfplateWighthide ArmorWraith's SkinYogg-Ratha Plate

Dampened Robe of DissonanceEnergized Leather ArmorEnergized Platemail ArmorEnergized Temple RobeEtched Leather ArmorEtched Platemail ArmorQuenched Leather ArmorQuenched Platemail ArmorRobe of DissonanceSmoldering Leather ArmorSmoldering Scalemail ArmorSmoldering Temple Robe

Bloodplate ArmorCavalry Plate (Level 8)Cavalry Plate (level 8)Domus' CuirassDuelist's Leathers (Level 8)Duelist's Leathers (level 8)Elemental Mithral BreastplateEnchanted Darkleaf Banded ArmorExecutioner's PlatemailFencer's GarbFrozen Tunic (Level 8)Full Plate of GiantsGleaming Adamantine PlateGorgon ArmorGuard of the ShogunImbued Darkleaf Banded ArmorLesser Whirlwind ArmorNightforge MeshMithral Breastplate of the ElementsMournlode Breastplate (level 8)Mournlode Chain (level 8)Mournlode Fullplate (level 8)Nightforge DarkscaleOilskin TunicNightforge PlatePlatemail of GiantsQuicksilver CassokResonant Guard SuitRobe of Arcane PowerRobe of Arcane PuissanceRobe of PotencyRobe of Shadow (level 8)Scavenged WarplateShining Adamantine PlateSlave RagsSnakeskin VestSwampscale ArmorThanatos Weave

Barovian Nobles' RegaliaCenturion ArmorCoat of the TravelerDemonic BreastplateDisciple of the DawnDragoncraft BreastplateDragoncraft Leather ArmorDragoncraft Plate ArmorDragoncraft RobeDragoncrafted BreastplateDragoncrafted Leather ArmorDragoncrafted Plate ArmorDragoncrafted RobeElfcraft BreastplateElfcraft Leather ArmorElfcraft Plate ArmorElfcraft RobeElfcrafted Chain ArmorElfcrafted Chain ShirtElfcrafted Plate ArmorElfcrafted RobeEmissary's VestmentsGiantcraft BreastplateGiantcraft Leather ArmorGiantcraft Plate ArmorGiantcraft RobeGiantcrafted Chain ArmorGiantcrafted Chain ShirtGiantcrafted Plate ArmorGiantcrafted RobeInsulated ArmorIronweave RobeJinx's VexationKindred SpiritKundarak Delving SuitMist-laden VestmentMummy WrappingsNo Worries (level 10)Nullcloth GownPlatemail of the Barovian LordRobe of FireScales of AvariceScales of MaliceSilken MailStinkpelt's HideStonemeld Plate ArmorThe Only Exception (level 10)Tourney ArmorVambraces of Inner LightVulkoorim Dervish RobeVulkoorim Fighting Leathers

AntithesisArgenti's ArmorBrutish CuirassCavalry Plate (Level 12)Cavalry Plate (level 12)Crimson ChainDemon Scale ArmorDesecrated LeathersDuelist's Leathers (level 12)Duelist's Leathers (Level 12)Frostflame RobeFrozen Tunic (Level 12)Garments of EquilibriumMarilith ChainMournlode Breastplate (level 12)Mournlode Chain (level 12)Mournlode Fullplate (level 12)Robe of Shadow (level 12)

Assassin Initiate's Leathers (Level 13)

Assassin Initiate's Leathers (Level 14)Beholder Plate ArmorBlack Dragonhide ArmorBlack Dragonplate ArmorBlack Dragonscale ArmorBlack Dragonscale RobeBlue Dragonhide ArmorBlue Dragonplate ArmorBlue Dragonscale ArmorBlue Dragonscale RobeBreastplate of DestructionBreastplate of VolChain Shirt of CripplingEnlightened VestmentsFleshshaper's BrigandineFull Plate of the DefenderIcy RaimentInfused ChaosrobeParasitic BreastplateRobe of InsightRobe of the MagiScales of the ExileShroud of the AbbotWhite Dragonhide ArmorWhite Dragonplate ArmorWhite Dragonscale ArmorWhite Dragonscale Robe

Assassin Initiate's Leathers (Level 15)Blessed BulwarkBlessed VestmentsBronze Dragonscale PlateDeep ArcanumDrow Outrunner ArmorDusty Adventuring GarbEnforcer's CoatEnforcer's PlateFirebreak (level 15)Gleaming PlateGraz'zt's HabilimentLeaves of the Forest (Level 15)No Worries (level 15)Order's GarbPurple Dragon Knight's ArmorShadar-kai ArmorThe Mark IVThe Only Exception (level 15)TurncoatWatch Captain's PlatemailWildcardWildwood OutfitWildwood Vest

Bastion of FealtyCavalry Plate (Level 16)Cavalry Plate (level 16)Chain of ConvictionCloth of the FaithfulDragontouched BreastplateDragontouched Leather ArmorDragontouched Plate ArmorDragontouched ShroudDragontouched VestmentsDuelist's Leathers (Level 16)Duelist's Leathers (level 16)Emerald GuardFirebreak (level 16)Frozen Tunic (Level 16)Hero's Breastplate (Level 16)Hero's Leathers (Level 16)Hero's Plate (Level 16)Leaves of the Forest (Level 16)Martial Outfit (Level 16)Mournlode Breastplate (level 16)Mournlode Chain (level 16)Mournlode Fullplate (level 16)Raiment of the FerventRakshasa HideRobe of Shadow (level 16)Sage's Vestments (Level 16)Scales of SuretyShadowmail (Level 16)Templar's Bastion

Experiment GarbFeycraft MailFirebreak (level 17)Hardened Hide ArmorLeaves of the Forest (Level 17)Shadowmail (Level 17)The Blackmail

Arcane ArmorElocator's HabilimentRegalia of the PhoenixShadowmail (Level 18)Whisperchain (Level 18)

Breastplate of the Shining SunEpic Cavalry Plate (Level 20)Epic Cavalry Plate (level 20)Epic Demon Scale ArmorEpic Deneith Heavy ChainEpic Diabolist's RobeEpic Duelist's Leathers (Level 20)Epic Duelist's Leathers (level 20)Epic Frozen PlateEpic Frozen TunicEpic Full Plate of the RingleaderEpic Illusionist's GarbEpic Infested ArmorEpic Ironweave RobeEpic Kundarak Delving SuitEpic Marilith ChainEpic Mournlode BreastplateEpic Mournlode ChainEpic Mournlode FullplateEpic Mummy WrappingsEpic Rakshasa HideEpic Red Dragonhide ArmorEpic Red Dragonplate ArmorEpic Red Dragonscale ArmorEpic Red Dragonscale RobeEpic Robe of DissonanceEpic Robe of FireEpic Silken MailEpic Stinkpelt's HideEpic Stonemeld Plate ArmorEpic Templar's BastionEpic Tourney ArmorEpic Utility VestEpic Vambraces of Inner LightEpic Vulkoorim Dervish RobeEpic Vulkoorim Fighting LeathersLeathers of the WoodsmanNo Worries (level 20)Purple Dragon ArmorRobe of Shadow (level 20)The Only Exception (level 20)Vestments of the Sun SoulWar Wizard's Robes

Embrace of the Spider QueenFirebreak (level 22)Hide of the GoristroLeaves of the Forest (Level 22)Spider-spun CaparisonSpidersilk RobesTerrorweb Chitin Breastplate

Cormyrian Green Dragonhide ArmorCormyrian Green Dragonplate ArmorCormyrian Green Dragonscale ArmorCormyrian Green Dragonscale RobeCormyrian Red Dragonhide ArmorCormyrian Red Dragonplate ArmorCormyrian Red Dragonscale ArmorCormyrian Red Dragonscale RobeFirebreak (level 23)Leaves of the Forest (Level 23)Restored Dragoncraft BreastplateRestored Dragoncraft Leather ArmorRestored Dragoncraft Plate ArmorRestored Dragoncraft RobeRestored Elfcraft BreastplateRestored Elfcraft Leather ArmorRestored Elfcraft Plate ArmorRestored Elfcraft RobeRestored Giantcraft BreastplateRestored Giantcraft Leather ArmorRestored Giantcraft Plate ArmorRestored Giantcraft RobeShadowmail (Level 23)Whisperchain (Level 23)

Epic Cavalry Plate (Level 24)Epic Cavalry Plate (level 24)Epic Duelist's Leathers (Level 24)Epic Duelist's Leathers (level 24)Firebreak (level 24)Leaves of the Forest (Level 24)Robe of Shadow (level 24)Shadowmail (Level 24)Whisperchain (Level 24)

Epic Brimstone Boulder Warden's RobeEpic Confiscated Heavy MailEpic Illicit Warding ArmorEpic Shadowshimmer CladdingFlawless Black Dragonhide ArmorFlawless Black Dragonplate ArmorFlawless Black Dragonscale ArmorFlawless Black Dragonscale RobeFlawless Blue Dragonhide ArmorFlawless Blue Dragonplate ArmorFlawless Blue Dragonscale ArmorFlawless Blue Dragonscale RobeFlawless White Dragonhide ArmorFlawless White Dragonplate ArmorFlawless White Dragonscale ArmorFlawless White Dragonscale RobeNo Worries (level 25)Shadowmail (Level 25)The Only Exception (level 25)Whisperchain (Level 25)

Epic Arcane ArmorEpic Energized Leather ArmorEpic Energized Platemail ArmorEpic Energized Scalemail ArmorEpic Energized Temple RobeEpic Etched Leather ArmorEpic Etched Platemail ArmorEpic Etched Scalemail ArmorEpic Etched Temple RobeEpic Quenched Leather ArmorEpic Quenched Platemail ArmorEpic Quenched Scalemail ArmorEpic Smoldering Leather ArmorEpic Smoldering Platemail ArmorEpic Smoldering Scalemail ArmorFlawless Shadow Dragonhide ArmorFlawless Shadow Dragonplate ArmorFlawless Shadow Dragonscale ArmorMythic Arcane ArmorShadowscale OutfitShadowscale Robe

Breastplate of the Celestial SageEpic Chain of ConvictionEpic Death's RampartEpic Emerald GuardEpic Scales of SuretyHero's Breastplate (Level 27)Hero's Leathers (Level 27)Hero's Plate (Level 27)Leathers of the Celestial ArcherLeathers of the Celestial AvengerMartial Outfit (Level 27)Outfit of the Celestial AvengerPlatemail of the Celestial AvengerPlatemail of the Celestial SageRobe of the Celestial SageSage's Vestments (Level 27)Scalemail of the Celestial AvengerScalemail of the Celestial Sage

Coat of Van RichtenEpic Cavalry Plate (level 28)Epic Duelist's Leathers (level 28)Epic Robe of InsightLegendary Deep ArcanumLegendary Drow Outrunner ArmorLegendary Emissary's VestmentsLegendary Executioner's PlatemailLegendary Graz'zt's HabilimentLegendary Hardened Hide ArmorLegendary Scales of AvariceLegendary Scales of MaliceLegendary Slave RagsMail of the MroranonMantle of EscherPatience Through PerilPlatemail of StrahdRobe of Shadow (level 28)Vestments of Ravenloft

Breastplate of the Celestial AvengerLeathers of the Celestial SageLegendary Barovian Nobles' RegaliaLegendary Blessed BulwarkLegendary Blessed VestmentsLegendary Bronze Dragonscale PlateLegendary Coat of the TravelerLegendary Disciple of the DawnLegendary Enforcer's CoatLegendary Enforcer's PlateLegendary Experiment GarbLegendary Feycraft MailLegendary Feyweave RobeLegendary Kindred SpiritLegendary Mist-laden VestmentLegendary Order's GarbLegendary Platemail of the Barovian LordLegendary Researcher's LeathersLegendary Robes of the DreadkeeperLegendary Scales of the ExileLegendary TurncoatLegendary Watch Captain's PlatemailLegendary WildcardLegendary Wildwood OutfitLegendary Wildwood VestNullscale ArmorOutfit of the Celestial GuardianThe Legendary BlackmailThe Legendary Grey LeathersThe Legendary Mark IV

No Worries (level 30)The Only Exception (level 30)


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