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Category:Combustion items

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Eternal Wand of Finger of Fire

Ornamented DaggerOrnamented Dagger (Level 4)

Crimson Necklace of ProphecyOrnamented DaggerOrnamented Dagger (Level 4)Ornamented Dagger (Level 8)

+3 Combustion Scorched Battle Axe+3 Combustion Scorched Dagger+3 Combustion Scorched Dwarven Waraxe+3 Combustion Scorched Hand Axe+3 Combustion Scorched Khopesh+3 Combustion Scorched Light Hammer+3 Combustion Scorched Light Pick+3 Combustion Scorched Longsword+3 Combustion Scorched Maul+3 Combustion Scorched Rapier+3 Combustion Scorched ShortswordCloak of FlamesCloak of Flames (level 3)Flame's GiftScorched GreatswordScorched Quarterstaff

Brimstone VergeOrnamented DaggerOrnamented Dagger (level 4)Ring of Elemental Essence

Flaming Forum Post (level 5)Forum Post

Robe of FireTinder

Crystalline ScepterCrystalline Scepter (Level 12)

Cloak of FlamesCloak of Flames (level 7)

Crystalline ScepterCrystalline Scepter (Level 13)Crystalline Scepter (Level 14)Epic Robe of FireLuminous Truth

Cloak of FlamesCloak of Flames (level 7)

Blight InfernoFlame SphereFlaming Forum Post (level 10)Forum PostSuppressive Fire

Beacon of TiraBurning LightEmerald Claw NuggetEpic Ruby Encrusted GauntletsEpic TinderNoxious EmbersPlume of AdherenceRegalia of the PhoenixShadowmail (Level 16)Silver Flame NuggetSwailing BladeSwailing Blade (Level 15)Swailing Blade (Level 16)Wizard's Ward (Level 16)

Cloak of FlamesCloak of Flames (level 7)

Cloak of FlamesCloak of Flames (level 11)

Belashyrra's Cleansed ScepterDragontouched ArmorEpic Crimson Necklace of ProphecyEpic Red Dragonhide ArmorEpic Red Dragonplate ArmorEpic Red Dragonscale ArmorEpic Red Dragonscale DocentEpic Red Dragonscale RobeEpic XuumOrnamented DaggerOrnamented Dagger (level 12)Sage's Spectacles (Level 15)Shadowmail (Level 17)Swailing BladeSwailing Blade (Level 17)Wizard's Ward (Level 17)

Cloak of FlamesCloak of Flames (level 11)

Epic Brimstone VergeEpic Luminous TruthEpic Ring of Elemental EssenceImplement of the Deep WoodsShadowmail (Level 18)Wild FlameWizard's Ward (Level 18)

Breaking the BankCloak of FlamesCloak of Flames (level 11)Firestorm ConduitFlaming Forum Post (level 15)Forum PostPendant of the Azure SkyThe Dumpster Fire

Cloak of FlamesCloak of Flames (level 15)

Cloak of FlamesCloak of Flames (level 15)Swailing BladeSwailing Blade (Level 22)

Cloak of FlamesCloak of Flames (level 15)Crystalline ScepterCrystalline Scepter (Level 23)Shadowmail (Level 23)Swailing BladeSwailing Blade (Level 23)Wizard's Ward (Level 23)

Cloak of FlamesEpic Cloak of Flames

Flaming Forum Post (level 20)Forum Post

Crystalline ScepterCrystalline Scepter (Level 24)Drowned Priest's TorchShadowmail (Level 24)Swailing BladeSwailing Blade (Level 24)Wizard's Ward (Level 24)

Cloak of FlamesEpic Cloak of Flames

Crystalline ScepterCrystalline Scepter (Level 25)Shadowmail (Level 25)Wizard's Ward (Level 25)

Cloak of FlamesEpic Cloak of Flames

Flaming Forum Post (level 25)Forum Post

Sage's Spectacles (Level 27)

Epic Inferno Bracers

+7 Combustion Epic Scorched Bastard SwordEpic Scorched Handwraps

+7 Combustion Epic Scorched Battle Axe+7 Combustion Epic Scorched Dagger+7 Combustion Epic Scorched Falchion+7 Combustion Epic Scorched Greatclub+7 Combustion Epic Scorched Heavy Mace+7 Combustion Epic Scorched Heavy Pick+7 Combustion Epic Scorched Khopesh+7 Combustion Epic Scorched Kukri+7 Combustion Epic Scorched Light Hammer+7 Combustion Epic Scorched Light Mace+7 Combustion Epic Scorched Longsword+7 Combustion Epic Scorched Morningstar+7 Combustion Epic Scorched Rapier+7 Combustion Epic Scorched Scimitar+7 Combustion Epic Scorched Shortsword+7 Combustion Epic Scorched WarhammerEpic Scorched GreataxeEpic Scorched GreatswordEpic Scorched Quarterstaff

Flaming Forum Post (level 30)Forum Post

Epic Noxious EmbersLegendary Flame Sphere

Legendary Blight InfernoLegendary Suppressive FireLegendary Wild Flame

Spiral, the Voice of the Elements

Legendary Breaking the BankLegendary Firestorm ConduitLegendary Pendant of the Azure SkyThe Legendary Dumpster Fire


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