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Category:False Life items

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Cavalry PlateCavalry Plate (Level 4)Cavalry Plate (Level 8)Docent of ShadowDocent of Shadow (level 8)Marguerite's NecklaceMushroom CapNecklace of ContemplationNecklace of VenomNightforge DocentRobe of DualityRobe of ShadowRobe of Shadow (level 8)The Devourer's Hunger

CandlelightCavalry PlateCavalry Plate (Level 4)Crude BaubleDhakaani ShieldDocent of ShadowDocent of Shadow (level 4)Founder's HelmGoggles of ShieldingNecromantic RobeRobe of ShadowRobe of Shadow (level 4)Rugged BeltWayfinder's Armor

Nightforge ArmbandsCavalry PlateCavalry Plate (Level 12)Dark Scarab PowderDocent of ShadowDocent of Shadow (level 12)Dragontouched ArmorDusk HeartQuorforged Docent of BattleRighteous BracersRobe of ShadowRobe of Shadow (level 12)Whisperchain

Battle-Plated CloakBelt of Brute StrengthBelt of the Defenders of SiberysCavalry PlateCavalry Plate (Level 12)Cavalry Plate (Level 16)Docent of ShadowDocent of Shadow (level 16)Dragontouched ArmorElectric HazeEpic Cavalry Plate (Level 20)Epic Cavalry Plate (Level 24)FanionKnost's BeltPouch of JerkyRobe of ShadowRobe of Shadow (level 16)Shadar-kai ArmorSustaining SymbiontVim and VigorVorne's BeltWhisperchainWhisperchain (Level 18)

Cavalry PlateDocent of ShadowDocent of Shadow (level 20)Docent of Shadow (level 24)Epic Blademark's DocentEpic Cavalry Plate (Level 20)Epic Cavalry Plate (Level 24)Epic Deneith Heavy ChainEpic Dusk HeartEpic Mushroom CapEpic Necklace of VenomEpic Pouch of JerkyEpic Vim and VigorPurple Dragon ArmorQuorforged Docent of BattleRobe of ShadowRobe of Shadow (level 20)Robe of Shadow (level 24)Robe of Shadow (level 28)WhisperchainWhisperchain (Level 23)Whisperchain (Level 24)Whisperchain (Level 25)

Mythic Vim and Vigor

Lion's Mane


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