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Category:Impulse items

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Dampened Robe of Dissonance

RecoyleRobe of Dissonance

Bronze Ingot Arcanum (Level 12)Bronze Ingot Arcanum (Level 13)Copper Ingot Arcanum (Level 12)Copper Ingot Arcanum (Level 13)Rod of MythantSilver Ingot Arcanum (Level 12)Silver Ingot Arcanum (Level 13)

Arm of the ArchonsBronze Ingot Arcanum (Level 14)Copper Ingot Arcanum (Level 14)Silver Ingot Arcanum (Level 14)

Shadowmail (Level 16)Wizard's Ward (Level 16)

Shadowmail (Level 17)Wizard's Ward (Level 17)

Shadowmail (Level 18)Wizard's Ward (Level 18)

Earthen Mantle

Holy Symbol of Lolth

Bronze Ingot Arcanum (Level 23)Copper Ingot Arcanum (Level 23)Shadowmail (Level 23)Silver Ingot Arcanum (Level 23)Wizard's Ward (Level 23)

Bronze Ingot Arcanum (Level 24)Cannoneer's GogglesCopper Ingot Arcanum (Level 24)Shadowmail (Level 24)Silver Ingot Arcanum (Level 24)Wizard's Ward (Level 24)

Bronze Ingot ArcanumBronze Ingot Arcanum (Level 25)Copper Ingot ArcanumCopper Ingot Arcanum (Level 25)Shadowmail (Level 25)Silver Ingot ArcanumSilver Ingot Arcanum (Level 25)Twilight, Element of MagicWizard's Ward (Level 25)

Glass Cannon

Epic Arm of the ArchonsEpic Rod of MythantKnives Eternal

Machination of Madness

Legendary Earthen Mantle

Nocturne, the Song of Night


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