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Category:Keen items

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Agony, the Knife in the DarkBalizarde, Protector of the KingBejeweled Letter OpenerBereavementBow of the Jade ElfCarnifexCheap Shot (level 10)Cheap Shot (level 5)Echo of BlackrazorEpic Bejeweled Letter OpenerEpic Chimera's FangEpic Hellstroke Great AxeEpic Kron'zek's CrueltyEpic StormEpic Unkor's CleaverFirst BloodFirst Blood (Level 14)Flicker of the Crescent MoonGuardian's DaggerHellstroke Great AxeHunter of WildsMoonwillowNightbladeNightmare, the Fallen MoonOath of DroaamOathbladeOladren's Great CrossbowRazorendRoyal Scimitar (historic)Rusted ShamshirSeverShadow StarSheridan's RuinSheridan's WrackSinister HandaxeSky Pirate's DaggerStormStormreach Guardian's CrossbowSunken BlasphemySunken ObscuritySunken RadianceSunken VirtueSword of the ThirtyT'Korcha Family ScimitarTail of the ScorpionThundershotTiefling Assassin's BladeTwisted WillowUnkor's CleaverVulkoor's Edge

Cheap Shot (level 15)Cheap Shot (level 20)First BloodFirst Blood (Level 15)First Blood (Level 16)First Blood (Level 25)First Blood (Level 26)The Fatal FlawTrapsmith's CrossbowTrapsmith's Crossbow (Level 14)Trapsmith's Crossbow (Level 15)Trapsmith's Crossbow (Level 16)

Cheap Shot (level 25)Coffin NailFirst BloodFirst Blood (Level 27)The Epic Fatal FlawTrapsmith's CrossbowTrapsmith's Crossbow (Level 25)Trapsmith's Crossbow (Level 26)Trapsmith's Crossbow (Level 27)

Hunter's SlayerHunter's Slayer (Level 24)Hunter's Slayer (Level 25)Hunter's Slayer (Level 26)

Baz'Morath, the Curator of DecayBrilliant CrescentCheap Shot (level 30)Legendary Echo of BlackrazorLegendary Flicker of the Crescent MoonLegendary Hunter of WildsLegendary MoonwillowLegendary Sinister HandaxeLegendary Stormreach Guardian's CrossbowLegendary Sunken BlasphemyLegendary Sunken ObscurityLegendary Sunken RadianceLegendary Sunken VirtueLegendary Tail of the ScorpionLegendary ThundershotLegendary Twisted WillowLegendary Vulkoor's EdgeNightshardReflection of BlackrazorSoulrazorSpite, the Fractured ShardsThe Fractured EleganceThe Labrythine Edge


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