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Category:Monster Manual/Dragon

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Name Image Farm Locations
Aptoryx Aptoryx.jpg
Arkelon Arkelon.jpg
  • Ruins of Gianthold (epic) — on the road to Madstone crater. If you see a chest approach with caution as Arkelon and its 2 giant guardians are in wait nearby. Be advised that once down to less than 20% HP it will take to the air breathing acid upon the hapless person or party, ranged attacks or ray spells will come in useful. He can spawn at any time in any location. The chest may or may not be visible but a rushing sound similar to that of the dragon in Market Place will give you a slight moments warning. Look up he is coming in. Also at times a light orange marker will show on map indicating the location if it has been triggered.
Arricaxerxes Arricaxerxes.jpg
Auraxyllon Auraxyllon.jpg
Aurgloroasa Aurgloroasa.jpg
Aussircaex Aussircaex.jpg
Aussiroth Aussiroth.jpg
Barrenon Barrenon.jpg
Birundion Birundion.jpg
Castle Guardian Rhindvutha.jpg
Charillion Charillion.jpg
Daeronnax Daeronnax.jpg
Disciple of Confusion Disciple of Confusion (Dragon).jpg
Disciple of Lies Disciple of Lies.jpg
Disciple of Silence No pic.jpg
Fleetwing Fleetwing.jpg
Grundaussir Grundaussir.jpg
Hyrelgas Hyrelgas.jpg
Ithran Ithran.jpg
Kor Kaza Kor Kaza.jpg
Lokelis Brightburn Lokelis Brightburn.jpg
Micahrastir Micahrastir.jpg
Nevalarich Nevalarich.jpg
Nexxylplyx Nexxylplyx.jpg
Papyrerus Papyrerus.jpg
Periron Periron.png
Pseudodragon Pseudodragon.jpg
Rhindvutha Rhindvutha.jpg
Sinvala Sinvala.jpg
Skanaal Skanaal.jpg
Tharmalos Tharmalos.jpg
Thraxata No pic.jpg
Truthful One Truthful One.jpg
Urklauth Urklauth.jpg
Varath Varath.jpg
Velah Velah, the Red Dragon.png
Veraxiena Veraxiena.jpg
Vyman Vyman.png
Yorgulhar Yorgulhar.jpg
Zoarinnia Zoarinnia.jpg

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