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Category:Monster Manual/Earth Elemental

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Name Image Farm Locations
Acidstone Elemental Acidstone Elemental.jpg
Adamant Earth Elemental No pic.jpg
Ancient Element of Earth Ancient Element of Earth.jpg
Bound Earth Elemental No pic.jpg
Bremikite Bremikite.jpg
Brimstone Archon Brimstone Archon.jpg
Damasze Damasze.jpg
Deepstone Elemental Deepstone Elemental.jpg
Dense Stone Earth Elemental MonsterArt EarthElemental official.jpg
Detritus (elemental) No pic.jpg
Earth Elemental Earth Elemental.jpg
Earth Elemental Door Guardian Earth Elemental Door Guardian.jpg
Earth Temple Elemental Earth Temple Elemental.png
Earthshaker Earthshaker.jpg
  • The Depths of Doom — May appear in one of three spots: at the second junction, just before the shrine or immediately after the door opened by two levers
Elder Earth Elemental Elder Earth Elemental.jpeg
Element of Earth No pic.jpg
Ember Ember.jpg
Fire Hardened Earth Elemental No pic.jpg
Flare (monster) Flare.jpg
Granite Granite.jpg
  • The Depths of Despair — May appear in one of three spots: in the corridor before the shrine; in the westernmost corridor; or in the southernmost corridor.
Greater Earth Elemental Greater Earth Elemental.jpg
Gruck No pic.jpg
Landslide Landslide.jpg
Large Earth Elemental Large Earth Elemental.jpeg
Magma Brute Magma Brute.jpg
Magma Brute Magma Brute.jpg
Medium Earth Elemental Medium Earth Elemental.jpg
Nodeborn Earth Elemental Nodeborn Earth Elemental.jpg
Prodigal Earth Elemental Prodigal Earth Elemental.png
Retainer of Aodh Retainer of Aodh.jpg
Rhyolite Rhyolite.jpg
  • Undermine — Guards the first shrine in the tunnel area
Riftborn Magma Brute No pic.jpg
    Rochussen Rochussen.jpg
    • The Vale of Twilight — on top of the mostly flat stone block structure in the South-Western part of the Vale.
    Rock Wall Rock Wall.jpg
    • Undermine — Behind the explodable wall before the first underground big room
    Rrosp Rrosp.jpg
    Slag Slag.jpg
    Slam Slam.jpg
    Spirit of the Rocks Spirit of the Rocks.jpg
    Summoned Guardian Summoned Guardian.jpg
    Thrum Rare Encounter Thrum.jpeg
    Unbound Mining Elemental Unbound Mining Elemental.png

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