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Category:Monster Manual/Elf

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Name Image Farm Locations
Acolyte of Vol (Elf) Acolyte of Vol.jpg
Apprentice of Vol (Elf) Apprentice of Vol.jpg
Arlyn Feathercrest Arlyn Feathercrest.jpg
Blaeric Goodspeed Blaeric Goodspeed.jpg
Captain Silverlance Captain Silverlance.jpg
Cartel Smuggler (Elf) No pic.jpg
Celine Peacemaker Celine Peacemaker.jpg
Crazed Phiarlan Guard No pic.jpg
Cultist Ranger No pic.jpg
Cultist Sentry Cultist Sentry.jpg
Dacassan Cragorre Dacassan Cragorre.jpg
Dacassan Cragorre Dacassan Cragorre.jpg
Deuce Darly Deuce Darly.jpg
Disciple Sentry Disciple Sentry.jpg
Drog Blackhand Drog Blackhand.jpg
Elf Acolyte Elf Acolyte.jpg
Elf Bandit Elf Bandit.jpg
Elf Barbarian Elf Barbarian.jpg
Elf Barbarian Shaman Elf Barbarian Shaman.jpg
Elf Bard Elf Bard.jpg
Elf Commoner Elf Commoner.jpg
Elf Fighter/Wizard Elf Fighter Wizard.jpg
Elf Footpad Elf Footpad.jpg
Elf Hunter Elf Hunter.jpg
Elf Man-at-Arms Elf Man-at-Arms.jpg
Elf Necromancer Elf Necromancer.jpg
Elf Priest Elf Priest.jpg
Elf Warrior Elf Warrior.jpg
Elona Taoli No pic.jpg
Enraged Citizen Stunned Enraged Citizen.jpg
Flamebound Sacrificer (Elf) No pic.jpg
Illusionary Guard Illusionary Guard.jpg
Illusionary Guide Illusionary Guide.jpg
Infernal Thaumaturge (Elf) No pic.jpg
Leinar Moonwillow Leinar Moonwillow.jpg
Lyardiir Arrowfel Lyardiir Arrowfel.jpg
Maldetto Devotee Maldetto Devotee.png
Markessa No pic.jpg
Necromancer of Vol (Elf) Necromancer of Vol (Elf).jpg
Oisin the Merciful Oisin the Merciful.jpg
Omaro the Mad Omaro the Mad.jpg
Orphne's Shadow Orphne's Shadow.jpg
Phiarlan Retainer Phiarlan Retainer.jpg
Pirate Swashbuckler (Elf) No pic.jpg
    Priest of Vol (Elf) Priest of Vol (Elf).jpg
    Priestess of Shar (Elf) No pic.jpg
      Quarion Stormbringer Quarion Stormbringer.jpg
      Ras Clowery Ras Clowery.jpg
      Shen Kulle Shen Kulle.jpg
      Silver Concord Ranger Silver Concord Ranger.jpg
      Slayer Mage No pic.jpg
      Smiling Sam Smiling Sam.jpg
      Sombra Sombra.jpg
      Song Song.jpg
      Swashbuckler (Elf) No pic.jpg
      Syndicate Archer Syndicate Archer.jpg
      Syndicate Spellsinger Syndicate Spellsinger.jpg
      Thoven Thoven.jpg
      Voidmind Phiarlan Noble Voidmind Phiarlan Noble.png
      Warehouse Worker (elf) No pic.jpg
      Yewil d'Phiarlan Yewil d'Phiarlan.jpg

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