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Category:Monster Manual/Kobold

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Name Image Farm Locations
Admiral Ancker Rare Encounter Admiral Ancker.jpeg
Bezeek Bezeek.jpg
Black Scale Kobold Fighter Black Scale Kobold Fighter.jpg
Black Scale Kobold Shaman Black Scale Kobold Shaman.jpg
Blood Tide Skulker Blood Tide Skulker.jpg
Boatswain (Kobold) Boatswain (kobold).jpg
Boss Jittik Boss Jittik.jpg
Brinky Brinky.jpg
Bruiser Bruiser.jpg
Chef Kraskuth Chef Kraskuth.jpg
Chief Crajbek Chief Crajbek.jpg
Chieftain Kanguil Chieftain Kanguil.jpg
Clan Daeronnax Chieftain No pic.jpg
Clan Daeronnax Shaman No pic.jpg
Clan Daeronnax Slinger No pic.jpg
Clan Daeronnax Warrior No pic.jpg
Clan Tunnelworm Thrower No pic.jpg
Clan Tunnelworm Warrior No pic.jpg
Clan Tunnelworm Witch Doctor No pic.jpg
Crystal the Giant Crystal the Giant.jpg
Deckhand (Kobold) Deckhand (kobold).jpg
Desaga Desaga.jpg
Droaam Combat Engineer Droaam Combat Engineer.jpg
Droaam Demolitionist Droaam Demolitionist.jpg
Droaam Digger No pic.jpg
Droaam Sapper No pic.jpg
Fiendish Kobold No pic.jpg
Fiendish Kobold Shaman No pic.jpg
Fiendish Kobold Slinger No pic.jpg
Fractious Kobold Fractious Kobold.jpg
Fractious Kobold Shaman Fractious Kobold Shaman.jpg
Fractious Kobold Slinger Fractious Kobold Slinger.jpg
Garko No pic.jpg
Giant Bruiser Giant Bruiser.jpg
Giant Slinger Giant Slinger.jpg
Gnashtooth Bloodletter Gnashtooth Bloodletter.jpg
Gunner Gunner.jpg
Head Guard Graskitch Head Guard Graskitch.jpg
Helmsman Monster Helmsman.jpeg
High Priest Pimulpekk High Priest Pimulpekk.jpg
Kaboom Kaboom.jpg
Kasquik the Mighty Kasquick the Mighty.jpg
Kobold Kobold.jpg
Kobold Cabin Boy Kobold Cabin Boy.jpg
Kobold Chieftain Kobold Chieftain.jpg
Kobold Lurker No pic.jpg
Kobold Maiden Kobold Maiden.jpg
Kobold Petty Officer Kobold Petty Officer.jpg
Kobold Powder Lackey Kobold Powder Lackey.jpg
Kobold Prophet Kobold Prophet.jpg
Kobold Rogue Kobold Rogue.jpg
Kobold Scavenger No pic.jpg
Kobold Sea Witch Kobold Sea Witch.jpg
Kobold Sentry Kobold Sentry.jpg
Kobold Shaman Kobold Shaman.jpg
Kobold Sneak Kobold Sneak.jpg
Kobold Spectator Kobold Spectator.jpg
Kobold Thrower Kobold Thrower.jpg
Kobold Warrior Kobold Warrior.jpg
Kozad Kozad.jpg
Krakkle Krakkle.jpg
Krom Krom.jpg
Krusher Kobold Krusher Kobold.jpg
Krylic Krylic.jpg
Lieutenant Kapsht Lieutenant Kapsht.jpg
Manager No pic.jpg
Manager (zombie) Manager (zombie).jpg
Mektek Mektek.jpg
Paragon Kobold Shaman Paragon Kobold Shaman.jpg
Paragon Kobold Warrior Paragon Kobold Warrior.jpg
Priest of Kurtulmak Priest of Kurtulmak.jpg
Ratcher Ratcher.jpg
Sea Shaman Sea Shaman.jpg
Sea Witch Sea Witch.jpg
Sentry Sentry.jpg
Shaman No pic.jpg
Shaman Har-har Shaman Har-har.jpg
  • The Waterworks — East path, either behind a secret door on the first turn, or behind a secret door by the shrine.
Shaman Yiley Shaman Yiley.jpg
  • The Waterworks — North path, he is either behind a secret door on the way to Gnashtooth lair, or after the underwater tunnel.
Skartongue Skartongue.jpg
Slinger Slinger.jpg
Swamp Fang Kobold Soldier Swamp Fang Kobold Soldier.jpg
Swamp Fang Kobold Thrower Swamp Fang Kobold Thrower.jpg
Swashbuckler (Kobold) Swashbuckler (kobold).jpg
Tainted Kobold Tainted Kobold.jpg
Tinkerstab Tinkerstab.jpg
Tunnelworm Grand Shaman Tunnelworm Grand Shaman.jpg
Tunnelworm Interrogator Tunnelworm Interrogator.jpg
Unmanageable Assistant Foreman Unmanageable Assistant Foreman.jpg
Unruly Rival Unruly Rival.jpg
Upstart Worker Upstart Worker.jpg
Warden Arkik Warden Arkik.jpg
Witch Doctor Chiku Witch Doctor Chiku.jpg
Witch Doctor Deezil Witch Doctor Deezil.jpg
Witch Doctor Glik Witch Doctor Glik.jpg
Witch Doctor Jeeka Witch Doctor Jeeka.jpg
Witch Doctor Karnatch Witch Doctor Karnatch.jpg
Witch Doctor Kneeza Witch Doctor Kneeza.jpg
Witch Doctor Korba Witch Doctor Korba.jpg
Witch Doctor Krankos Witch Doctor Krankos.jpg
Witch Doctor Kutik Witch Doctor Kutik.jpg
Witch Doctor Moog Witch Doctor Moog.jpg
Witch Doctor Neecha Witch Doctor Neecha.jpg
Witch Doctor Rakhat Witch Doctor Rakhat.jpg
Witch Doctor Raktu Witch Doctor Raktu.jpg
Witch Doctor Squagh Witch Doctor Squagh.jpg
Witch Doctor Wazul Witch Doctor Wazul.jpg
Witch Doctor Zeef Witch Doctor Zeef.jpg
Witch Doctor Zizoo Witch Doctor Zizoo.jpg
Zombie Kobold No pic.jpg
Zombie Kobold Shaman No pic.jpg

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