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Category:Monster Manual/Mummy

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Name Image Farm Locations
Akhom Akhom.png
Amahte Amahte.png
Ancient Mummy Ancient Mummy.jpg
Bekenkhonsu Bekenkhonsu.jpg
Carnival Exhibit No pic.jpg
Eternal Gatekeeper Eternal Gatekeeper.jpg
General Tanankh General Tanankh.jpg
Hafez the Lion Hafez the Lion.jpg
Hami the Jackal Hami the Jackal.jpg
Henenu Henenu.jpg
Kamenwati No pic.jpg
Khnumhotep Khnumhotep.jpg
Kourush the Astrologer Kourush the Astrologer.jpeg
Laeron Laeron.jpg
Mdjai No pic.jpg
Menetnashte Menetnashte.jpg
Mummy Mummy.jpg
Mummy Avenger Mummy Avenger.jpg
Mummy Captain No pic.jpg
Mummy Guardian Mummy Guardian.jpeg
Mummy Lord Mummy Lord.jpg
Mummy Prince No pic.jpg
Mummy Soldier Mummy Soldier.jpg
Mummy Warden Mummy Warden.jpg
Nebtawi No pic.jpg
Nsu Nsu.jpg
Odji Odji.jpg
Otvos Gisun No pic.jpg
Prince Kheffir Prince Kheffir.jpg
Prince M'dab link=F:Prince_M%27dab.jpg
Prince Seti No pic.jpg
Rahmat the Physician Rahmat the Physician.jpeg
Remains of Saerick Remains of Saerick.jpg
Saerick Vorculas Saerick Vorculas.jpg
The Venerated The Venerated.jpg
Thumok the Mad Rare Encounter Thumok the Mad.jpeg
Unas Unas.jpg

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