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Category:Monster Manual/Ooze

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Name Image Farm Locations
Arcane Ooze Arcane Ooze.jpg
Avatar of Juiblex Avatar of Juiblex.jpg
Black Pudding Black Pudding.jpg
Blight Ooze Blight Ooze.jpg
Cunning Gelatinous Cube Cunning Gelatinous Cube.jpg
Dense Black Cellar Pudding Dense Black Cellar Pudding.jpg
Digestive Slime Digestive Slime.jpg
Gelatinous Cube Gelatinous Cube.jpg
Glomm Glomm.jpg
Gray Ooze Gray Ooze.jpg
Guck Guck.jpg
Huge Black Pudding Huge Black Pudding.jpg
Huge Gray Ooze Huge Gray Ooze.jpg
Huge Ochre Jelly Huge Ochre Jelly.jpg
Huge Violet Slime Huge Violet Slime.jpg
Kryzinian Cubespawn Kryzinian Cubespawn.jpg
Large Black Pudding Large Black Pudding.jpg
Large Black Pudding Fragment Large Black Pudding Fragment.jpg
Large Gray Ooze Large Gray Ooze.jpg
Large Noxious Crystal Ooze Large Noxious Crystal Ooze.jpg
Large Noxious Gray Ooze No pic.jpg
Large Unstable Arcane Ooze Arcane Ooze.jpg
Large Violet Slime Large Violet Slime.jpg
Lesser Gray Ooze Lesser Gray Ooze.jpg
Living Chain Lightning Living Chain Lightning.jpg
Living Delayed Blast Fireball Living Delayed Blast Fireball.jpg
Living Destruction Living Destruction.jpg
Living Disintegrate Living Disintegrate.jpg
Living Finger of Death Living Finger of Death.jpg
Living Firestorm Living Firestorm.jpg
Living Harm Living Harm.jpg
Living Meteor Swarm Living Meteor Swarm.jpg
Living Nightmare Living Nightmare.jpg
Living Pool Living Pool.jpg
Muck Muck.jpg
Ochre Jelly Ochre Jelly.jpg
Oozo Oozo.png
  • The Captives — near the waterfall to the South-East of the quest entrance
Phlegm Phlegm.jpg
Putrid Gray Ooze Putrid Gray Ooze.jpg
Recrudescent Slime Recrudescent Slime.jpg
Restless Resources Restless Resources.jpg
Violet Slime Violet Slime.jpg
Virulent Grey Ooze Virulent Grey Ooze.jpg
Wadsworth Wadsworth.jpg

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