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Category:Monster Manual/Orc

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Name Image Farm Locations
Adur-Nac Adur-Nac.jpg
Armnok Armnok.jpg
Blood Tide Spiritcaller Blood Tide Spiritcaller.jpg
Boghi Boghi.jpg
Captain Dustdyn Rare Encounter Captain Dustdyn.jpeg
Captain Grim Captain Grim.jpg
Captain Rackam Rackam.jpg
Disciple Thrasher Disciple Thrasher.jpg
Droaam Conscript Droaam Conscript.jpg
Droaam Infantry Droaam Infantry.jpg
Droaam Skirmisher Droaam Skirmisher.jpg
Droaam Warmage (Orc) Droaam Warmage (Orc).jpg
Fezzik Fezzik.jpg
Garunt Garunt.jpg
Gazmul Gazmul.jpg
Genthro Marhon Genthro Marhon.jpg
Ghol Kaaz Ghol Kaaz.jpg
Gorn Gut-Chewer Gorn Gut-Chewer.jpg
Gravnok Gravnok.jpg
Griznuk Griznuk.jpg
Guldag Guldag.jpg
Half-Orc Crossbowman No pic.jpg
Ilos Hrolk Ilos Hrolk.jpg
Kairn Kairn.jpg
Kargoth Kargoth.jpg
Khin Broketusk Khin Broketusk.jpg
Maknul Maknul.jpg
Marlukk Marlukk.jpg
Narbag Narbag.jpg
Naznub No pic.jpg
Noguk Noguk.jpg
Orc Archer Orc Archer.jpg
Orc Bandit Orc Bandit.jpg
Orc Barbarian Orc Barbarian.jpg
Orc Battle Priest Orc Battle Priest.jpg
Orc Berserker Orc Berserker.jpg
Orc Boatswain Orc Boatswain.jpg
Orc Cleric Orc Cleric.jpg
Orc Helmsman Orc Helmsman.jpg
Orc Huntmaster Orc Huntmaster.jpg
Orc Ranger Orc Ranger.jpg
Orc Scout Orc Scout.jpg
Orc Sea Shaman No pic.jpg
Orc Sentry Orc Sentry.jpg
Orc Shaman Orc Shaman.jpg
Orc Tracker Orc Tracker.jpg
Orc Warrior Orc Warrior.jpg
Orc Wizard Orc Wizard.jpg
Orom Orom.jpg
Othrekk the Hunter Othrekk the Hunter.jpg
Parnash Parnash.jpg
Rhutha Grimskin Rhutha Grimskin.jpg
Ruzek Ruzek.jpg
Skinny Skinny.jpg
Slaver Deadeye Slaver Deadeye.jpg
Taknor Taknor.jpg
The Receptionist The Receptionist.png
Wyrm Cult Bone-Knitter Wyrm Cult Bone-Knitter.jpg
Wyrm Cult Eviscerator Wyrn Cult Eviscerator.jpg
Wyrm Cult Heresiarch Wyrm Cult Heresiarch.jpg
Wyrm Cult Impaler Wyrm Cult Impaler.jpg
Wyrm Cult Sacrificer Wyrm Cult Sacrificer.jpg
Zarmang Zarmang.jpg
Zykir Zykir.jpg

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