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Category:Monster Manual/Sahuagin

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Name Image Farm Locations
Aging Sahuagin Warrior Aging Sahuagin Warrior.jpg
Braktaxx No pic.jpg
Brine Rare Encounter Brine.jpeg
Deep Water Adept Deep Water Adept.jpg
Deep Water Channeler Deep Water Channeler.jpg
Deep Water Mage Deep Water Mage.jpg
Deep Water Scout Deep Water Scout.jpg
Deep Water Sergeant Deep Water Sergeant.jpg
Deep Water Soldier Deep Water Soldier.jpg
Deep Water Warrior Deep Water Warrior.jpg
Dren Ral DrenRal.jpg
Elite Deep Water Warrior Elite Deep Water Warrior.jpg
High Mage of the Depths High Mage of the Depths.jpg
High Priestess of the Depths High Priestess of the Depths.jpg
Huul Eyx Huul Eyx.jpg
Jri Fal Jri Fal.jpg
Kar Xyr Kar Xyr.jpg
Kharamana No pic.jpg
Kiv Nerl Kiv Nerl.jpg
Mage of the Depths Mage of the Depths.jpg
Murm Dul Murm Dul.jpg
Nab Ren Nab Ren.jpg
Priest of the Depths Priest of the Depths.jpg
Rhix Fyl Rhix Fyl.jpg
Sab Vurl Sab Vurl.jpg
Sahuagin Sahuagin.jpg
Sahuagin Adept Sahuagin Adept.jpg
Sahuagin Assassin No pic.jpg
Sahuagin Baron Sahuagin Baron.jpg
Sahuagin Battle Priestess No pic.jpg
Sahuagin Brute No pic.jpg
Sahuagin Elite Guard Sahuagin Elite Guard.jpg
Sahuagin High Priestess Sahuagin High Priestess.jpg
Sahuagin Hunter Sahuagin Hunter.jpg
Sahuagin Necromancer Sahuagin Necromancer.jpg
Sahuagin Priestess Sahuagin Priestess.jpg
Sahuagin Sea Witch Sahuagin Sea Witch.jpg
Sahuagin Temple Priestess Sahuagin Temple Priestess.jpg
Sahuagin Warrior Sahuagin Warrior.jpg
Sahuagin Whelp Sahuagin Whelp.jpg
Tsa Ketn No pic.jpg
Vekz Spluhr Rare Encounter Vekz Spluhr.jpeg
Vyx Ka Vyx Ka.jpg
Wyl Mr Wyl Mr.jpg
Xirma Vo Xirma Vo.jpg

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