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Category:Monster Manual/Scorrow

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Name Image Farm Locations
Ak'xan Varma No pic.jpg
  • The Faithful Departed — After crossing the trapped corridor, attacks the venerated in the southwest-most corner
Angarta Markud No pic.jpg
Aquammut Chakram Aquammut Chakram.png
Aspect of the Hunter Aspect of the Hunter.jpg
Bishop Zasha'oth of the Fury Bishop Zasha'oth of the Fury.jpg
Calar Xal'vak No pic.jpg
  • The Faithful Departed — After crossing the trapped corridor, attacks the Venerated in the northeast-most corner
Darkstinger Darkstinger.jpg
Drow Scorpion Drow Scorpion.jpg
Drow Scorpion Cleric Drow Scorpion Cleric.jpg
Drow Scorpion Rogue No pic.jpg
Drow Scorpion Wizard Drow Scorpion Wizard.jpg
Ga'khat No pic.jpg
Hastrius Chakram Hastrius Chakram.png
High Priest of Vulkoor No pic.jpg
Kas'san Gan'ra No pic.jpg
Kaxith Nar Kaxith Nar.jpg
Kharik No pic.jpg
Khiyarra Chakram Khiyarra Chakram.png
Mastark Markud No pic.jpg
Mendexethazz Rare Encounter Mendexethazz.jpeg
Qualar Qualar.jpg
Sabburak Chakram Sabburak Chakram.png
Sannyasi Sannyasi.jpg
Scorrow High Priest No pic.jpg
Scorrow Pariah Scorrow Pariah.jpg
Scorrow Pilgrim Scorrow Pilgrim.jpg
Scorrow Raider Scorrow Raider.jpg
Scorrow Seeker Scorrow Seeker.jpg
Sekkekh No pic.jpg
Shute Ruggzen Shute Ruggzen.jpg
Skarrith the Sanctifier Skarrith the Sanctifier.jpg
Takk Ur'Ros No pic.jpg
Thual Masmataz Thual Masmataz.jpg
Urtyan Markud No pic.jpg
Volrune the Curate Rare Encounter Volrune the Curate.jpeg
Vulkoorim Adept Vulkoorim Adpet.jpeg
Vulkoorim Dervish Vulkoorim Dervish.jpeg
Vulkoorim Priest Vulkoorim Priest.jpeg
Vulkoorim Prophet Vulkoorim Prophet.jpeg
Vulkoorim Savant Vulkoorim Savant.jpg
Vulkoorim Scholar No pic.jpg
Vulkoorim Shepherd Vulkoorim Shepherd.jpeg
Wokran-Kull Rare Encounter Wokran-Kull.jpeg
Yurtik No pic.jpg

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