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Category:Monster Manual/Spider

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Name Image Farm Locations
Akorstra Akorstra.jpg
Ancient Arachnid Ancient arachnid.jpg
Ancient Arachnid Queen Ancient Arachnid Queen.jpg
Arith'narac Arith'narac.jpg
Astral Harrower Astral Harrower.jpg
Baby Glass Spider Baby Glass Spider.jpg
Barovian Creeper Barovian Creeper.jpg
Barovian Hunter No pic.jpg
Black Widow Black Widow.png
Bloated Flame Eater Bloated Flame Eater.jpg
Blood-drinker Blood-Drinker.jpg
Brown Spider Brown Spider.jpg
Brown Spider Prince Brown Spider Prince.jpg
Brown Spider Queen Brown Spider Queen.jpg
Brown Twilight Spider Brown Twilight Spider.jpg
Brush Creeper Brush Creeper.jpg
Calamity Calamity.jpg
Caligin No pic.jpg
Cellar Spider Cellar Spider.jpg
Cicic Cicic.jpg
Clearfang Clearfang.jpg
Creeping Spiderling Creeping Spiderling.jpg
Crimson Foot Drone Crimson Foot Drone.jpg
Crimson Foot Herald Crimson Foot Herald.jpg
Crimson Foot Scout Crimson Foot Scout.jpg
Crimson Foot Shepherd Crimson Foot Shepherd.jpg
Crimson Foot Slayer Crimson Foot Slayer.jpg
Crimson Foot Soldier Crimson Foot Soldier.jpg
Crimson Foot Worker Crimson Foot Drone.jpg
Darkfang Hunter Darkfang Hunter.jpg
Darkfang Spider Darkfang Spider.png
Darkfang Stalker Darkfang Stalker.jpg
Deathjump Spider Deathjump Spider.jpg
Deep Crawler Deep Crawler.jpg
Deluge Deluge.jpg
  • Sykros' Jewel — First door to west after the locked doors, down in the hole.
Demonic Swarmhorde Spider Demonic Swarmhorde Spider.jpg
Demonweb Terror Demonweb Terror.jpg
Dimmet No pic.jpg
Dusk (spider) No pic.jpg
Ecru Ecru.jpg
  • The Waterworks — Behind a secret door nearby any of the two quests (Two spawn locations)
Fencreeper Fencreeper.jpg
Fiend-Blood Spider Fiend-Blood Spider.jpg
Fiend-Blood Spider Queen Fiend-Blood Spider Queen.jpg
Fiendish Spider No pic.jpg
Fiendish Spider Queen Fiendish Spider Queen.jpg
Flame Eater Flame Eater.jpg
Frost Spider No pic.jpg
Frostbite (spider) Frostbite.jpg
Gargantuan Crawler Gargantuan Crawler.jpg
Glass Spider Glass Spider.jpg
Glass Spider Queen Glass Spider Queen.jpg
Glass Twilight Spider Glass Twilight Spider.jpg
Gloam No pic.jpg
Greenstalker Greenstalker.jpg
Grudge Grudge.jpg
Guardian Statue (Spider) No pic.jpg
Harrower Harrower.jpg
Hellgut Rare Encounter Hellgut.jpeg
Household Vermin Household Vermin.jpg
Hyaline Matriarch Hyaline Matriarch.jpg
Ice Spider Ice Spider.jpg
Jukree Rare Encounter Jukree.jpg
Knitch No pic.jpg
    Kraak Kraak.jpg
    Mandible Mandible.jpg
    • The Snitch — North passage after the sewer fire trap
    Miasma Miasma.jpg
    Misery Misery.jpg
    Mother-of-Thousands Mother-of-Thousands.jpg
    Mother of the Nest Mother of the Nest.jpg
    Phase Spider Monster Phase Spider.jpg
    Pyrachnid Pyrachnid.jpg
    Redfang Redfang.png
    Restless Spider Restless Spider.jpg
    Rrh'gitli Rrh'gitli.jpg
    Rubyeyes Rubyeyes.jpg
    Ruin (spider) Ruin.jpg
    Scourge Scourge.png
    Shev'aal Shev'aal.jpg
    Silkweave Silkweave.jpg
    Skitter Skitter.jpg
    Small Brown Spider Small Brown Spider.jpg
    Spawn of Whisperdoom (monster) Spawn of Whisperdoom (monster).jpg
    Spider Soul Spider Soul.jpg
    Spider of Unusual Size Spider of Unusual Size.jpg
    Spite Spite.jpg
    Swarmhorde Spider Swarmhorde Spider.jpg
    Telamonia Telamonia.jpg
    The Twilight Mother The Twilight Mother.jpg
    Tsirrik Tsirrik.jpg
    Twilight Darkfang Twilight Darkfang.jpg
    Twilight Widow Twilight Widow.jpg
    Underdark Spider Underdark Spider.jpg
    Venom Venom.jpg
    Vicious Deathjump Spider Vicious Deathjump Spider.jpg
    Vitia Rare Encounter Vitia.jpeg
    Websnare Spider Websnare Spider.png
    Whisperdoom Whisperdoom.jpg
    Whisperdoom's Daughter Whisperdoom's Daughter.jpg
    Whitefang Whitefang.jpg
    Woathe Woathe.jpg
    Wood Spider Wood Spider.jpg

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