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Category:Monster Manual/Troll

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Name Image Farm Locations
Agnar Agnar.jpg
Bertoz Bertoz.jpg
Blackheart Ambassador Blackheart Ambassador.jpg
Blackheart Fiend-Blood Blackheart Fiend-Blood.jpg
Blackheart Oracle Blackheart Oracle.jpg
Blackheart Overlord Blackheart Overlord.jpg
Blackheart Pathfinder Blackheart Pathfinder.jpg
Blackheart Soothsayer Blackheart Soothsayer.jpg
Blackheart Warmonger Blackheart Warmonger.jpg
Blackheart Warrior Blackheart Warrior.jpg
Bonechewer the Foul Bonechewer the Foul.jpg
Brekik Brekik.jpg
Brineshallow Scrag No pic.jpg
    Champion Deathblood Champion Deathblood.jpg
    Champion Preinyl Champion Preinyl.jpg
    Daask Bowmaster Daask Bowmaster.jpg
    Daask Shaman Daask Shaman.jpg
    Deadheart's Sidekick Deadheart the Unbeaten, Deadheart's Sidekick.jpg
    Deadheart the Unbeaten Deadheart the Unbeaten, Deadheart's Sidekick.jpg
    Deathblood Troll Deathblood Troll.jpg
    Dulk Rare Encounter Dulk.jpeg
    Dulse Dulse.jpg
    Enforcer Smashjaw Enforcer Smashjaw.jpg
    Fiend-Blood Troll Fiend-Blood Troll.jpg
    Fiendish Troll Crusher Fiendish Troll Crusher.jpg
    Fiendish Troll Enforcer Fiendish Troll Enforcer.png
    Fiendish Troll Lieutenant Fiendish Troll Lieutenant.jpg
    Fiendish Troll Raider No pic.jpg
    Frokke Frokke.jpg
    Furley Furley.jpg
    • Sorrowdusk Isle — inside the troll dungeon explorer area, behind the second door
    Geeblebrox Geeblebrox.jpg
    Gewastern Gewastern.jpg
    Gnarkill Gnarkill.jpg
    Grax Grax.jpg
    Grumnuk the Foul Grumnuk the Foul.jpg
    Hammerfist Hammerfist.jpg
    Harblimar Harblimar.jpg
    Infected Troll No pic.jpg
    Kremen Kremen.jpg
    Mangle Mangle.jpg
    • Eyes of Stone — When you return to plaza, go through the stairs on south
    Mezrox Mezrox.jpg
    Moldfang Moldfang.jpg
    Morko Morko.jpg
    Mortho Mortho.jpg
    Noozer Noozer.jpg
    Nuushmaar Nuushmar.jpg
    Oolgrist Oolgrist.jpg
    Rort Rotseer Rort Rotseer.jpg
    Scrag No pic.jpg
    Scrag Brute Scrag Brute.jpg
    Scrag Devoted Scrag Devoted.jpg
    Scrag Forager Scrag Forager.jpg
    Scrag Hunter Scrag Hunter.jpg
    Scrag Mutant Scrag Mutant.jpg
    Scrag Shaman Scrag Shaman.jpg
    Sergeant Kroxgeel Sergeant Kroxgeel.jpg
    Shaman Hurpostaw Shaman Hurpostaw.jpg
    Shaman Yarsnak Shaman Yarsnak.jpg
    Sharkbiter Sharkbiter.jpg
    Shazam Shazam.jpg
    Slave (troll) Slave (troll).jpg
    Slimepus the Foul-Breathed Slimepus the Foul-Breathed.jpg
    Smotguk Smotguk.jpg
    Suropox Suropox.jpg
    Trankirn Trankirn.jpg
    Troll Troll.jpg
    Troll Captive Troll Captive.jpg
    Troll Chieftain Troll Chieftain.jpg
    Troll Enforcer Troll Enforcer.jpg
    Troll Gladiator Troll Gladiator.jpg
    Troll Shaman Troll Shaman.jpg
    Ubein-Lnaa Ubein Lnaa.jpg
    Vermin Keeper (Troll) No pic.jpg
    Vyragon Vyragon.jpg
    Wham Wham.jpg
    Yarlbur Yarlbur.jpg
    Zackori Nugroho No pic.jpg

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