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Category:Monster Manual/Zombie

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Name Image Farm Locations
Blight Zombie Blight Zombie.png
Breathless Boatswain Breathless Boatswain.jpg
Brimstone Magister No pic.jpg
Brimstone Servitor Brimstone Servitor.jpg
Captain Grim (Zombie) Captain Grim (Zombie).jpg
Clambie Clambie.jpg
Commodore Tew Commodore Tew.jpg
Crypt Zombie No pic.jpg
Cursed Kobold No pic.jpg
Cursed Pirate No pic.jpg
Dheren Kiettuc (Zombie) Dheren Kiettuc (Zombie).jpg
Dread Elf Zombie No pic.jpg
Dread Zombie Dread Zombie.jpeg
Drow Zombie Drow Zombie.jpg
Drowned Drowned.jpg
Dwarf Shambler No pic.jpg
Dwarf Zombie DwarfZombie.jpg
Edrassa the Betrayed Edrassa the Betrayed.jpg
Elf Shambler No pic.jpg
Elf Zombie Elf Zombie.jpg
Elisabeth Durst Elizabeth Durst.jpg
Entombed Concubine Entombed Concubine.jpeg
Entombed Slave Entombed Slave.jpeg
Estrel No pic.jpg
Ex-Pirate Boatswain No pic.jpg
Failed Experiment Failed Experiment.jpg
Fallen Worker Fallen Worker.jpg
Gate Swarmer Gate Swarmer.jpg
Half-elf Zombie No pic.jpg
    Halfling Zombie Halfling Zombie.jpg
    Hambie Hambie.jpg
    Harbinger Corpse No pic.jpg
    Horace Heyton Horace Heyton.jpg
    Human Shambler No pic.jpg
    Jezzerae Jezzerae.jpeg
    Ju-Ju Zombie Ju-Ju Zombie.jpg
    Kyleanne Heyton d'Cannith Kyleanne Heyton d'Cannith.jpg
    Lost Miner Lost Miner.png
    Magician's Assistant Magician's Assistant.jpg
    Necrotic Banker Necrotic Banker.jpg
    Necrotic Engineer Necrotic Engineer.jpg
    Necrotic Guard Necrotic Guard.jpg
    Omaren Pugilist Omaren Pugilist.jpg
    Pyttan Ayrienne No pic.jpg
    Qhumok No pic.jpg
    Raised Dragon Knight Raised Dragon Knight.jpg
    Raised War Wizard Raised War Wizard.jpg
    Reanimated Adventurer Reanimated Adventurer.jpg
    Reanimated Corpse Reanimated Corpse.jpg
    Risen Servitor Risen Servitor.jpg
    Rotting Dwarf Zombie RottingDwarfZombie.jpg
    Rotting Elf Zombie RottingElfZombie.jpg
    Rotting Half-elf Zombie Rotting Half-elf Zombie.jpg
    Rotting Halfling Zombie RottingHalflingZombie.jpg
    Rotting Zombie Rotting Zombie.jpg
    Rowan Watzun (Zombie) No pic.jpg
    Shambling Corpse Shambling Corpse.jpg
    Shuffling Cadaver Shuffling Cadaver.png
    Shuffling Dwarf Cadaver Shuffling Dwarf Cadaver.png
    Shuffling Elf Cadaver Shuffling Elf Cadaver.png
    Shuffling Halfling Cadaver Shuffling Halfling Cadaver.png
    Slain Villager Slain Villager.jpg
    Strahd Zombie Strahd Zombie.jpg
    Submersed Swabbie Sub swabbie.jpg
    Tormented Soul Tormented Soul.png
    Undead Barbarian Undead Barbarian.jpg
    Undead Cavalier Undead Cavalier.jpg
    Undead Magician Undead Magician.jpg
    Undead Necromancer Undead Necromancer.jpg
    Undead Priestess Silan Undead Priestess Silan.jpg
    Undead Ranger Undead Ranger.jpg
    Vanya Amanatu Vanya Amanatu.jpg
    Vessel of the Faith Vessel of the Faith.jpg
    Vinaldor the Faithless Vinaldor the Faithless.jpg
    Walking Corpse Walking Corpse.jpg
    Zombie Zombie.jpg
    Zombie Marksman Zombie Marksman.jpg
    Zombie Mate No pic.jpg
    Zombie Pirate Zombie Pirate.jpg
    Zombie Wizard Zombie Wizard.jpg

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