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Category:Monsters with damage reduction

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DDO includes monsters with Damage Reduction. Monster DR may require specific material, damage types, and/or alignment to bypass the DR and deal full damage. Also, some monsters are vulnerable to magic weapons only (DR/Magic). Any weapon with at least a +1 magical enhancement bonus on attack and damage rolls overcomes DR/Magic.

Some examples include:

Tips for bypassing DR[edit]

  • A Metalline weapon is enhanced to mimic all material types except Crystal.
  • An Aligned weapon mimics all alignments.
  • A Green Steel Weapon mimics Evil alignment for the purpose of bypassing DR even if not actually Evil.
  • Weapons with both Silver (from Silver or Metalline) and Good (from Pure Good/Holy/Flametouched Iron/Righteous) attributes are popularly known as "Harry Beaters," based on the nickname of Arraetrikos, the end boss of The Shroud raid. Such weapons can bypass this boss's DR of Silver+Good


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