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Category:Mythic Armor Boost items

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Aberrant RobeAncient GemstoneAntithesisApprentice's RobeArcane ArmorArgenti's ArmorArmor of the AmokAssassin Initiate's Leathers (Level 13)Assassin Initiate's Leathers (Level 14)Assassin Initiate's Leathers (Level 15)Barovian Nobles' RegaliaBattleworn BreastplateBattleworn ChainmailBattleworn ChainshirtBeholder Plate ArmorBeholder Plate DocentBlademark's DocentBlessed BulwarkBlessed VestmentsBloodplate ArmorBreastplate of DestructionBreastplate of the Celestial AvengerBreastplate of the Celestial SageBreastplate of VolBrimstone Boulder Warden's RobeBronze Dragonscale PlateBrutish CuirassCalamity's CarapaceCavalry Plate (level 12)Cavalry Plate (Level 12)Cavalry Plate (Level 16)Cavalry Plate (level 16)Cavalry Plate (Level 4)Cavalry Plate (level 4)Cavalry Plate (level 8)Cavalry Plate (Level 8)Centurion ArmorChain Shirt of CripplingCoat of the TravelerCoat of Van RichtenColdharbor CladdingConfiscated Heavy MailCrimson ChainCrystalline CacophonyCyran Guard (Level 26)Cyran Guard (Level 27)Cyran Guard (Level 28)Dampened Frozen PlateDampened Robe of DissonanceDeep ArcanumDemon Scale ArmorDeneith Heavy ChainDesecrated LeathersDink's Leather WrapsDisc of Acid WardingDisc of EnhancementDisciple of the DawnDisciple's RobeDocent of AcidDocent of BloodDocent of CorpsecraftDocent of DefianceDocent of GraceDocent of InsightDocent of QuickeningDocent of Shadow (level 12)Docent of Shadow (level 16)Docent of Shadow (level 20)Docent of Shadow (level 24)Docent of Shadow (level 4)Docent of Shadow (level 8)Docent of the Celestial AvengerDocent of the Celestial SageDreadcursed DefenderDrow Hunter's ArmorDrow Outrunner ArmorDuelist's Leathers (Level 12)Duelist's Leathers (Level 16)Duelist's Leathers (Level 4)Duelist's Leathers (Level 8)DuskElemental Mithral BreastplateElocator's HabilimentElven ChainEmbrace of the Spider QueenEmissary's StoneEmissary's VestmentsEnchanted Darkleaf Banded ArmorEnergized Leather ArmorEnergized Platemail ArmorEnergized Temple DocentEnergized Temple RobeEnforcer's CoatEnforcer's PlateEnigma CoreEnlightened RobesEnlightened VestmentsEntropic HeartstoneEpic Arcane ArmorEpic Brimstone Boulder Warden's RobeEpic Cavalry Plate (Level 20)Epic Cavalry Plate (level 20)Epic Cavalry Plate (level 24)Epic Cavalry Plate (Level 24)Epic Cavalry Plate (level 28)Epic Chain of ConvictionEpic Confiscated Heavy MailEpic Crystalline CacophonyEpic Death's RampartEpic Deneith Heavy ChainEpic Docent of InsightEpic Duelist's Leathers (Level 20)Epic Duelist's Leathers (Level 24)Epic Emerald GuardEpic Energized Leather ArmorEpic Energized Platemail ArmorEpic Energized Scalemail ArmorEpic Energized Temple DocentEpic Energized Temple RobeEpic Etched Leather ArmorEpic Etched Platemail ArmorEpic Etched Scalemail ArmorEpic Etched Temple DocentEpic Etched Temple RobeEpic Frozen TunicEpic Illicit Warding ArmorEpic Infested ArmorEpic Quenched Leather ArmorEpic Quenched Platemail ArmorEpic Quenched Scalemail ArmorEpic Quenched Temple DocentEpic Robe of InsightEpic Scales of SuretyEpic Shadowshimmer CladdingEpic Smoldering Leather ArmorEpic Smoldering Platemail ArmorEpic Smoldering Scalemail ArmorEpic Smoldering Temple DocentEpic Stone ExoskeletonEssence of the ScoutEtched Leather ArmorEtched Platemail ArmorEtched Temple DocentExecutioner's DocentExecutioner's PlatemailExperiment GarbFeycraft MailFirebreak (level 15)Firebreak (level 16)Firebreak (level 17)Firebreak (level 22)Firebreak (level 23)Firebreak (level 24)Flawless Shadow Dragonhide ArmorFlawless Shadow Dragonplate ArmorFlawless Shadow Dragonscale ArmorFrozen PlateFrozen Tunic (Level 12)Frozen Tunic (Level 16)Frozen Tunic (Level 4)Frozen Tunic (Level 8)Full Plate of GiantsFull Plate of the DefenderGargoyle Granite PlateGarments of EquilibriumGerard's MailGlass HeartGleaming Adamantine PlateGorgon ArmorGorgon DocentGraz'zt's HabilimentGrudgebearer's PlateHardened Hide ArmorHeartwoodHide of the GoristroIcy RaimentIllicit Warding ArmorImbued Darkleaf Banded ArmorInfested ArmorInfused ChaosrobeInitiate's DocentInsulated ArmorIronheartIronweave RobeIronweave TunicJinx's VexationKindred SpiritKobold Admiral's UniformKundarak Delving SuitLeathers of the Celestial ArcherLeathers of the Celestial AvengerLeathers of the Celestial SageLeaves of the Forest (Level 15)Leaves of the Forest (Level 16)Leaves of the Forest (Level 17)Leaves of the Forest (Level 22)Leaves of the Forest (Level 23)Leaves of the Forest (Level 24)Legendary Barovian Nobles' RegaliaLegendary Blessed BulwarkLegendary Blessed VestmentsLegendary Bronze Dragonscale PlateLegendary Coat of the TravelerLegendary Deep ArcanumLegendary Disciple of the DawnLegendary Dreadcursed DefenderLegendary Drow Outrunner ArmorLegendary Emissary's StoneLegendary Emissary's VestmentsLegendary Enforcer's CoatLegendary Enforcer's PlateLegendary Enigma CoreLegendary Entropic HeartstoneLegendary Executioner's DocentLegendary Executioner's PlatemailLegendary Experiment GarbLegendary Feycraft MailLegendary Feyweave RobeLegendary Glass HeartLegendary Graz'zt's HabilimentLegendary Hardened Hide ArmorLegendary HeartwoodLegendary IronheartLegendary Kindred SpiritLegendary Memory of Fine RegaliaLegendary Memory of Hiding in DarknessLegendary Mist-laden VestmentLegendary Order's GarbLegendary Plasma CoreLegendary Platemail of the Barovian LordLegendary Researcher's LeathersLegendary Robes of the DreadkeeperLegendary Scale-Stone of AvariceLegendary Scale-Stone of MaliceLegendary Scales of AvariceLegendary Scales of MaliceLegendary Scales of the ExileLegendary Slave RagsLegendary TurncoatLegendary Umbral SoulLegendary Watch Captain's PlatemailLegendary WildcardLegendary WildheartLegendary Wildwood OutfitLegendary Wildwood VestLivewood Core (Level 15)Livewood Core (Level 16)Livewood Core (Level 17)Livewood Core (Level 22)Livewood Core (Level 23)Livewood Core (Level 24)Lousy Chain Docent?Lousy ChainshirtMadooroh's VestMail of the MroranonMantle of EscherMarilith ChainMemory of a Tailor's DuressMemory of Fine RegaliaMemory of Hiding in DarknessMist-laden VestmentMithral Full Plate of Speed (Haste version)Mithral Full Plate of Speed (Striding version)Mummy WrappingsMythic Arcane ArmorNullcloth GownNullscale ArmorOrcish Privateer's PlateOrder's GarbOutfit of the Celestial AvengerOutfit of the Celestial GuardianPall of BloodParasitic BreastplatePatience Through PerilPlasma CorePlatemail of GiantsPlatemail of StrahdPlatemail of the Barovian LordPlatemail of the Celestial AvengerPlatemail of the Celestial SageQuenched Leather ArmorQuenched Platemail ArmorQuorforged Docent of BattleRakshasa HideRegalia of the PhoenixResonant Guard SuitRobe of AcidRobe of Arcane PowerRobe of Arcane PuissanceRobe of DissonanceRobe of FireRobe of InsightRobe of PotencyRobe of ResistanceRobe of the Celestial SageRobe of the MagiRobe of Trivial KnowledgeRobe of WinterRoguebane BreastplateScale-Stone of AvariceScale-Stone of MaliceScalemail of the Celestial AvengerScalemail of the Celestial SageScales of AvariceScales of MaliceScales of the ExileShadowmail (Level 16)Shadowmail (Level 17)Shadowmail (Level 18)Shadowmail (Level 23)Shadowmail (Level 24)Shadowmail (Level 25)Shadowscale DocentShadowscale OutfitShadowscale RobeShadowshimmer CladdingShen's RobeShining Adamantine PlateShroud of the AbbotSilken MailSlave RagsSmoldering Leather ArmorSmoldering Scalemail ArmorSmoldering Temple DocentSmoldering Temple RobeSnakeskin VestSpider-spun CaparisonSpidersilk RobesStarter Leather ArmorStinkpelt's HideStone ExoskeletonStone HeartStonemeld Plate ArmorTarnished Blademark's DocentTarnished Deneith Heavy ChainTemplar's BastionTemplar's DocentTerrorweb Chitin BreastplateThe BlackmailThe Legendary BlackmailThe Legendary Grey LeathersThe Legendary Mark IVThe Mark IVThuranni Stalker's MailTitanic DocentTourney ArmorTurncoatUmbral SoulVambraces of Inner LightVestments of LightVestments of RavenloftVulkoorim Dervish RobeVulkoorim Fighting LeathersWatch Captain's PlatemailWayfinder's ArmorWhisperchain (Level 18)Whisperchain (Level 23)Whisperchain (Level 24)Whisperchain (Level 25)WildcardWildheartWildwood OutfitWildwood VestWraith's SkinYogg-Ratha Plate

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