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Category:Mythic Boost items

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Aberrant RobeAncient GemstoneAntithesisApprentice's RobeArcane ArmorArgenti's ArmorArmor of the AmokAssassin Initiate's Leathers (Level 13)Assassin Initiate's Leathers (Level 14)Assassin Initiate's Leathers (Level 15)Barovian Nobles' RegaliaBattleworn BreastplateBattleworn ChainmailBattleworn ChainshirtBeholder Plate ArmorBeholder Plate DocentBlademark's DocentBlessed BulwarkBlessed VestmentsBloodplate ArmorBreastplate of DestructionBreastplate of the Celestial AvengerBreastplate of the Celestial SageBreastplate of VolBrimstone Boulder Warden's RobeBronze Dragonscale PlateBrutish CuirassCalamity's CarapaceCavalry Plate (level 12)Cavalry Plate (Level 12)Cavalry Plate (Level 16)Cavalry Plate (level 16)Cavalry Plate (Level 4)Cavalry Plate (level 4)Cavalry Plate (level 8)Cavalry Plate (Level 8)Centurion ArmorChain Shirt of CripplingCoat of the TravelerCoat of Van RichtenColdharbor CladdingConfiscated Heavy MailCrimson ChainCrystalline CacophonyCyran Guard (Level 26)Cyran Guard (Level 27)Cyran Guard (Level 28)Dampened Frozen PlateDampened Robe of DissonanceDeep ArcanumDemon Scale ArmorDeneith Heavy ChainDesecrated LeathersDink's Leather WrapsDisc of Acid WardingDisc of EnhancementDisciple of the DawnDisciple's RobeDocent of AcidDocent of BloodDocent of CorpsecraftDocent of DefianceDocent of GraceDocent of InsightDocent of QuickeningDocent of Shadow (level 12)Docent of Shadow (level 16)Docent of Shadow (level 20)Docent of Shadow (level 24)Docent of Shadow (level 4)Docent of Shadow (level 8)Docent of the Celestial AvengerDocent of the Celestial SageDreadcursed DefenderDrow Hunter's ArmorDrow Outrunner ArmorDuelist's Leathers (Level 12)Duelist's Leathers (Level 16)Duelist's Leathers (Level 4)Duelist's Leathers (Level 8)DuskElemental Mithral BreastplateElocator's HabilimentElven ChainEmbrace of the Spider QueenEmissary's StoneEmissary's VestmentsEnchanted Darkleaf Banded ArmorEnergized Leather ArmorEnergized Platemail ArmorEnergized Temple DocentEnergized Temple RobeEnforcer's CoatEnforcer's PlateEnigma CoreEnlightened RobesEnlightened VestmentsEntropic HeartstoneEpic Arcane ArmorEpic Brimstone Boulder Warden's RobeEpic Cavalry Plate (Level 20)Epic Cavalry Plate (level 20)Epic Cavalry Plate (Level 24)Epic Cavalry Plate (level 24)Epic Cavalry Plate (level 28)Epic Chain of ConvictionEpic Confiscated Heavy MailEpic Crystalline CacophonyEpic Death's RampartEpic Deneith Heavy ChainEpic Docent of InsightEpic Duelist's Leathers (Level 20)Epic Duelist's Leathers (Level 24)Epic Emerald GuardEpic Energized Leather ArmorEpic Energized Platemail ArmorEpic Energized Scalemail ArmorEpic Energized Temple DocentEpic Energized Temple RobeEpic Etched Leather ArmorEpic Etched Platemail ArmorEpic Etched Scalemail ArmorEpic Etched Temple DocentEpic Etched Temple RobeEpic Frozen TunicEpic Illicit Warding ArmorEpic Infested ArmorEpic Quenched Leather ArmorEpic Quenched Platemail ArmorEpic Quenched Scalemail ArmorEpic Quenched Temple DocentEpic Robe of InsightEpic Scales of SuretyEpic Shadowshimmer CladdingEpic Smoldering Leather ArmorEpic Smoldering Platemail ArmorEpic Smoldering Scalemail ArmorEpic Smoldering Temple DocentEpic Stone ExoskeletonEssence of the ScoutEtched Leather ArmorEtched Platemail ArmorEtched Temple DocentExecutioner's DocentExecutioner's PlatemailExperiment GarbFeycraft MailFirebreak (level 15)Firebreak (level 16)Firebreak (level 17)Firebreak (level 22)Firebreak (level 23)Firebreak (level 24)Flawless Shadow Dragonhide ArmorFlawless Shadow Dragonplate ArmorFlawless Shadow Dragonscale ArmorFrozen PlateFrozen Tunic (Level 12)Frozen Tunic (Level 16)Frozen Tunic (Level 4)Frozen Tunic (Level 8)Full Plate of GiantsFull Plate of the DefenderGargoyle Granite PlateGarments of EquilibriumGerard's MailGlass HeartGleaming Adamantine PlateGorgon ArmorGorgon DocentGraz'zt's HabilimentGrudgebearer's PlateHardened Hide ArmorHeartwoodHide of the GoristroIcy RaimentIllicit Warding ArmorImbued Darkleaf Banded ArmorInfested ArmorInfused ChaosrobeInitiate's DocentInsulated ArmorIronheartIronweave RobeIronweave TunicJinx's VexationKindred SpiritKobold Admiral's UniformKundarak Delving SuitLeathers of the Celestial ArcherLeathers of the Celestial AvengerLeathers of the Celestial SageLeaves of the Forest (Level 15)Leaves of the Forest (Level 16)Leaves of the Forest (Level 17)Leaves of the Forest (Level 22)Leaves of the Forest (Level 23)Leaves of the Forest (Level 24)Legendary Barovian Nobles' RegaliaLegendary Blessed BulwarkLegendary Blessed VestmentsLegendary Bronze Dragonscale PlateLegendary Coat of the TravelerLegendary Deep ArcanumLegendary Disciple of the DawnLegendary Dreadcursed DefenderLegendary Drow Outrunner ArmorLegendary Emissary's StoneLegendary Emissary's VestmentsLegendary Enforcer's CoatLegendary Enforcer's PlateLegendary Enigma CoreLegendary Entropic HeartstoneLegendary Executioner's DocentLegendary Executioner's PlatemailLegendary Experiment GarbLegendary Feycraft MailLegendary Feyweave RobeLegendary Glass HeartLegendary Graz'zt's HabilimentLegendary Hardened Hide ArmorLegendary HeartwoodLegendary IronheartLegendary Kindred SpiritLegendary Memory of Fine RegaliaLegendary Memory of Hiding in DarknessLegendary Mist-laden VestmentLegendary Order's GarbLegendary Plasma CoreLegendary Platemail of the Barovian LordLegendary Researcher's LeathersLegendary Robes of the DreadkeeperLegendary Scale-Stone of AvariceLegendary Scale-Stone of MaliceLegendary Scales of AvariceLegendary Scales of MaliceLegendary Scales of the ExileLegendary SinsoulLegendary Slave RagsLegendary TurncoatLegendary Umbral SoulLegendary Watch Captain's PlatemailLegendary WildcardLegendary WildheartLegendary Wildwood OutfitLegendary Wildwood VestLivewood Core (Level 15)Livewood Core (Level 16)Livewood Core (Level 17)Livewood Core (Level 22)Livewood Core (Level 23)Livewood Core (Level 24)Lousy Chain Docent?Lousy ChainshirtMadooroh's VestMail of the MroranonMantle of EscherMarilith ChainMemory of a Tailor's DuressMemory of Fine RegaliaMemory of Hiding in DarknessMist-laden VestmentMithral Full Plate of Speed (Haste version)Mithral Full Plate of Speed (Striding version)Mummy WrappingsMythic Arcane ArmorNullcloth GownNullscale ArmorOrcish Privateer's PlateOrder's GarbOutfit of the Celestial AvengerOutfit of the Celestial GuardianPall of BloodParasitic BreastplatePatience Through PerilPlasma CorePlatemail of GiantsPlatemail of StrahdPlatemail of the Barovian LordPlatemail of the Celestial AvengerPlatemail of the Celestial SageQuenched Leather ArmorQuenched Platemail ArmorQuorforged Docent of BattleRakshasa HideRegalia of the PhoenixResonant Guard SuitRobe of AcidRobe of Arcane PowerRobe of Arcane PuissanceRobe of DissonanceRobe of FireRobe of InsightRobe of PotencyRobe of ResistanceRobe of the Celestial SageRobe of the MagiRobe of Trivial KnowledgeRobe of WinterRobes of the DreadkeeperRoguebane BreastplateRough PlateScale-Stone of AvariceScale-Stone of MaliceScalemail of the Celestial AvengerScalemail of the Celestial SageScales of AvariceScales of MaliceScales of the ExileShadowmail (Level 16)Shadowmail (Level 17)Shadowmail (Level 18)Shadowmail (Level 23)Shadowmail (Level 24)Shadowmail (Level 25)Shadowscale DocentShadowscale OutfitShadowscale RobeShadowshimmer CladdingShen's RobeShining Adamantine PlateShroud of the AbbotSilken MailSinsoulSlave RagsSmoldering Leather ArmorSmoldering Scalemail ArmorSmoldering Temple DocentSmoldering Temple RobeSnakeskin VestSpider-spun CaparisonSpidersilk RobesStarter Leather ArmorStinkpelt's HideStone ExoskeletonStone HeartStonemeld Plate ArmorTarnished Blademark's DocentTarnished Deneith Heavy ChainTemplar's BastionTemplar's DocentTerrorweb Chitin BreastplateThe BlackmailThe Legendary BlackmailThe Legendary Grey LeathersThe Legendary Mark IVThe Mark IVThuranni Stalker's MailTitanic DocentTourney ArmorTurncoatUmbral SoulVambraces of Inner LightVestments of LightVestments of RavenloftVulkoorim Dervish RobeVulkoorim Fighting LeathersWatch Captain's PlatemailWayfinder's ArmorWhisperchain (Level 18)Whisperchain (Level 23)Whisperchain (Level 24)Whisperchain (Level 25)WildcardWildheartWildwood OutfitWildwood VestWraith's SkinYogg-Ratha Plate

Amara's BeltAnimated RopeAnn Velsing's BeltArkat's Cord (Level 12)Arkat's Cord (Level 13)Arkat's Cord (Level 14)Arkat's Cord (Level 23)Arkat's Cord (Level 24)Arkat's Cord (Level 25)Awanahu SashBattlerager's HarnessBelt of Braided BeardsBelt of Brute StrengthBelt of the Defenders of SiberysBelt of the MroranonBelt of the Seven Ideals (historic)Belt of the Seven Ideals (Level 12)Belt of the Seven Ideals (Level 13)Belt of the Seven Ideals (Level 14)Belt of the Seven Ideals (Level 23)Belt of the Seven Ideals (Level 24)Belt of the Seven Ideals (Level 25)Belt of Thoughtful RememberanceBelt of TongueBlack Satin WaistBloodknuckle's Loincloth WaistbandBraided CutcordBronze Dragonscale BeltBurnscar SashCalitomes' SashChord of ReprisalsColethenis's BeltDaggertooth's Belt (historic)Daggertooth's Belt (level 12)Daggertooth's Belt (level 13)Daggertooth's Belt (level 14)Daggertooth's Belt (level 23)Daggertooth's Belt (level 24)Daggertooth's Belt (level 25)Eerie BeltElectric HazeEpic Belt of Thoughtful RememberanceEpic Chord of ReprisalsEpic Purging the PantheonFestering Mummy WrappingsGirdle of FaithGirdle of Giants' Brawn (Level 12)Girdle of Giants' Brawn (Level 13)Girdle of Giants' Brawn (Level 14)Girdle of Giants' Brawn (Level 23)Girdle of Giants' Brawn (Level 24)Girdle of Giants' Brawn (Level 25)Glittering WaistwrapGreen Steel BeltKnost's BeltKormor's BeltLegendary Animated RopeLegendary Black Satin WaistLegendary Braided CutcordLegendary Bronze Dragonscale BeltLegendary Burnscar SashLegendary Festering Mummy WrappingsLegendary Glittering WaistwrapLegendary Many-Pouched Belt of the HealerLegendary Outpost Sniper's BeltLegendary Plateshard BeltLegendary Rune-Sigiled BeltLegendary Sapphire Studded BucklesLegendary Shadow's EmbraceLegendary Silverthread BeltLegendary Thrummingspark CordLegendary Vistani Fighter's SashLion-headed Belt BuckleLorinthor's BeltMany-Pouched Belt of the HealerMechanic's BeltMinotaur Hair BeltMorah's BeltMorgana's BeltMystic BeltOutpost Sniper's BeltPlanar GirdPlateshard BeltPurging the PantheonRahkir's SashRune-Sigiled BeltSapphire Studded BucklesShadow's EmbraceSilverthread BeltSinged BeltSkullduggery Kit (Level 14)Skullduggery Kit (Level 15)Skullduggery Kit (Level 16)Skullduggery Kit (Level 25)Skullduggery Kit (Level 26)Skullduggery Kit (Level 27)Strap of ScaleTelvi's SashThamor's BeltThe Cornerstone ChampionThrummingspark CordTokala's BeltVistani Fighter's SashVorne's Belt

Ash BootsAzure GuardBoots of AnchoringBoots of Blessed TravelsBoots of GroundingBoots of Minor StridingBoots of NimblenessBoots of SpeedBoots of Striding and SpringingBoots of the Devil CommanderBoots of the InnocentBoots of the Long StepCannith Boots of PropulsionCerulean GuardCobalt GuardDustless BootsEpic Boots of the InnocentEpic Ship KickersEpic Steelweave ShinguardsExpeditious BootsFirestorm GreavesFlightfoot GreavesGoatskin Boots (level 17)Goatskin Boots (Level 18)Goatskin Boots (Level 19)Goatskin Boots (Level 26)Goatskin Boots (Level 27)Goatskin Boots (Level 28)Golden GreavesGreen Steel Weave BootsGrundok's BootsGyroscopic Boots of StridingHalcyon BootsKnife Toed BootsKundarak Delving BootsLegendary Boots of the Devil CommanderLegendary Flightfoot GreavesLegendary Knife Toed BootsLegendary Shadow SprintersLegendary Shadow's FootstepsLegendary Softsole SlippersLegendary Spectre BootsLegendary Stone ShoesLegendary Sunken SlippersLesser Boots of Striding and SpringingMadstone BootsMany-Hooked GreavesOfficial Risia Ice Games Ice SkatesOrcish Privateer's BootsPiston BootsRemlin's StepShadow SprintersShadow's FootstepsShip KickersSoftsole SlippersSpectre BootsSpiked Boots (historic)Spiked Boots (Level 12)Spiked Boots (Level 13)Spiked Boots (Level 14)Spiked Boots (Level 23)Spiked Boots (Level 24)Spiked Boots (Level 25)Steelweave ShinguardsStone ShoesSunken SlippersSurefooted Boots (historic)Surefooted Boots (Level 12)Surefooted Boots (Level 13)Surefooted Boots (Level 14)Surefooted Boots (Level 23)Surefooted Boots (Level 24)Surefooted Boots (Level 25)Treads of Falling Shadow (Level 16)Treads of Falling Shadow (Level 17)Treads of Falling Shadow (Level 18)Treads of Falling Shadow (Level 23)Treads of Falling Shadow (Level 24)Treads of Falling Shadow (Level 25)Winter Boots

Adamantine Cloak of the BearAdamantine Cloak of the DragonAdamantine Cloak of the WolfBanner CloakBard's CloakBlack Velvet CapeletBlack Velvet CloakBronkarz's CloakCape of the RocCloak of AttractionCloak of BalanceCloak of CursesCloak of IceCloak of InvisibilityCloak of ProtectionCloak of ShadowsCloak of SilenceCloak of the City's ChampionCloak of the MountainCloak of the Silver ConcordCloak of the ZephyrCloak of Troll's ResistanceConstruct's MantleCountenanceCowl of the Giant WarriorsDeathwyrm CloakDream CloakDrow PiwafwiEarthen MantleEpic Cloak of IceEpic Hide of the FallenEpic Platinum Mirror CapeFuror's HideGhost-Waking Cloak (historic)Ghost-Waking Cloak (Level 12)Ghost-Waking Cloak (Level 13)Ghost-Waking Cloak (Level 14)Ghost-Waking Cloak (Level 23)Ghost-Waking Cloak (Level 24)Ghost-Waking Cloak (Level 25)Gossamer WeaveGreen Steel Weave CloakHallowed TrailHide of the Fallen (level 13)Iron Cloak of the BearIron Cloak of the DragonIron Cloak of the WolfJeweled Cloak (Level 12)Jeweled Cloak (Level 13)Jeweled Cloak (Level 14)Jeweled Cloak (Level 23)Jeweled Cloak (Level 24)Jeweled Cloak (Level 25)Jungle CloakLegendary Black Velvet CapeletLegendary Cloak of BalanceLegendary Cloak of the City's ChampionLegendary Construct's MantleLegendary Cowl of the Giant WarriorsLegendary Earthen MantleLegendary Gossamer WeaveLegendary Green Steel Weave CloakLegendary Hallowed TrailLegendary Mantle of FuryLegendary Mantle of the Dwarven CommanderLegendary PhasecloakLegendary Scarlet Scale CloakLegendary Shadowhail CloakLegendary ShimmerLegendary Silverthread CloakLegendary Slate-Scale CapeletLegendary Slave Master's CloakLegendary Twisthallow CloakMagewright's CloakMantle of FuryMantle of StriaMantle of the Dragonfriend (historic)Mantle of the Dragonfriend (Level 12)Mantle of the Dragonfriend (Level 13)Mantle of the Dragonfriend (Level 14)Mantle of the Dragonfriend (Level 23)Mantle of the Dragonfriend (Level 24)Mantle of the Dragonfriend (Level 25)Mantle of the Dwarven CommanderMithral Cloak of the BearMithral Cloak of the DragonMithral Cloak of the WolfNightsinger's Mantle (Level 13)Nightsinger's Mantle (Level 14)Nightsinger's Mantle (Level 15)PhasecloakPhiarlan Mirror CloakPlatinum Mirror CapePrismatic Cloak, Blue (Level 17)Prismatic Cloak, Blue (Level 18)Prismatic Cloak, Blue (Level 19)Prismatic Cloak, Blue (Level 26)Prismatic Cloak, Blue (Level 27)Prismatic Cloak, Blue (Level 28)Prismatic Cloak, Green (Level 17)Prismatic Cloak, Green (Level 18)Prismatic Cloak, Green (Level 19)Prismatic Cloak, Green (Level 26)Prismatic Cloak, Green (Level 27)Prismatic Cloak, Green (Level 28)Prismatic Cloak, Grey (Level 17)Prismatic Cloak, Grey (Level 18)Prismatic Cloak, Grey (Level 19)Prismatic Cloak, Grey (Level 26)Prismatic Cloak, Grey (Level 27)Prismatic Cloak, Grey (Level 28)Prismatic Cloak, Red (Level 17)Prismatic Cloak, Red (Level 18)Prismatic Cloak, Red (Level 19)Prismatic Cloak, Red (Level 26)Prismatic Cloak, Red (Level 27)Prismatic Cloak, Red (Level 28)Prismatic Cloak, Violet (Level 17)Prismatic Cloak, Violet (Level 18)Prismatic Cloak, Violet (Level 19)Prismatic Cloak, Violet (Level 26)Prismatic Cloak, Violet (Level 27)Prismatic Cloak, Violet (Level 28)Scarlet Scale CloakScurvy's WrapShadowhail CloakShimmerSilver Dragonscale CapeletSilverthread CloakSlate-Scale CapeletSlave Master's CloakStormreaver's NapkinStormreaver's TableclothStormsinger CloakSymphonyThe Invisible Cloak of StrahdThin Black CloakTwisthallow CloakWretched Twilight

Acolyte's LensesAlpha Phase GogglesAttunement's GazeBeta Phase GogglesCannoneer's GogglesCollective SightDiscerning GazeDragon EyesDream Visor (historic)Dream Visor (Level 12)Dream Visor (Level 13)Dream Visor (Level 14)Dream Visor (Level 23)Dream Visor (Level 24)Dream Visor (Level 25)Drow Smoke GogglesDusk LensesEpic Four EyesEpic Glimpse of the SoulEpic Mentau's GogglesEthereal GazeExperimenter's GogglesEyes of CharmingFeargazeFour EyesGarstone's LensesGlimpse of the SoulGoggles of IntuitionGoggles of PerceptionGoggles of ShieldingGreen Steel GogglesIntricate Field Optics (historic)Intricate Field Optics (Level 12)Intricate Field Optics (Level 13)Intricate Field Optics (Level 14)Intricate Field Optics (Level 23)Intricate Field Optics (Level 24)Intricate Field Optics (Level 25)Ir'Kesslan's Most Prescient LensKundarak Delving GogglesLegendary Acolyte's LensesLegendary Collective SightLegendary Dragon EyesLegendary Dusk LensesLegendary FeargazeLegendary Garstone's LensesLegendary Green Steel GogglesLegendary Lenses of the Dark DepthsLegendary Lenses of the OratorLegendary Negotiator's SpectaclesLegendary Paramnesial LensesLegendary Precision LensesLegendary Summoner's SpectaclesLegendary Symphonic LensesLenses of DoomLenses of OpportunityLenses of the Dark DepthsLenses of the OratorMagewright's SpectaclesMentau's GogglesNegotiator's SpectaclesParamnesial LensesPrecision LensesSandstorm GlassesShadowsight (Level 14)Shadowsight (Level 15)Shadowsight (Level 16)Shadowsight (Level 25)Shadowsight (Level 26)Shadowsight (Level 27)Spectacles of Spirit SightSummoner's SpectaclesSymphonic LensesTharne's GogglesThe MasqueTinker's GogglesVan Richten's SpectaclesVisions of PrecisionVisor of ConcentrationWolfinson's Monocular Enhancer

Arcane GlovesAttunement GauntletsBackstabber's Gloves (historic)Backstabber's Gloves (Level 12)Backstabber's Gloves (Level 13)Backstabber's Gloves (Level 14)Backstabber's Gloves (Level 23)Backstabber's Gloves (Level 24)Backstabber's Gloves (Level 25)Bluescale GuidesBlurfingered GlovesBramble-CastersBrawling Gloves (level 12)Brawling Gloves (Level 12)Brawling Gloves (Level 16)Brawling Gloves (level 16)Brawling Gloves (Level 4)Brawling Gloves (level 4)Brawling Gloves (level 8)Brawling Gloves (Level 8)Crumbling GlovesCrystalline GauntletsDashing GlovesDelicate ThimbletipsEpic Brawling Gloves (level 20)Epic Brawling Gloves (Level 20)Epic Brawling Gloves (Level 24)Epic Brawling Gloves (level 24)Epic Brawling Gloves (level 28)Epic Fanged GlovesEpic Leather Gloves of the SnakeFabricator's GauntletsFanged GlovesGauntlet of the Iron CouncilGauntlets of EternityGauntlets of ImmortalityGauntlets of Innate ArcanumGauntlets of Ogre PowerGauntlets of the AggressorGauntlets of the Arcane SoldierGauntlets of the StormreaverGloves of Forgotten Craft (historic)Gloves of Forgotten Craft (Level 12)Gloves of Forgotten Craft (Level 13)Gloves of Forgotten Craft (Level 14)Gloves of Forgotten Craft (Level 23)Gloves of Forgotten Craft (Level 24)Gloves of Forgotten Craft (Level 25)Gloves of Gnoll HideGloves of the FalconGloves of the GlacierGloves of the Master Illusionist (Level 19)Gloves of the Master Illusionist (Level 26)Gloves of the Master Illusionist (Level 27)Gloves of the Master Illusionist (Level 28)Gloves of the ScoundrelGloves of Titan's GripGreen Steel Weave GlovesHammerfistHands of House JorascoIron MittsKnifepalmLeather Gloves of the SnakeLegendary Attunement GauntletsLegendary Blurfingered GlovesLegendary Crumbling GlovesLegendary Dashing GlovesLegendary Delicate ThimbletipsLegendary Gauntlets of Innate ArcanumLegendary HammerfistLegendary Hands of House JorascoLegendary KnifepalmLegendary Lizardfolk Gloves of AccuracyLegendary Mastermaker's FingersLegendary Skin-tight GlovesLegendary Sunstone GauntletsLegendary Wildwood GauntletsLizardfolk Gloves of AccuracyMaenya's FistsMaenya's Iron FistsMastermaker's FingersMolb's FistMolten Adamantine GauntletsMolten Silver GauntletsNether Grasps (Level 16)Nether Grasps (Level 17)Nether Grasps (Level 18)Nether Grasps (Level 23)Nether Grasps (Level 24)Nether Grasps (Level 25)Restorative GlovesRuby Encrusted GauntletsRunic GlovesSanctified GagesSeven Fingered GlovesSpectral GlovesStaggershockersSunstone GauntletsTattered GlovesTinker's GlovesVile BlasphemyWildwood Gauntlets

Admiral's TricorneAlchemist's CrownArcsteel BrimBattleworn HelmBoundlessBraza's HatCaptain's ChapeauChainmail CoifChimera's CrownCirclet of PersuasionCitadel’s GazeComplianceCorsair's SkullcapDarkstorm HelmDeific DiademDragon MasqueDread Admiral's TricorneDrow Sage's CowlElemental VictoryEloquence (level 13)Eloquence (level 28)Epic Darkstorm HelmEpic Deific DiademEpic Elemental VictoryEpic Emerald GazeEpic Helm of the Red DragonEpic Memories of CharityEpic Memories of ImmortalityEpic Memories of InsightEpic Memories of KindnessEpic Memories of the MightyEpic Memories of the UnseenEpic Minos LegensEpic Muffled VeneerEpic Mushroom CapEpic SeraphimExecutioner's HelmFace of the DemonFounder's HelmFreebooter's BandanaGarzad's HelmGreen Steel HelmHalcyonia (level 13)Halcyonia (level 28)Hardened Hide HelmHelm of FreewillHelm of FrostHelm of the Black Dragon (historic)Helm of the Black Dragon (Level 12)Helm of the Black Dragon (Level 13)Helm of the Black Dragon (Level 14)Helm of the Black Dragon (Level 23)Helm of the Black Dragon (Level 24)Helm of the Black Dragon (Level 25)Helm of the Blue Dragon (historic)Helm of the Blue Dragon (Level 12)Helm of the Blue Dragon (Level 13)Helm of the Blue Dragon (Level 14)Helm of the Blue Dragon (Level 23)Helm of the Blue Dragon (Level 24)Helm of the Blue Dragon (Level 25)Helm of the Final WatcherHelm of the FlameHelm of the MroranonHelm of the White Dragon (historic)Helm of the White Dragon (Level 12)Helm of the White Dragon (Level 13)Helm of the White Dragon (Level 14)Helm of the White Dragon (Level 23)Helm of the White Dragon (Level 24)Helm of the White Dragon (Level 25)Legendary Arcsteel BrimLegendary BoundlessLegendary ComplianceLegendary Drow Sage's CowlLegendary Executioner's HelmLegendary Green Steel HelmLegendary Hardened HideLegendary Mask of the VulkoorimLegendary Mighty Stormreach Guardian's HelmLegendary Pansophic CircletLegendary Sojourner's CowlLegendary Standard Issue FaceplateLegendary Tiara of MadnessLegendary Umber BrimLegendary Unbreakable Stormreach Guardian's HelmLegendary Wallwatch CircletLucky HatMask of ComedyMask of the VulkoorimMask of TragedyMemories of CharityMemories of ImmortalityMemories of InsightMemories of KindnessMemories of the MightyMemories of the UnseenMighty Stormreach Guardian's HelmMinor Circlet of BlastingMushroom CapMystic BandMythic Emerald GazeMythic Minos LegensMythic Muffled VeneerMythic SeraphimPansophic CircletPirate's BandanaPlundered Pirate HatRenard's Elegant HatRoyal Guard MaskRusted CrownScary Festival MaskShaagh's HelmShade's Hood (Level 14)Shade's Hood (Level 15)Shade's Hood (Level 16)Shade's Hood (Level 25)Shade's Hood (Level 26)Shade's Hood (Level 27)Shining Crest of St. MarkusSightlessSilver Dragonscale HelmetSkull Fetish MaskSojourner's CowlSpiked TurbanStandard Issue FaceplateSwabby's KerchiefTainted Helm of MysteryTeraza's Perfect SightTeraza's SightThe Admiral of BlingThe Big TopTiara of MadnessUmber BrimUnbreakable Stormreach Guardian's HelmWallwatch CircletWind Howler Mask

+1 Intimidating Dagger of Acid+1 Vorpal Sickle of Haggling+2 Intimidating Dagger of Paralyzing Acid+3 Combustion Scorched Battle Axe+3 Combustion Scorched Dagger+3 Combustion Scorched Dwarven Waraxe+3 Combustion Scorched Hand Axe+3 Combustion Scorched Khopesh+3 Combustion Scorched Kukri+3 Combustion Scorched Light Hammer+3 Combustion Scorched Light Pick+3 Combustion Scorched Longsword+3 Combustion Scorched Maul+3 Combustion Scorched Rapier+3 Combustion Scorched Shortsword+3 Corrosion Caustic Bastard Sword+3 Corrosion Caustic Battle Axe+3 Corrosion Caustic Dwarven Waraxe+3 Corrosion Caustic Greatclub+3 Corrosion Caustic Kukri+3 Corrosion Caustic Light Hammer+3 Corrosion Caustic Light Mace+3 Corrosion Caustic Light Pick+3 Corrosion Caustic Maul+3 Corrosion Caustic Rapier+3 Corrosion Caustic Scimitar+3 Corrosion Caustic Shortsword+3 Corrosion Caustic Sickle+3 Energized Bastard Sword+3 Energized Battle Axe+3 Energized Dagger+3 Energized Dwarven Waraxe+3 Energized Falchion+3 Energized Great Crossbow+3 Energized Greatclub+3 Energized Hand Axe+3 Energized Heavy Crossbow+3 Energized Heavy Mace+3 Energized Heavy Pick+3 Energized Kama+3 Energized Khopesh+3 Energized Kukri+3 Energized Light Hammer+3 Energized Light Mace+3 Energized Light Pick+3 Energized Longbow+3 Energized Longsword+3 Energized Maul+3 Energized Morningstar+3 Energized Rapier+3 Energized Repeating Heavy Crossbow+3 Energized Repeating Light Crossbow+3 Energized Sceptre+3 Energized Scimitar+3 Energized Shortsword+3 Energized Sickle+3 Energized Warhammer+3 Etched Bastard Sword+3 Etched Battle Axe+3 Etched Dagger+3 Etched Dwarven Waraxe+3 Etched Falchion+3 Etched Great Crossbow+3 Etched Greatclub+3 Etched Hand Axe+3 Etched Heavy Crossbow+3 Etched Heavy Mace+3 Etched Heavy Pick+3 Etched Kama+3 Etched Khopesh+3 Etched Kukri+3 Etched Light Hammer+3 Etched Light Mace+3 Etched Light Pick+3 Etched Longbow+3 Etched Longsword+3 Etched Maul+3 Etched Morningstar+3 Etched Rapier+3 Etched Repeating Heavy Crossbow+3 Etched Repeating Light Crossbow+3 Etched Sceptre+3 Etched Scimitar+3 Etched Shortsword+3 Etched Sickle+3 Etched Warhammer+3 Glaciation Doused Battle Axe+3 Glaciation Doused Dwarven Waraxe+3 Glaciation Doused Falchion+3 Glaciation Doused Hand Axe+3 Glaciation Doused Heavy Mace+3 Glaciation Doused Heavy Pick+3 Glaciation Doused Kama+3 Glaciation Doused Light Pick+3 Glaciation Doused Longsword+3 Glaciation Doused Maul+3 Glaciation Doused Rapier+3 Glaciation Doused Sceptre+3 Glaciation Doused Scimitar+3 Glaciation Doused Sickle+3 Glaciation Doused Warhammer+3 Magnetism Electrified Bastard Sword+3 Magnetism Electrified Battle Axe+3 Magnetism Electrified Dwarven Waraxe+3 Magnetism Electrified Falchion+3 Magnetism Electrified Hand Axe+3 Magnetism Electrified Heavy Pick+3 Magnetism Electrified Kama+3 Magnetism Electrified Khopesh+3 Magnetism Electrified Light Hammer+3 Magnetism Electrified Light Mace+3 Magnetism Electrified Light Pick+3 Magnetism Electrified Longsword+3 Magnetism Electrified Rapier+3 Magnetism Electrified Scimitar+3 Magnetism Electrified Sickle+3 Magnetism Electrified Warhammer+3 Quenched Bastard Sword+3 Quenched Battle Axe+3 Quenched Dagger+3 Quenched Dwarven Waraxe+3 Quenched Falchion+3 Quenched Great Crossbow+3 Quenched Greatclub+3 Quenched Hand Axe+3 Quenched Heavy Crossbow+3 Quenched Heavy Mace+3 Quenched Heavy Pick+3 Quenched Kama+3 Quenched Khopesh+3 Quenched Kukri+3 Quenched Light Hammer+3 Quenched Light Mace+3 Quenched Light Pick+3 Quenched Longbow+3 Quenched Longsword+3 Quenched Maul+3 Quenched Morningstar+3 Quenched Rapier+3 Quenched Repeating Heavy Crossbow+3 Quenched Repeating Light Crossbow+3 Quenched Sceptre+3 Quenched Scimitar+3 Quenched Shortsword+3 Quenched Sickle+3 Quenched Warhammer+3 Smoldering Bastard Sword+3 Smoldering Battle Axe+3 Smoldering Dagger+3 Smoldering Dwarven Waraxe+3 Smoldering Falchion+3 Smoldering Great Crossbow+3 Smoldering Greatclub+3 Smoldering Hand Axe+3 Smoldering Heavy Crossbow+3 Smoldering Heavy Mace+3 Smoldering Heavy Pick+3 Smoldering Kama+3 Smoldering Khopesh+3 Smoldering Kukri+3 Smoldering Light Hammer+3 Smoldering Light Mace+3 Smoldering Light Pick+3 Smoldering Longbow+3 Smoldering Longsword+3 Smoldering Maul+3 Smoldering Morningstar+3 Smoldering Rapier+3 Smoldering Repeating Heavy Crossbow+3 Smoldering Repeating Light Crossbow+3 Smoldering Sceptre+3 Smoldering Scimitar+3 Smoldering Shortsword+3 Smoldering Sickle+3 Smoldering Warhammer+5 Heirloom Spelltouched Dart+7 Combustion Epic Scorched Bastard Sword+7 Combustion Epic Scorched Battle Axe+7 Combustion Epic Scorched Dagger+7 Combustion Epic Scorched Falchion+7 Combustion Epic Scorched Greatclub+7 Combustion Epic Scorched Heavy Mace+7 Combustion Epic Scorched Heavy Pick+7 Combustion Epic Scorched Khopesh+7 Combustion Epic Scorched Kukri+7 Combustion Epic Scorched Light Hammer+7 Combustion Epic Scorched Light Mace+7 Combustion Epic Scorched Longsword+7 Combustion Epic Scorched Morningstar+7 Combustion Epic Scorched Rapier+7 Combustion Epic Scorched Scimitar+7 Combustion Epic Scorched Shortsword+7 Combustion Epic Scorched Warhammer+7 Corrosion Epic Caustic Falchion+7 Corrosion Epic Caustic Greatclub+7 Corrosion Epic Caustic Heavy Mace+7 Corrosion Epic Caustic Heavy Pick+7 Corrosion Epic Caustic Kama+7 Corrosion Epic Caustic Khopesh+7 Corrosion Epic Caustic Kukri+7 Corrosion Epic Caustic Light Hammer+7 Corrosion Epic Caustic Light Mace+7 Corrosion Epic Caustic Light Pick+7 Corrosion Epic Caustic Longsword+7 Corrosion Epic Caustic Morningstar+7 Corrosion Epic Caustic Scimitar+7 Corrosion Epic Caustic Shortsword+7 Corrosion Epic Caustic Warhammer+7 Epic Energized Bastard Sword+7 Epic Energized Battle Axe+7 Epic Energized Dwarven Waraxe+7 Epic Energized Great Crossbow+7 Epic Energized Hand Axe+7 Epic Energized Heavy Crossbow+7 Epic Energized Heavy Mace+7 Epic Energized Heavy Pick+7 Epic Energized Khopesh+7 Epic Energized Kukri+7 Epic Energized Light Mace+7 Epic Energized Longbow+7 Epic Energized Maul+7 Epic Energized Morningstar+7 Epic Energized Repeating Heavy Crossbow+7 Epic Energized Sceptre+7 Epic Energized Sickle+7 Epic Etched Bastard Sword+7 Epic Etched Battle Axe+7 Epic Etched Dagger+7 Epic Etched Dwarven Waraxe+7 Epic Etched Falchion+7 Epic Etched Great Crossbow+7 Epic Etched Greatclub+7 Epic Etched Hand Axe+7 Epic Etched Heavy Crossbow+7 Epic Etched Heavy Mace+7 Epic Etched Heavy Pick+7 Epic Etched Kama+7 Epic Etched Khopesh+7 Epic Etched Kukri+7 Epic Etched Light Hammer+7 Epic Etched Light Mace+7 Epic Etched Light Pick+7 Epic Etched Longbow+7 Epic Etched Maul+7 Epic Etched Morningstar+7 Epic Etched Rapier+7 Epic Etched Repeating Heavy Crossbow+7 Epic Etched Repeating Light Crossbow+7 Epic Etched Scimitar+7 Epic Quenched Bastard Sword+7 Epic Quenched Battle Axe+7 Epic Quenched Dwarven Waraxe+7 Epic Quenched Falchion+7 Epic Quenched Great Crossbow+7 Epic Quenched Greatclub+7 Epic Quenched Hand Axe+7 Epic Quenched Heavy Crossbow+7 Epic Quenched Heavy Mace+7 Epic Quenched Heavy Pick+7 Epic Quenched Kama+7 Epic Quenched Khopesh+7 Epic Quenched Kukri+7 Epic Quenched Light Hammer+7 Epic Quenched Light Mace+7 Epic Quenched Light Pick+7 Epic Quenched Longbow+7 Epic Quenched Longsword+7 Epic Quenched Maul+7 Epic Quenched Morningstar+7 Epic Quenched Rapier+7 Epic Quenched Repeating Heavy Crossbow+7 Epic Quenched Sceptre+7 Epic Smoldering Bastard Sword+7 Epic Smoldering Battle Axe+7 Epic Smoldering Dagger+7 Epic Smoldering Dwarven Waraxe+7 Epic Smoldering Falchion+7 Epic Smoldering Great Crossbow+7 Epic Smoldering Greatclub+7 Epic Smoldering Hand Axe+7 Epic Smoldering Heavy Crossbow+7 Epic Smoldering Heavy Mace+7 Epic Smoldering Heavy Pick+7 Epic Smoldering Kama+7 Epic Smoldering Khopesh+7 Epic Smoldering Kukri+7 Epic Smoldering Light Hammer+7 Epic Smoldering Light Mace+7 Epic Smoldering Light Pick+7 Epic Smoldering Longbow+7 Epic Smoldering Longsword+7 Epic Smoldering Maul+7 Epic Smoldering Morningstar+7 Epic Smoldering Repeating Heavy Crossbow+7 Epic Smoldering Scimitar+7 Epic Smoldering Shortsword+7 Epic Smoldering Sickle+7 Glaciation Epic Doused Bastard Sword+7 Glaciation Epic Doused Battle Axe+7 Glaciation Epic Doused Dagger+7 Glaciation Epic Doused Falchion+7 Glaciation Epic Doused Hand Axe+7 Glaciation Epic Doused Heavy Mace+7 Glaciation Epic Doused Heavy Pick+7 Glaciation Epic Doused Kama+7 Glaciation Epic Doused Khopesh+7 Glaciation Epic Doused Light Mace+7 Glaciation Epic Doused Light Pick+7 Glaciation Epic Doused Morningstar+7 Glaciation Epic Doused Sceptre+7 Glaciation Epic Doused Scimitar+7 Glaciation Epic Doused Sickle+7 Glaciation Epic Doused Warhammer+7 Magnetism Epic Electrified Battle Axe+7 Magnetism Epic Electrified Falchion+7 Magnetism Epic Electrified Greatclub+7 Magnetism Epic Electrified Hand Axe+7 Magnetism Epic Electrified Heavy Mace+7 Magnetism Epic Electrified Heavy Pick+7 Magnetism Epic Electrified Kama+7 Magnetism Epic Electrified Khopesh+7 Magnetism Epic Electrified Kukri+7 Magnetism Epic Electrified Light Mace+7 Magnetism Epic Electrified Light Pick+7 Magnetism Epic Electrified Longsword+7 Magnetism Epic Electrified Rapier+7 Magnetism Epic Electrified Sceptre+7 Magnetism Epic Electrified SickleA Garbage Can Lid?Absolute JudgementAcid Rune ArmAcidic SphereAdamantine Knuckles (level 12)Adamantine Knuckles (level 13)Adamantine Knuckles (level 14)Adamantine Knuckles (level 23)Adamantine Knuckles (level 24)Adamantine Knuckles (level 25)Adoryn's MaliceAegis of the First WatchAgony, the Knife in the DarkAlchemical Bastard SwordAlchemical Battle AxeAlchemical DaggerAlchemical DartAlchemical Dwarven WaraxeAlchemical FalchionAlchemical Great CrossbowAlchemical GreataxeAlchemical GreatclubAlchemical GreatswordAlchemical Hand AxeAlchemical HandwrapsAlchemical Heavy CrossbowAlchemical Heavy MaceAlchemical Heavy PickAlchemical Heavy ShieldAlchemical KamaAlchemical KhopeshAlchemical KukriAlchemical Light CrossbowAlchemical Light HammerAlchemical Light MaceAlchemical Light PickAlchemical Light ShieldAlchemical LongbowAlchemical LongswordAlchemical MaulAlchemical MorningstarAlchemical QuarterstaffAlchemical RapierAlchemical Repeating Heavy CrossbowAlchemical Repeating Light CrossbowAlchemical ScepterAlchemical ScimitarAlchemical ShortbowAlchemical ShortswordAlchemical ShurikenAlchemical SickleAlchemical Throwing AxeAlchemical Throwing DaggerAlchemical Throwing HammerAlchemical Tower ShieldAlchemical WarhammerAllegiance (historic)Allegiance (Level 12)Allegiance (Level 13)Allegiance (Level 14)Allegiance (Level 23)Allegiance (Level 24)Allegiance (Level 25)AlveoAn Inexplicably Legendary Garbage Can Lid?Ancient Vulkoorim DaggerAnimusAntipode, Fist of the HorizonArc RicochetArcane ShardArchaic DeviceArcing Sky (Level 13)Arcing Sky (Level 23)Arcing Sky (Level 24)Arcing Sky (Level 25)Arlyn's StaffArm of the ArchonsAssassin's KissAtonementAxe of Adaxus (Level 12)Axe of Adaxus (Level 13)Axe of Adaxus (Level 14)Axe of Adaxus (Level 23)Axe of Adaxus (Level 24)Axe of Adaxus (Level 25)Axe of the Scarlet WarriorAxe of the Unseen BlowBalizarde, Protector of the KingBarnacled BucklerBastion (Level 16)Bastion (Level 17)Bastion (Level 18)Bastion (Level 23)Bastion (Level 24)Bastion (Level 25)Battered Guardian ShieldBattleworn ShieldBattleworn Shield of CyreBattleworn SwordBaz'Morath, the Curator of DecayBeacon of DayBeacon of NightBejeweled Letter OpenerBelashyrra's Cleansed ScepterBereavementBlade of FuryBlade of the High PriestessBlazing SunBleeding EdgeBlight InfernoBloodknuckle's SmasherBloody CleaverBloody Hooked BladeBloody Shadow StaffBloody War AxeBloody War BowBludgeoning BankrollBolt SphereBone CrusherBonesplitterBow of the Elements (Air)Bow of the Elements (Ice)Bow of the Jade ElfBow of the Silver FlameBraisingstarBrakhash's AxeBranch of Vile Curses (Level 13)Branch of Vile Curses (Level 14)Branch of Vile Curses (Level 15)Bravo's SwordBreach, The Dividing BladeBreaker of BodiesBreaking the BankBreezeBrigand's Cutlass (Level 12)Brigand's Cutlass (Level 16)Brigand's Cutlass (level 4)(historic)Brigand's Cutlass (Level 8)Brilliant CrescentBronze Ingot Arcanum (historic)Bronze Ingot Arcanum (Level 12)Bronze Ingot Arcanum (Level 13)Bronze Ingot Arcanum (Level 14)Bronze Ingot Arcanum (Level 23)Bronze Ingot Arcanum (Level 24)Bronze Ingot Arcanum (Level 25)Buckler of the Celestial SoldierBuckler of the Demonic SoldierBulwark of the Storm's Fist (historic)Bulwark of the Storm's Fist (Level 12)Bulwark of the Storm's Fist (Level 13)Bulwark of the Storm's Fist (Level 14)Bulwark of the Storm's Fist (Level 23)Bulwark of the Storm's Fist (Level 24)Bulwark of the Storm's Fist (Level 25)Calamity, a Brush with DeathCalomel Falchion (level 12)Calomel Falchion (level 16)Calomel Falchion (Level 4)Calomel Falchion (level 8)Calomel Rapier (level 12)Calomel Rapier (level 16)Calomel Rapier (level 4)Calomel Rapier (level 8)Calomel Scimitar (level 12)Calomel Scimitar (level 16)Calomel Scimitar (Level 4)Calomel Scimitar (level 8)Calomel Studded Handwraps (level 12)Calomel Studded Handwraps (level 16)Calomel Studded Handwraps (Level 4)Calomel Studded Handwraps (level 8)Carved Bone ShieldCaustic ClubCaustic GreataxeCaustic HandwrapsCaustic QuarterstaffCelestia, Brightest Star of DayCelestial BeaconCelestial OakChaosbladeChaosbowCharoush's Inferno (historic)Charoush's Inferno (Level 12)Charoush's Inferno (Level 13)Charoush's Inferno (Level 14)Charoush's Inferno (Level 23)Charoush's Inferno (Level 24)Charoush's Inferno (Level 25)Chieftain's SpearChill of Winter (Level 13)Chill of Winter (Level 23)Chill of Winter (Level 24)Chill of Winter (Level 25)Chill ShardChimera's BreathChimera's FangChipped Bastard SwordChitin ShieldCleaver, Hewer of SufferingCloudburstCloven-Jaw LongbowCoalesced CoinageCoffin NailCollapsible ShortbowConcentrated ChaosConstellation, Cursed BladeCopper Ingot Arcanum (historic)Copper Ingot Arcanum (Level 12)Copper Ingot Arcanum (Level 13)Copper Ingot Arcanum (Level 14)Copper Ingot Arcanum (Level 23)Copper Ingot Arcanum (Level 24)Copper Ingot Arcanum (Level 25)Coronation ShieldCorroded RapierCorruption of Nature (Level 15)Corruption of Nature (Level 16)Corruption of Nature (Level 17)Corruption of Nature (level 22)Corruption of Nature (level 23)Corruption of Nature (level 24)Crabshell BucklerCranium CrackerCreeping Dust ConduitCrippling CleaverCrippling Fury BladeCrippling Fury ShortswordCrippling RocksplitterCrippling Stonedust WrapsCruel NobilityCrushing CapitalCrystalline Scepter (Level 12)Crystalline Scepter (Level 13)Crystalline Scepter (Level 14)Crystalline Scepter (Level 23)Crystalline Scepter (Level 24)Crystalline Scepter (Level 25)Crystalline WardCursed ShardCursed SkullCutthroat's Smallblade (Level 12)Cutthroat's Smallblade (Level 16)Cutthroat's Smallblade (Level 4)Cutthroat's Smallblade (Level 8)Cutting CurrencyDagan's MalletDampened Greatclub of the ScragDampened ShatterbowDawnbringer (level 13)Dawnbringer (level 28)Death's HandiworkDeath's TouchDeep DemiseDemonic SlabDestructive Hooked BladeDestructive Shadow StaffDestructive War AxeDestructive War BowDethek RunestoneDevil's DefenseDevourer's ReapingDevout HandwrapsDhakaani ShieldDiceDivine ArtilleryDivine VengeanceDivinity, the Morninglord's GoalDoublecross BowDoused QuarterstaffDragon Sword of AcidDream EdgeDreampiercerDreamspitterDrow Bastard Sword of the Weapon MasterDrow Dagger of the Weapon MasterDrow Greataxe of the Weapon MasterDrow Khopesh of the Weapon MasterDrow Light Mace of the Weapon MasterDrow Longsword of the Weapon MasterDrow Maul of the Weapon MasterDrow Quarterstaff of the Weapon MasterDrow Rapier of the Weapon MasterDrow Scimitar of the Weapon MasterDrow Shortsword of the Weapon MasterDrow Warhammer of the Weapon MasterDrowhunterDrowned Priest's TorchDuality, the Moral CompassDueling SchlagerDuergar Waraxe of the Weapon MasterDusk, the Light DescendsDwarven Brawler's WrapsDwarven ThrowerDynastic FalcataEarthcarverEarthcarver ShardEarthshatter WarhammerEcho of BlackrazorEcho of the SunswordEcho of the Tome of StrahdEcho of WaveEcho of WhelmElectrified GreataxeElectrified GreatswordElectrified HandwrapsElemental BloomElemental Fury (Level 17)Elemental Fury (Level 18)Elemental Fury (Level 19)Elemental Fury (Level 26)Elemental Fury (Level 27)Elemental Fury (Level 28)Elemental Greataxe of Fire (level 12)Elemental Greataxe of Fire (level 16)Elemental Greataxe of Fire (Level 4)Elemental Greataxe of Fire (level 8)Elemental Khopesh of Water (level 12)Elemental Khopesh of Water (level 16)Elemental Khopesh of Water (Level 4)Elemental Khopesh of Water (level 8)Elemental Longbow of Earth (level 12)Elemental Longbow of Earth (level 16)Elemental Longbow of Earth (level 4)Elemental Longbow of Earth (level 8)Elemental Rapier of Air (level 12)Elemental Rapier of Air (level 16)Elemental Rapier of Air (level 4)Elemental Rapier of Air (level 8)Elyd EdgeEmber ShortbowEmerald TwilightEnduring ConvictionEnergized ClubEnergized GreataxeEnergized GreatswordEnergized HandwrapsEnergized Light CrossbowEnergized QuarterstaffEnvenomed BladeEpic Arm of the ArchonsEpic Assassin's KissEpic Blazing SunEpic Bleeding EdgeEpic Bludgeoning BankrollEpic Bone CrusherEpic Brigand's Cutlass (Level 20)Epic Brigand's Cutlass (Level 24)Epic Buckler of the Demonic SoldierEpic Calomel FalchionEpic Calomel RapierEpic Calomel ScimitarEpic Calomel Studded HandwrapsEpic Caustic ClubEpic Caustic GreataxeEpic Caustic QuarterstaffEpic Coalesced CoinageEpic Cranium CrackerEpic Crushing CapitalEpic Cursed ShardEpic Cutthroat's Smallblade (Level 20)Epic Cutthroat's Smallblade (Level 24)Epic Demonic SlabEpic DiceEpic Divine ArtilleryEpic Doused ClubEpic Doused GreataxeEpic Doused HandwrapsEpic Doused QuarterstaffEpic Electrified GreatswordEpic Electrified HandwrapsEpic Electrified QuarterstaffEpic Elemental BloomEpic Elemental Greataxe of FireEpic Elemental Khopesh of WaterEpic Elemental Longbow of EarthEpic Elemental Rapier of AirEpic Elyd EdgeEpic Energized ClubEpic Energized GreataxeEpic Energized GreatswordEpic Energized HandwrapsEpic Energized QuarterstaffEpic Envenomed BladeEpic Etched ClubEpic Etched GreataxeEpic Etched HandwrapsEpic Etched Light CrossbowEpic Eviscerating ExpensesEpic Fury of the FlameEpic Hellstroke Great AxeEpic Increased PotentialEpic Leopard's ChillEpic LeverageEpic Light UnendingEpic Locked and LoadedEpic Midnight GreetingsEpic MirageEpic Mournlode GreataxeEpic Mournlode Light MaceEpic Mournlode LongswordEpic Mournlode MaulEpic Mournlode ShortswordEpic Mournlode WarhammerEpic Ornamented Dagger (Level 20)Epic Ornamented Dagger (Level 24)Epic Periron's TalonEpic Phiarlan Spy DaggerEpic Quenched GreataxeEpic Quenched GreatswordEpic Quenched HandwrapsEpic Quenched Light CrossbowEpic Ratkiller (Level 20)Epic Ratkiller (level 20)Epic Ratkiller (level 24)Epic Ratkiller (Level 24)Epic Ratkiller (level 28)Epic ResplendenceEpic Return to SenderEpic Returning SnowballEpic RiftmakerEpic Rod of MythantEpic Sapphire StingEpic Scorched GreataxeEpic Scorched GreatswordEpic Scorched HandwrapsEpic Scorched QuarterstaffEpic Scraps of EnlightenmentEpic ShadowstrikeEpic Shield of the Demonic SoldierEpic Shield of Tireless AidEpic Silver SlingerEpic SliceEpic Smoldering GreataxeEpic Smoldering GreatswordEpic Smoldering Light CrossbowEpic SouleaterEpic Spinal TapEpic Staff of Arcane PowerEpic Staff of Nat GannEpic Stone WallEpic Swashbuckler (tier 1)(level 20)Epic Swashbuckler (tier 1)(level 24)Epic Sword of ShadowEpic ThornlordEpic Thrall of the Fire TempleEpic Whirling WordsEpic ZephyrEtched ClubEtched GreataxeEtched GreatswordEtched HandwrapsEtched Light CrossbowEtched QuarterstaffEviscerating ExpensesFate, the Knower of AllFell Rapier of IceFell Shiv (Level 14)Fell Shiv (Level 15)Fell Shiv (Level 16)Fell Shiv (Level 25)Fell Shiv (Level 26)Fell Shiv (Level 27)Fellblade (falchion)Fellblade (longsword)Fetters of the ForgewraithFilthy KukriFire Rune ArmFirestorm ConduitFirst Blood (Level 14)First Blood (Level 15)First Blood (Level 16)First Blood (Level 25)First Blood (Level 26)First Blood (Level 27)Flame SphereFlamedaggerFlametongueFlamewardFlicker of the Crescent MoonFlintFlotsam (Level 12)Flotsam (Level 16)Flotsam (Level 20)Flotsam (Level 24)Flotsam (Level 28)Flotsam (Level 4)Flotsam (Level 8)Flow, the Piercer of HeartsForce Rune ArmForester's Brush Hook (Level 15)Forester's Brush Hook (Level 16)Forester's Brush Hook (Level 17)Forester's Brush Hook (Level 22)Forester's Brush Hook (Level 23)Forester's Brush Hook (Level 24)ForgeForgotten AxeForgotten Light (Level 16)Forgotten Light (Level 17)Forgotten Light (Level 18)Forgotten Light (Level 23)Forgotten Light (Level 24)Forgotten Light (Level 25)Frostbite Blade (Level 18)Frostbite Blade (Level 19)Frostbite Blade (Level 26)Frostbite Blade (Level 27)Frostbite Blade (Level 28)FrostbrandFury of the FlameGaros' MaliceGarzuul's BaneGerard Dryden's MaceGiant Stalker's KnifeGiant's Fist (Level 17)Giant's Fist (Level 18)Giant's Fist (Level 19)Giant's Fist (Level 26)Giant's Fist (Level 27)Giant's Fist (Level 28)Giant's PlatterGiant's RoarGlacial SphereGloaming PhilterGolden Orb of Death (Level 26)Golden Orb of Death (Level 7)Grave WrappingsGreat Axe of the Chained Soldier (historic)Great Axe of the Chained Soldier (Level 12)Great Axe of the Chained Soldier (Level 13)Great Axe of the Chained Soldier (Level 14)Great Axe of the Chained Soldier (Level 23)Great Axe of the Chained Soldier (Level 24)Great Axe of the Chained Soldier (Level 25)Greatbow of the ScragGreatclub of the ScragGreater Acid Rune ArmGreater Fire Rune ArmGreater Force Rune ArmGreater Ice Rune ArmGreater Lightning Rune ArmGreater Radiant Rune ArmGreen BladeGreen Steel Bastard SwordGreen Steel Battle AxeGreen Steel DaggerGreen Steel Dwarven WaraxeGreen Steel FalchionGreen Steel Great CrossbowGreen Steel GreataxeGreen Steel GreatclubGreen Steel GreatswordGreen Steel Hand AxeGreen Steel HandwrapsGreen Steel Heavy CrossbowGreen Steel Heavy MaceGreen Steel Heavy PickGreen Steel KamaGreen Steel KhopeshGreen Steel KukriGreen Steel Light CrossbowGreen Steel Light HammerGreen Steel Light MaceGreen Steel Light PickGreen Steel LongbowGreen Steel LongswordGreen Steel MaulGreen Steel MorningstarGreen Steel QuarterstaffGreen Steel RapierGreen Steel Repeating Heavy CrossbowGreen Steel Repeating Light CrossbowGreen Steel SceptreGreen Steel ScimitarGreen Steel ShortbowGreen Steel ShortswordGreen Steel ShurikenGreen Steel SickleGreen Steel Throwing AxeGreen Steel Throwing DaggerGreen Steel Throwing HammerGreen Steel WarhammerGrievous BladeGuardian MantleGuardian of the LiturgyGulthias StaffGwylan's BladeHammer of LifeHammer of the Leaden Clouds (historic)Hammer of the Leaden Clouds (Level 12)Hammer of the Leaden Clouds (Level 13)Hammer of the Leaden Clouds (Level 14)Hammer of the Leaden Clouds (Level 23)Hammer of the Leaden Clouds (Level 24)Hammer of the Leaden Clouds (Level 25)Hand of the TombsHeavy BoltslingerHellfire CrossbowHellstroke Great AxeHellstroke Heavy MaceHoarfrost, Herald of the Bitter IceHobble's CrossbowHorseshoe Crab Shield (Level 26)Horseshoe Crab Shield (Level 7)Hound of the NightHunter of WildsHunter's Slayer (Level 24)Hunter's Slayer (Level 25)Hunter's Slayer (Level 26)Ice Rune ArmIcerazorIncreased PotentialInfectious Hooked BladeInfectious Shadow StaffInfectious War AxeInfectious War BowInferno SniperInsanityInsurrectionIron CleaverIronwood Khopesh (Level 16)Ironwood Khopesh (Level 18)Ironwood Khopesh (Level 23)Ironwood Khopesh (Level 24)Ironwood Khopesh (Level 25)Ivy Wraps (Level 15)Ivy Wraps (Level 16)Ivy Wraps (Level 17)Ivy Wraps (Level 22)Ivy Wraps (Level 23)Ivy Wraps (Level 24)Jolly Roger BombKnives EternalKobold Admiral's TillerKron'zek's CrueltyKundarak Warding ShieldLaceratorLegendary Absolute JudgementLegendary Acidic SphereLegendary Arc RicochetLegendary Beacon of DayLegendary Beacon of NightLegendary Blight InfernoLegendary Bolt SphereLegendary Breaker of BodiesLegendary Breaking the BankLegendary Celestial BeaconLegendary Crabshell BucklerLegendary Creeping Dust ConduitLegendary Crystalline WardLegendary Cursed SkullLegendary Death's HandiworkLegendary Deep DemiseLegendary DrowhunterLegendary Dwarven Brawler's WrapsLegendary Echo of BlackrazorLegendary Echo of WaveLegendary Echo of WhelmLegendary Firestorm ConduitLegendary Flame SphereLegendary ForgeLegendary Forgotten AxeLegendary Giant's PlatterLegendary Glacial SphereLegendary Green Steel Bastard SwordLegendary Green Steel Battle AxeLegendary Green Steel DaggerLegendary Green Steel DartLegendary Green Steel Dwarven WaraxeLegendary Green Steel FalchionLegendary Green Steel Great CrossbowLegendary Green Steel GreataxeLegendary Green Steel GreatclubLegendary Green Steel GreatswordLegendary Green Steel Hand AxeLegendary Green Steel HandwrapsLegendary Green Steel Heavy CrossbowLegendary Green Steel Heavy MaceLegendary Green Steel KamaLegendary Green Steel KhopeshLegendary Green Steel KukriLegendary Green Steel Light CrossbowLegendary Green Steel Light HammerLegendary Green Steel Light MaceLegendary Green Steel Light PickLegendary Green Steel LongbowLegendary Green Steel LongswordLegendary Green Steel MaulLegendary Green Steel MorningstarLegendary Green Steel QuarterstaffLegendary Green Steel RapierLegendary Green Steel Repeating Heavy CrossbowLegendary Green Steel Repeating Light CrossbowLegendary Green Steel SceptreLegendary Green Steel ScimitarLegendary Green Steel ShortbowLegendary Green Steel ShortswordLegendary Green Steel ShurikenLegendary Green Steel SickleLegendary Green Steel Throwing AxeLegendary Green Steel Throwing DaggerLegendary Green Steel Throwing HammerLegendary Green Steel WarhammerLegendary Heavy BoltslingerLegendary Hound of the NightLegendary Hunter of WildsLegendary Inferno SniperLegendary Light BoltslingerLegendary Lilting SongLegendary Lunar CrescentLegendary Mirrorplate TowerLegendary MoonbeamLegendary MoonguardLegendary MoonsliceLegendary MoonwillowLegendary Mutilator of MindsLegendary Nightshade ShooterLegendary Planar SpikeLegendary Platinum KnucklesLegendary QuarantineLegendary Resplendant FuryLegendary Rising SunLegendary Rumbling ThunderLegendary ScreamshatterLegendary Sinister HandaxeLegendary Slave Master's StaffLegendary Solid SoundLegendary Stonework BeamLegendary Stormreach Guardian's AxeLegendary Stormreach Guardian's CrossbowLegendary Stormreach Guardian's HammerLegendary Stygian WrathLegendary SuncrusherLegendary Sunken BlasphemyLegendary Sunken ObscurityLegendary Sunken RadianceLegendary Sunken VirtueLegendary SunsliceLegendary Suppressive FireLegendary Tail of the ScorpionLegendary TatterchainLegendary ThundershotLegendary ThunderstrikeLegendary Twisted MissileLegendary Twisted WillowLegendary Vulkoor's EdgeLegendary Warsword ShieldLegendary Wave of DespairLegendary Wave of SorrowLegendary Wild FlameLegendary Wild FrostLeopard's ChillLesser Vial of SeafogLeverageLevik's DefenderLibram of Silver MagicLight and DarknessLight BoltslingerLight UnendingLightning CoilLightning RodLightning Rune ArmLilting SongLocked and LoadedLorikk's ChampionLucid DreamsLuck BladeLuminous TruthLump of CoalLunar CrescentMace of SmitingMace of the WraithMachination of MadnessMadstone AegisMadstone RodMadstone ShieldMadstone Skull (Level 12)Madstone Skull (Level 13)Madstone Skull (Level 14)Madstone Skull (Level 23)Madstone Skull (Level 24)Madstone Skull (Level 25)MaelstromMagistrate's Scepter (Level 17)Magistrate's Scepter (Level 18)Magistrate's Scepter (Level 19)Magistrate's Scepter (Level 26)Magistrate's Scepter (Level 27)Magistrate's Scepter (Level 28)Maiming CleaverMaiming Fury BladeMaiming Fury ShortswordMaiming RocksplitterMaiming Stonedust WrapsMaster Transmuter's StaffMaster's Riposte (Level 18)Master's Riposte (Level 19)Master's Riposte (Level 26)Master's Riposte (Level 27)Master's Riposte (Level 28)Maul of MaliceMaul of MightMaul of VengeanceMiasma's FangMidnight GreetingsMirageMirrorplate TowerMizzen-Mast SplinterMoldy Light CrossbowMoldy QuarterstaffMoonbeamMoonguardMoonhowl AxeMoonsliceMoonwillowMornh, Hammer of the MountainsMournlode Greataxe (level 12)Mournlode Greataxe (level 16)Mournlode Greataxe (Level 4)Mournlode Greataxe (level 8)Mournlode Light Mace (level 12)Mournlode Light Mace (level 16)Mournlode Light Mace (Level 4)Mournlode Light Mace (level 8)Mournlode Longsword (level 12)Mournlode Longsword (level 16)Mournlode Longsword (Level 4)Mournlode Longsword (level 8)Mournlode Maul (level 12)Mournlode Maul (level 16)Mournlode Maul (Level 4)Mournlode Maul (level 8)Mournlode Shortsword (level 12)Mournlode Shortsword (level 16)Mournlode Shortsword (Level 4)Mournlode Shortsword (level 8)Mournlode Warhammer (level 12)Mournlode Warhammer (level 16)Mournlode Warhammer (Level 4)Mournlode Warhammer (level 8)Muck's DevastationMuck's DoomMuck's ObliterationMuckbaneMutilator of MindsMutineer's BladeMutiny's ToothMythic Blazing SunMythic Bone CrusherNeedle, Quill-slingerNether Orb (Level 17)Nether Orb (Level 18)Nether Orb (Level 19)Nether Orb (Level 26)Nether Orb (Level 27)Nether Orb (Level 28)NightbladeNightmare, the Fallen MoonNightshade ShooterNightshardNocturne, the Song of NightNoxious FangNull, the Darkness WithoutNuushmaar's Adamantine ToothOath of DroaamOnyxhornOoze GuardOrnamented Dagger (Level 12)Ornamented Dagger (Level 16)Ornamented Dagger (Level 4)Ornamented Dagger (Level 8)Pain, the Half of WholePale RodPeriron's TalonPetrifying Hooked BladePetrifying Shadow StaffPetrifying War AxePetrifying War BowPhase HammerPhiarlan Spy DaggerPinion, Cloud-piercerPlanar SpikePlatinum KnucklesPrison Break (Level 14)Prison Break (Level 15)Prison Break (Level 16)Prison Break (Level 25)Prison Break (Level 26)Prison Break (Level 27)Prysuul's BanePumpkin HeadPurple Dragon ShieldQuarantineQuenched ClubQuenched GreataxeQuenched GreatswordQuenched HandwrapsQuenched Light CrossbowQuenched QuarterstaffRadiant Rune ArmRahl's MightRahl's WrathRatkiller (Level 12)Ratkiller (level 12)Ratkiller (Level 16)Ratkiller (level 16)Ratkiller (level 4)Ratkiller (Level 4)Ratkiller (Level 8)Ratkiller (level 8)RebellionRedemptionResplendant FuryResplendenceReturn to SenderReturning Axe of EmbersReturning SnowballRhakmel's DaggerRiftmakerRising SunRoadwatch Bow (Level 16)Roadwatch Bow (Level 17)Roadwatch Bow (Level 18)Roadwatch Bow (Level 23)Roadwatch Bow (Level 24)Roadwatch Bow (Level 25)RocksplitterRod of Greater TeleportRod of MythantRomag's Club of Earthen DominionRoyal Scimitar (historic)Royal Scimitar (Level 12)Royal Scimitar (Level 13)Royal Scimitar (Level 14)Royal Scimitar (Level 23)Royal Scimitar (Level 24)Royal Scimitar (Level 25)Rumbling ThunderRuned Ogre FemurRusted ShamshirRusty Great AxeRusty Heavy MaceRusty LongswordRusty RapierSacrificial DaggerSanctity, the Morninglord's KeepSapphire StingSavage SwordSavior, the Breaker of ChainsScepter of SiberysScepter of the FleshweaverScepter of the Ogre MagiScorched GreatswordScorched QuarterstaffScorching WrapsScorpion Tail ShortbowScraps of EnlightenmentScreamshatterShadowstrikeShatterbowShield of Morning (Level 17)Shield of Morning (Level 18)Shield of Morning (Level 19)Shield of Morning (Level 26)Shield of Morning (Level 27)Shield of Morning (Level 28)Shield of ReflectingShield of the Azure ValkyrieShield of the Demonic SoldierShield of the ScorpionShield of Tireless AidShining CrescentsShining DevastationShrieking StarSickle of SypherosSilver Ingot Arcanum (historic)Silver Ingot Arcanum (Level 12)Silver Ingot Arcanum (Level 13)Silver Ingot Arcanum (Level 14)Silver Ingot Arcanum (Level 23)Silver Ingot Arcanum (Level 24)Silver Ingot Arcanum (Level 25)Silver LiningSilver LongbowSilver SlingerSinister HandaxeSireth, Spear of the SkySiroccoSkartongue's LadelSkull HeadSkullsmasher (historic)Skullsmasher (Level 12)Skullsmasher (Level 13)Skullsmasher (Level 14)Skullsmasher (Level 23)Skullsmasher (Level 24)Skullsmasher (Level 25)Sky Pirate's DaggerSkybreaker, Hand of the StormreaverSkyvault Shield (historic)Skyvault Shield (Level 12)Skyvault Shield (Level 13)Skyvault Shield (Level 14)Skyvault Shield (Level 23)Skyvault Shield (Level 24)Skyvault Shield (Level 25)Slave Master's StaffSlaver's Hand CrossbowSliceSmoldering ClubSmoldering CudgelSmoldering GreataxeSmoldering GreatswordSmoldering HandwrapsSmoldering Light CrossbowSmoldering QuarterstaffSolid SoundSouleaterSphere of Silver Flame EssenceSpinal TapSpiral, the Voice of the ElementsSpite, the Fractured ShardsSt. Mu'Ray's FireStaff of Arcane PowerStaff of FleshshapingStaff of Inner SightStaff of IrianStaff of the Golden WizardStaff of the NecromancerStaff of the PetitionerStar of IrianStarter Heavy Wooden ShieldStave of the SeerStickerclick, the Bitter Hail of BoltsStingStone WallStonedust HandwrapsStonework BeamStormStorm's HarnessStormreach Guardian's AxeStormreach Guardian's CrossbowStormreach Guardian's HammerStrinati's Hand CannonStygian WrathSuffering, the Half of WholeSun BladeSuncrusherSunken BlasphemySunken ObscuritySunken RadianceSunken VirtueSunsliceSuppressive FireSwailing Blade (Level 15)Swailing Blade (Level 16)Swailing Blade (Level 17)Swailing Blade (Level 22)Swailing Blade (Level 23)Swailing Blade (Level 24)Swashbuckler (tier 1)(level 12)Swashbuckler (tier 1)(level 16)Swashbuckler (tier 1)(level 4)Swashbuckler (tier 1)(level 8)Swift DemiseSword of PainSword of ShadowSword of the Giant Slave-masterSword of the ThirtySyranian HandwrapsT'Korcha Family ScimitarTail of the ScorpionTatterchainTchurvul's KukriTemplar's BulwarkTemplar's JusticeTemplar's RetributionTenderizerTenebrous StilettoTerminusTerrorThaarak WrapsTharkuul's BaneThe Arc Welder (close range)The Arc Welder (long range)The Best DefenseThe Broken Blade of ConstellationThe DisciplinatorThe Dumpster FireThe Eclipse ItselfThe Epic Fatal FlawThe Everstorm, Maelstrom CourserThe Falling DarknessThe Fatal FlawThe Fractured EleganceThe Hallowed SplintersThe HookThe Labrythine EdgeThe Legendary Arc Welder (close range)The Legendary Arc Welder (long range)The Legendary Best DefenseThe Legendary Dumpster FireThe Legendary HookThe Legendary MistfallenThe Lunar EclipseThe Mad LuteThe MistfallenThe Morning Star (Level 14)The Morning Star (Level 15)The Morning Star (Level 16)The Morning Star (Level 25)The Morning Star (Level 26)The Morning Star (Level 27)The Mountain's Fist (Level 12)The Mountain's Fist (Level 13)The Mountain's Fist (Level 14)The Mountain's Fist (Level 23)The Mountain's Fist (Level 24)The Mountain's Fist (Level 25)The Rising LightThe Shattered Hilt of ConstellationThe Staff of ShadowThe Turmoil Within (Level 13)The Turmoil Within (Level 23)The Turmoil Within (Level 24)The Turmoil Within (Level 25)The Wide Open SkyThornlordThrall of the Fire TempleThunder and Lightning (Level 17)Thunder and Lightning (Level 18)Thunder and Lightning (Level 19)Thunder and Lightning (Level 26)Thunder and Lightning (Level 27)Thunder and Lightning (Level 28)Thunder-Forged Alloy Bastard SwordThunder-Forged Alloy Battle AxeThunder-Forged Alloy ClubThunder-Forged Alloy DaggerThunder-Forged Alloy DartThunder-Forged Alloy Dwarven WaraxeThunder-Forged Alloy FalchionThunder-Forged Alloy Great CrossbowThunder-Forged Alloy GreataxeThunder-Forged Alloy GreatclubThunder-Forged Alloy GreatswordThunder-Forged Alloy Hand AxeThunder-Forged Alloy Heavy CrossbowThunder-Forged Alloy Heavy MaceThunder-Forged Alloy Heavy PickThunder-Forged Alloy KamaThunder-Forged Alloy KhopeshThunder-Forged Alloy KukriThunder-Forged Alloy Light CrossbowThunder-Forged Alloy Light HammerThunder-Forged Alloy Light MaceThunder-Forged Alloy Light PickThunder-Forged Alloy LongbowThunder-Forged Alloy LongswordThunder-Forged Alloy MaulThunder-Forged Alloy MorningstarThunder-Forged Alloy QuarterstaffThunder-Forged Alloy RapierThunder-Forged Alloy Repeating Heavy CrossbowThunder-Forged Alloy Repeating Light CrossbowThunder-Forged Alloy ScepterThunder-Forged Alloy ScimitarThunder-Forged Alloy ShortbowThunder-Forged Alloy ShortswordThunder-Forged Alloy ShurikenThunder-Forged Alloy SickleThunder-Forged Alloy Throwing AxeThunder-Forged Alloy Throwing DaggerThunder-Forged Alloy Throwing HammerThunder-Forged Alloy WarhammerThunder-Forged HandwrapsThundershotThunderstorm Crescent (Level 15)Thunderstorm Crescent (Level 16)Thunderstorm Crescent (Level 17)Thunderstorm Crescent (Level 22)Thunderstorm Crescent (Level 23)Thunderstorm Crescent (Level 24)ThunderstrikeTiefling Assassin's BladeTimeshardTinah, Sword of the SeaTinderTira's SplendorTitan's FistToothpickTorn, That Which Renders DespairTornadoTortured Livewood Bow (historic)Tortured Livewood Bow (Level 12)Tortured Livewood Bow (Level 13)Tortured Livewood Bow (Level 14)Tortured Livewood Bow (Level 23)Tortured Livewood Bow (Level 24)Tortured Livewood Bow (Level 25)Toven's HammerTrapsmith's Crossbow (Level 14)Trapsmith's Crossbow (Level 15)Trapsmith's Crossbow (Level 16)Trapsmith's Crossbow (Level 25)Trapsmith's Crossbow (Level 26)Trapsmith's Crossbow (Level 27)TreasonTremor, the Breaker of BonesTurbulent EpeeTwig of the Giant MageTwilight, Element of MagicTwisted WillowTyrzza's BaneTyrzza's Bane (old version)UltimatumUnkor's CleaverUntold, Crack in the SkyUnwavering ArdencyVampiric CleaverVampiric Fury BladeVampiric Fury ShortswordVampiric RocksplitterVampiric Stonedust WrapsVan Richten's CaneVan Richten's Legendary CaneVengeful CleaverVengeful Fury BladeVengeful Fury ShortswordVengeful ProtectorVengeful RocksplitterVengeful Stonedust WrapsVial of SeafogVoid, the Endless ColdVolley, Arbalest of the DamnedVulkoor's EdgeWall of Wood (level 15)Wall of Wood (level 16)Wall of Wood (level 17)Wall of Wood (level 22)Wall of Wood (level 23)Wall of Wood (level 24)Ward of UndeathWarsword ShieldWatcher's BladeWave of DespairWave of SorrowWeathered TargeWeeping HandwrapsWhirling WordsWhirlwindWild FlameWild FrostWindlasher (Level 12)Windlasher (Level 13)Windlasher (Level 14)Windlasher (Level 23)Windlasher (Level 24)Windlasher (Level 25)Witching HourWizard's Ward (Level 16)Wizard's Ward (Level 17)Wizard's Ward (Level 18)Wizard's Ward (Level 23)Wizard's Ward (Level 24)Wizard's Ward (Level 25)Wraps of Endless Light (level 12)Wraps of Endless Light (level 16)Wraps of Endless Light (level 20)Wraps of Endless Light (level 24)Wraps of Endless Light (level 4)Wraps of Endless Light (level 8)Xoriat Forged BladeXuumZaramang's LongbowZephyr

Adherent's PendantAlchemist's PendantAmulet of Natural ArmorAmulet of the MakersAmulet of the StormreaverAzure Necklace of ProphecyBeholder Optic NervesBellow's RingBluefire NecklaceChainsChoker of the Silver TongueConduit of the SoulConnor's PendantCracked CoreCrimson Necklace of ProphecyDark DiversionDawn's Herald-CharmDeath's Locket (historic)Death's Locket (Level 12)Death's Locket (Level 13)Death's Locket (Level 14)Death's Locket (Level 23)Death's Locket (Level 24)Death's Locket (Level 25)Doctor LeRoux's Curious ImplantDraconic NecklaceDragonmarked NecklaceElegant Diamond NecklaceElyd CharmEmerald Claw AmuletEmerald Claw PendantEmerald Claw TalismanEpic Lion's ManeEpic Locus of VolEpic Noxious EmbersEpic Platinum Prayer BeadsEpic Vim and VigorFamily Recruit SigilFinger NecklaceFleetfoot NecklaceGilvaenor's NecklaceGolden GuileGreen Steel NecklaceGrim's BraceletHruvayah's MedallionHyena Claw NecklaceHypnotic PendantIron Beads (historic)Iron Beads (Level 12)Iron Beads (Level 13)Iron Beads (Level 14)Iron Beads (Level 23)Iron Beads (Level 24)Iron Beads (Level 25)Jorgundal's Collar (historic)Jorgundal's Collar (Level 12)Jorgundal's Collar (Level 13)Jorgundal's Collar (Level 14)Jorgundal's Collar (Level 23)Jorgundal's Collar (Level 24)Jorgundal's Collar (Level 25)Key of Rhukaan DraalKilau's NecklaceKindred PendantLegendary Amulet of the MakersLegendary ChainsLegendary Conduit of the SoulLegendary Dawn's Herald-CharmLegendary Family Recruit SigilLegendary Hypnotic PendantLegendary Kindred PendantLegendary Pendant of ApparitionLegendary Pendant of Hidden ToolsLegendary Pendant of the Azure SeaLegendary Pendant of the Azure SkyLegendary Pendant of the Warrior's FocusLegendary Reflective BloodstoneLegendary Rose Quartz Sigil StoneLegendary Standard Issue SigilLegendary Utilitarian NecklaceLegendary Ward-Inscribed PendantLion's ManeLocus of VolLorrik's NecklaceMelri's BreathMythic Vim and VigorNecklace of ContemplationNecklace of FireballsNecklace of Mystic EidolonsNoxious EmbersNyoko's NecklaceOremi's NecklacePendant of ApparitionPendant of Hidden ToolsPendant of Quiet Movements (level 13)Pendant of Quiet Movements (level 28)Pendant of the Azure SeaPendant of the Azure SkyPendant of the StormreaverPendant of the Warrior's FocusPeriapt of HealthPeriapt of WisdomPlatinum Prayer BeadsRattle CharmReflective BloodstoneResonationRose Quartz Sigil StoneScarf of WarmthScourge ChokerShimmering PendantShintao CordShiona's PendantShroud of ArdentSigil of RegalportSign of XoriatSilver Necklace of ProphecySmedgar's NecklaceStalwart NecklaceStandard Issue SigilStolen Necklace (Level 14)Stolen Necklace (Level 15)Stolen Necklace (Level 16)Stolen Necklace (Level 25)Stolen Necklace (Level 26)Stolen Necklace (Level 27)The Family’s BlessingThe Zarash'ak WardTorc of Prince Raiyum-de IITorin's ChokerTwisted TalismanUtilitarian NecklaceVerik's NecklaceVim and VigorVulkoorim PendantWard-Inscribed PendantWazul's AmuletWolf Whistle

AdversionAmara's BandAnathemaAncient Band (historic)Ancient Band (Level 12)Ancient Band (Level 13)Ancient Band (Level 14)Ancient Band (Level 23)Ancient Band (Level 24)Ancient Band (Level 25)Ann Velsing's BandArlyn's RingArraetrikos' Bane (level 15)Arraetrikos' Bane (level 29)Band of Insightful CommandsBand of SiberysBrazenbandCalitomes' RingCelestial Amethyst RingCelestial Emerald RingCelestial Ruby RingCelestial Sapphire RingCelestial Topaz RingChaos BandChattering RingChieftainCinder's BandCinder's DanceCircle of HatredCircle of MalevolenceClouded DreamsConnor's BandConsuming Darkness (Level 17)Consuming Darkness (Level 18)Consuming Darkness (Level 19)Consuming Darkness (Level 26)Consuming Darkness (Level 27)Consuming Darkness (Level 28)Cursebane RingDeathwardenDraconic RingDragonmarked RingEncrusted RingEngraved RingEpic Eye of the BeholderEpic Ivy HelixEpic Laurel HelixEpic Ring of Master ArtificeEpic Ring of the Buccaneer (Level 20)Epic Ring of the Buccaneer (Level 24)Epic Ring of Unknown OriginsEye of the BeholderFive RingsFlameringGilvaenor's RingGlorious Dawn (Level 14)Glorious Dawn (Level 15)Glorious Dawn (Level 16)Glorious Dawn (Level 25)Glorious Dawn (Level 26)Glorious Dawn (Level 27)Gnawed RingGravnok's BandIvy HelixJade RingKatra's Razor WitKatra's WitKeylock RingKilau's BandKormor's RingKyosho's RingKyrian's BandLantern RingLaurel HelixLegendary AdversionLegendary BrazenbandLegendary Celestial Amethyst RingLegendary Celestial Emerald RingLegendary Celestial Ruby RingLegendary Celestial Sapphire RingLegendary Celestial Topaz RingLegendary ChieftainLegendary Cursebane RingLegendary DeathwardenLegendary Five RingsLegendary Keylock RingLegendary Perfect PinnacleLegendary Ring of Flickering SteelLegendary Ring of NightfallLegendary Ring of PowerLegendary Ring of ProwessLegendary Skulled RingLegendary SpinneretLorinthor's RingMorah's BandMorgana's RingMysterious RingNyoko's BandOmniscienceOremi's RingPerfect PinnaclePeridot RingPhiarlan's RingRadiant RingRadiant Ring of Taer ValaestasRahkir's RingReaver's RingRing of AlertnessRing of BaphometRing of DeceitRing of DeftnessRing of FeathersRing of Flickering SteelRing of LiesRing of Master Artifice (Level 11)Ring of Master Artifice (Level 15)Ring of Master Artifice (Level 3)Ring of Master Artifice (Level 7)Ring of NightfallRing of PowerRing of ProwessRing of RageRing of ResonanceRing of Shadows (historic)Ring of Shadows (Level 12)Ring of Shadows (Level 13)Ring of Shadows (Level 14)Ring of Shadows (Level 23)Ring of Shadows (Level 24)Ring of Shadows (Level 25)Ring of Spell StoringRing of SpellcastingRing of the AncestorsRing of the Buccaneer (Level 12)Ring of the Buccaneer (Level 16)Ring of the Buccaneer (Level 4)Ring of the Buccaneer (Level 8)Ring of the Djinn (Level 12)Ring of the Djinn (Level 13)Ring of the Djinn (Level 14)Ring of the Djinn (Level 23)Ring of the Djinn (Level 24)Ring of the Djinn (level 25)Ring of the High PriestRing of the RavagerRing of the Silver ConcordRing of the Silver TongueRing of the Stalker (Level 3)Ring of the Stormreaver Prophecy (historic)Ring of the Stormreaver Prophecy (Level 12)Ring of the Stormreaver Prophecy (Level 13)Ring of the Stormreaver Prophecy (Level 14)Ring of the Stormreaver Prophecy (Level 23)Ring of the Stormreaver Prophecy (Level 24)Ring of the Stormreaver Prophecy (Level 25)Ring of ThelisRing of TimeRing of Troll's RegenerationRing of Unknown OriginsRing of WaterbreathingSanura's BandSeal of House AvithoulSeal of House Dun'RobarSeal of House SzindSeal of the EarthShiona's SealSigil of the TriumvirateSignet of Caustic PersuasionSkulled RingSmedgar's RingSpinneretStolen Signet of ir'WynarnStrange TidingsTelvi's TouchThamor's RingThe Band Immaterial (level 13)The Band Immaterial (level 28)The Legendary Shattered OnyxThe Shattered OnyxTumbleweedVerik's RingWarchanter's BandWard TokenWhisper RingYaaryar's Magnificent Band

A Garbage Can Lid?Acid Rune ArmAcidic SphereAegis of the First WatchAlchemical Heavy ShieldAlchemical Light ShieldAlchemical Tower ShieldAlveoAn Inexplicably Legendary Garbage Can Lid?AnimusArchaic DeviceArcing Sky (Level 13)Arcing Sky (Level 23)Arcing Sky (Level 24)Arcing Sky (Level 25)Arm of the ArchonsBarnacled BucklerBastion (Level 16)Bastion (Level 17)Bastion (Level 18)Bastion (Level 23)Bastion (Level 24)Bastion (Level 25)Battered Guardian ShieldBattleworn ShieldBattleworn Shield of CyreBlazing SunBlight InfernoBolt SphereBreaker of BodiesBreaking the BankBuckler of the Celestial SoldierBuckler of the Demonic SoldierBulwark of the Storm's Fist (historic)Bulwark of the Storm's Fist (Level 12)Bulwark of the Storm's Fist (Level 13)Bulwark of the Storm's Fist (Level 14)Bulwark of the Storm's Fist (Level 23)Bulwark of the Storm's Fist (Level 24)Bulwark of the Storm's Fist (Level 25)Carved Bone ShieldCelestial OakChill of Winter (Level 13)Chill of Winter (Level 23)Chill of Winter (Level 24)Chill of Winter (Level 25)Chimera's BreathChitin ShieldCoalesced CoinageConcentrated ChaosCoronation ShieldCorruption of Nature (Level 15)Corruption of Nature (Level 16)Corruption of Nature (Level 17)Corruption of Nature (level 22)Corruption of Nature (level 23)Corruption of Nature (level 24)Crabshell BucklerCrystalline WardCursed SkullDeath's HandiworkDemonic SlabDethek RunestoneDevil's DefenseDhakaani ShieldEcho of the Tome of StrahdEmerald TwilightEpic Arm of the ArchonsEpic Blazing SunEpic Buckler of the Demonic SoldierEpic Coalesced CoinageEpic Demonic SlabEpic Increased PotentialEpic ResplendenceEpic Shield of the Demonic SoldierEpic Shield of Tireless AidEpic Stone WallEpic Swashbuckler (tier 1)(level 20)Epic Swashbuckler (tier 1)(level 24)Epic Whirling WordsFire Rune ArmFlame SphereForce Rune ArmGiant's PlatterGlacial SphereGolden Orb of Death (Level 26)Golden Orb of Death (Level 7)Greater Acid Rune ArmGreater Fire Rune ArmGreater Force Rune ArmGreater Ice Rune ArmGreater Lightning Rune ArmGreater Radiant Rune ArmGuardian MantleHand of the TombsHorseshoe Crab Shield (Level 26)Horseshoe Crab Shield (Level 7)Ice Rune ArmIncreased PotentialKnives EternalKobold Admiral's TillerKundarak Warding ShieldLegendary Acidic SphereLegendary Blight InfernoLegendary Bolt SphereLegendary Breaker of BodiesLegendary Breaking the BankLegendary Crabshell BucklerLegendary Crystalline WardLegendary Cursed SkullLegendary Death's HandiworkLegendary Flame SphereLegendary Giant's PlatterLegendary Glacial SphereLegendary Mirrorplate TowerLegendary MoonguardLegendary Mutilator of MindsLegendary QuarantineLegendary Resplendant FuryLegendary Rising SunLegendary Solid SoundLegendary Stygian WrathLegendary Suppressive FireLegendary Warsword ShieldLeverageLevik's DefenderLibram of Silver MagicLight and DarknessLightning Rune ArmLorikk's ChampionLucid DreamsMachination of MadnessMadstone AegisMadstone ShieldMadstone Skull (Level 12)Madstone Skull (Level 13)Madstone Skull (Level 14)Madstone Skull (Level 23)Madstone Skull (Level 24)Madstone Skull (Level 25)Mirrorplate TowerMoonguardMutilator of MindsMythic Blazing SunNether Orb (Level 17)Nether Orb (Level 18)Nether Orb (Level 19)Nether Orb (Level 26)Nether Orb (Level 27)Nether Orb (Level 28)Ooze GuardPurple Dragon ShieldQuarantineRadiant Rune ArmResplendant FuryResplendenceRising SunShield of Morning (Level 17)Shield of Morning (Level 18)Shield of Morning (Level 19)Shield of Morning (Level 26)Shield of Morning (Level 27)Shield of Morning (Level 28)Shield of ReflectingShield of the Azure ValkyrieShield of the Demonic SoldierShield of the ScorpionShield of Tireless AidSilver LiningSkyvault Shield (historic)Skyvault Shield (Level 12)Skyvault Shield (Level 13)Skyvault Shield (Level 14)Skyvault Shield (Level 23)Skyvault Shield (Level 24)Skyvault Shield (Level 25)Solid SoundSt. Mu'Ray's FireStarter Heavy Wooden ShieldStone WallStrinati's Hand CannonStygian WrathSuppressive FireSwashbuckler (tier 1)(level 12)Swashbuckler (tier 1)(level 16)Swashbuckler (tier 1)(level 4)Swashbuckler (tier 1)(level 8)Templar's BulwarkTerminusThe Arc Welder (close range)The Arc Welder (long range)The Best DefenseThe DisciplinatorThe Dumpster FireThe Falling DarknessThe Legendary Arc Welder (close range)The Legendary Arc Welder (long range)The Legendary Best DefenseThe Legendary Dumpster FireThe Legendary MistfallenThe Lunar EclipseThe MistfallenThe Rising LightThe Turmoil Within (Level 13)The Turmoil Within (Level 23)The Turmoil Within (Level 24)The Turmoil Within (Level 25)Tira's SplendorTitan's FistToven's HammerUltimatumVan Richten's CaneVan Richten's Legendary CaneVengeful ProtectorWall of Wood (level 15)Wall of Wood (level 16)Wall of Wood (level 17)Wall of Wood (level 22)Wall of Wood (level 23)Wall of Wood (level 24)Ward of UndeathWarsword ShieldWeathered TargeWhirling WordsWizard's Ward (Level 16)Wizard's Ward (Level 17)Wizard's Ward (Level 18)Wizard's Ward (Level 23)Wizard's Ward (Level 24)Wizard's Ward (Level 25)

Acidic InsigniaAussiredar's GemBattle CoinBell of WardingBloodrage ChrismBold TrinketBolt InsigniaBottle of AirBrawn's SpiritsBroken Music BoxBrooch of ShieldingBrooch of WaterbreathingChiku's BaubleCold FireCrude BaubleCunning TrinketCursebane FocusCursekeeperDark Blue Ioun StoneDark Blue Ioun Stone (unsuppressed)Deep Red Ioun StoneDeep Red Ioun Stone (unsuppressed)Deezil's OrnamentDragon's EyeDusk HeartDusty Rose Ioun StoneDusty Rose Ioun Stone (unsuppressed)Eagle's EyeEcho of RavenkindEcho of the IconEmpowered DragonscaleEnchanted Chocolates by Fabiano & ZeldaEpic Eagle's EyeEpic Litany of the DeadEpic Treasure Hunter's Spyglass (Level 20)Epic Treasure Hunter's Spyglass (Level 24)Eye of VolFlame InsigniaFlame's GiftFragment of the Silver FlameGem of Many FacetsGiantcraft Siberys Compass (historic)Giantcraft Siberys Compass (Level 12)Giantcraft Siberys Compass (Level 13)Giantcraft Siberys Compass (Level 14)Giantcraft Siberys Compass (Level 23)Giantcraft Siberys Compass (Level 24)Giantcraft Siberys Compass (Level 25)Gilk's BangleGlacial InsigniaGlobe of Imperial Blood (historic)Golem GemGreater Bold TrinketGreater Cunning TrinketGreater Nimble TrinketGreater Stalwart TrinketGuidance of Shar (Level 13)Guidance of Shar (Level 14)Guidance of Shar (Level 15)Guided SightHands of the Dawn HealerHead of Good FortuneHoly Symbol of LolthIdol of FortuneIncandescent Blue Ioun StoneIncandescent Blue Ioun Stone (unsuppressed)Iskaryte's GemJeeka's SpangleKardin's Eye (Level 12)Kardin's Eye (Level 13)Kardin's Eye (Level 14)Kardin's Eye (Level 23)Kardin's Eye (Level 24)Kardin's Eye (Level 25)Keoghtom's OintmentKneeza's BaubleKutik's BeadLegendary Cursebane FocusLegendary CursekeeperLegendary Empowered DragonscaleLegendary Planar CompassLegendary Subtle SoundLegendary Symbol of the Slave LordsLesser Anti-Beholder CrystalLesser Bold TrinketLesser Cunning TrinketLesser Nimble TrinketLesser Stalwart TrinketLitany of the DeadMagestarManual of Stealthy PilferingMemoriamMindfury SymbiontMoog's OrnamentMurlynd's SpoonMysterious BaubleNeecha's BeadNight Hag's HeartstoneNimble TrinketOmaekrix's GemPale Blue Ioun StonePale Blue Ioun Stone (unsuppressed)Pale Green Ioun StonePale Lavender Ioun StonePale Lavender Ioun Stone (unsuppressed)Pearl of Power IPearl of Power IIPearl of Power IIIPearl of Power IVPearl of Power IXPearl of Power VPearl of Power VIPearl of Power VIIPearl of Power VIIIPearl of Power XPearl of SirinesPhiarlan's Pendant of TimePink and Green Ioun StonePink and Green Ioun Stone (unsuppressed)Pink Ioun StonePink Ioun Stone (unsuppressed)Planar CompassPlanar Focus of EruditionPlanar Focus of ProwessPlanar Focus of SubterfugePouch of JerkyRahkat's SpangleRahkat's TrifleRaktu's TrifleRuined Signet BroochScarab of ProtectionScarab of Spell AbsorptionScarlet and Blue Ioun StoneScarlet and Blue Ioun Stone (unsuppressed)Shamanic Fetish (Level 12)Shamanic Fetish (Level 13)Shamanic Fetish (Level 14)Shamanic Fetish (Level 23)Shamanic Fetish (Level 24)Shamanic Fetish (Level 25)Shard of VollunShard of XoriatShimmering ArrowheadStalwart TrinketStone of Good LuckStorm in a BottleSubtle SoundSustaining SymbiontSventusk's GemSymbol of the Slave LordsThaarak FangThe Blood StoneToken of the FaithfulToken of the Proven (level 13)Token of the Proven (level 28)Treasure Hunter's Spyglass (Level 12)Treasure Hunter's Spyglass (Level 16)Treasure Hunter's Spyglass (Level 4)Treasure Hunter's Spyglass (Level 8)TrinketTrinket of FreewillUrthullz Petrified StalkVibrant Purple Ioun StoneVibrant Purple Ioun Stone (unsuppressed)Vuthesjing's GemXachosian EardwellerZizoo's Spangle

AetherbandAquatic Bracers (historic)Aquatic Bracers (Level 12)Aquatic Bracers (Level 13)Aquatic Bracers (Level 14)Aquatic Bracers (Level 23)Aquatic Bracers (Level 24)Aquatic Bracers (Level 25)Arm of the AggressorArmbands of the Silenced Ones (level 13)Armbands of the Silenced Ones (level 28)Band of Diani ir'WynarnBarbarian's SpiritBarbette's BracersBete NoirBlack Opal BracersBracelet of MadnessBracers of DeftnessBracers of Order and ChaosBracers of the Demon's ConsortBracers of the Fallen HeroBracers of the GlacierBracers of the Hidden BladeBracers of the HunterBracers of the MountainBracers of the Sun and MoonBracers of Twisting Shade (Level 16)Bracers of Twisting Shade (Level 17)Bracers of Twisting Shade (Level 18)Bracers of Twisting Shade (Level 23)Bracers of Twisting Shade (Level 24)Bracers of Twisting Shade (Level 25)Brand of Kalok ShashChaosgardeConstruct Champion's BandsDissolutionDoctor Vulcana's Broken WristwatchDumathoin's BracersEpic Barbette's BracerEpic Ethereal BracersEpic Inferno BracersEthereal BracersFabricator's BracersGreen Steel BracersHallowed CastigatorsInferno BracersJidz-Tet'kaKundarak Warding BracersLegendary AetherbandLegendary Black Opal BracersLegendary Bracers of Order and ChaosLegendary Bracers of the Fallen HeroLegendary Bracers of the Hidden BladeLegendary Bracers of the Sun and MoonLegendary Construct Champion's BandsLegendary Hallowed CastigatorsLegendary Lore-Fueled PackbannerLegendary Magewright's ToolkitLegendary Moonrise BracersLegendary Mystic WrappingsLegendary Necromancer's BracersLegendary ShacklesLegendary Sunken ChainsLevik's BracersLore-Fueled PackbannerMagewright's ToolkitManacles of Ceaseless Toil (historic)Manacles of Ceaseless Toil (Level 12)Manacles of Ceaseless Toil (Level 13)Manacles of Ceaseless Toil (Level 14)Manacles of Ceaseless Toil (Level 23)Manacles of Ceaseless Toil (Level 24)Manacles of Ceaseless Toil (Level 25)Moonrise BracersMystic WrappingsNecromancer's BracersPrisoner's Manacles (Level 14)Prisoner's Manacles (Level 15)Prisoner's Manacles (Level 16)Prisoner's Manacles (Level 25)Prisoner's Manacles (Level 26)Prisoner's Manacles (Level 27)Scorched BracersShacklesSteady Handed Armbands (historic)Steady Handed Armbands (Level 12)Steady Handed Armbands (Level 13)Steady Handed Armbands (Level 14)Steady Handed Armbands (Level 23)Steady Handed Armbands (Level 24)Steady Handed Armbands (Level 25)Sunken ChainsTattered Scrolls of the Broken OneTharne's BracersTorn Chitin BracersVentilated ArmbandsVentilated BracersWildwood WristsWind Howler Bracers


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