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Category:Potency items

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+1 Starter QuarterstaffBenign BreathEerie Scarab PowderEternal Wand of Magic Missile

The Pea Shooter

Nicked Orb

Ornamented DaggerOrnamented Dagger (Level 8)

Ornamented DaggerOrnamented Dagger (Level 12)Ornamented Dagger (Level 8)Wand of Blasting

Arcane ShardElfcraft BreastplateElfcraft DocentElfcraft Leather ArmorElfcraft Plate ArmorElfcraft RobeRobe of Arcane PuissanceRobe of PotencyScepter of the Ogre Magi

Belt of the Seven IdealsBelt of the Seven Ideals (Level 12)Belt of the Seven Ideals (Level 13)Bronze Ingot Arcanum (Level 12)Bronze Ingot Arcanum (Level 13)Club of the Holy Flame (starter)Copper Ingot Arcanum (Level 12)Copper Ingot Arcanum (Level 13)Ornamented DaggerOrnamented Dagger (Level 12)Scepter of the Ogre MagiSilver Ingot Arcanum (Level 12)Silver Ingot Arcanum (Level 13)

Barovian's SceptreMystic Wrappings

Belt of the Seven IdealsBelt of the Seven Ideals (historic)Belt of the Seven Ideals (Level 14)Bracelet of MadnessBranch of Vile CursesBranch of Vile Curses (Level 13)Bronze Ingot Arcanum (Level 14)Copper Ingot Arcanum (Level 14)Epic Ornamented Dagger (Level 20)Epic Robe of DissonanceLucid DreamsMadstone BootsMaster Transmuter's StaffOrnamented DaggerOrnamented Dagger (Level 16)Shiona's PendantSilver Ingot Arcanum (Level 14)Smedgar's NecklaceStaff of the PetitionerTorin's ChokerToven's Hammer

Blue Dragon ScaleBlue Dragonhide ArmorBlue Dragonplate ArmorBlue Dragonscale ArmorBlue Dragonscale DocentBlue Dragonscale RobeBracelet of MadnessBranch of Vile CursesBranch of Vile Curses (Level 14)Branch of Vile Curses (Level 15)Corruption of NatureCorruption of Nature (Level 15)Corruption of Nature (Level 16)Epic Green BladeEpic Mask of ComedyEpic Mask of TragedyEpic Ornamented Dagger (Level 20)Iron Cloak of the DragonMadstone BootsOrnamented Dagger

Corruption of NatureCorruption of Nature (Level 17)Dragontouched ArmorRadiant Arc


Archaic DeviceBreaking the BankCrystalline WardDusk LensesMithral Cloak of the DragonSage's Ring (Level 19)Staff of the Golden Wizard

Pansophic Circlet

Corruption of NatureCorruption of Nature (level 22)Seal of House SzindStaff of the Necromancer

Belt of the Seven IdealsBelt of the Seven Ideals (Level 23)Blade of the High PriestessBronze Ingot Arcanum (Level 23)Copper Ingot Arcanum (Level 23)Corruption of NatureCorruption of Nature (level 23)Epic Ornamented Dagger (Level 24)Ornamented DaggerRestored Elfcraft BreastplateRestored Elfcraft DocentRestored Elfcraft Leather ArmorRestored Elfcraft Plate ArmorRestored Elfcraft RobeSilver Ingot Arcanum (Level 23)Spidersilk Robes

Epic Ornamented Dagger (level 20)Ornamented Dagger

Adamantine Cloak of the DragonBelt of the Seven IdealsBelt of the Seven Ideals (Level 24)Bronze Ingot Arcanum (Level 24)Copper Ingot Arcanum (Level 24)Corruption of NatureCorruption of Nature (level 24)Epic Ornamented Dagger (Level 24)Ornamented DaggerSilver Ingot Arcanum (Level 24)

Belt of the Seven IdealsBelt of the Seven Ideals (Level 25)Bronze Ingot ArcanumBronze Ingot Arcanum (Level 25)Copper Ingot ArcanumCopper Ingot Arcanum (Level 25)Flawless Blue Dragonhide ArmorFlawless Blue Dragonplate ArmorFlawless Blue Dragonscale ArmorFlawless Blue Dragonscale DocentFlawless Blue Dragonscale RobeHalcyon BootsSilver Ingot ArcanumSilver Ingot Arcanum (Level 25)Twilight, Element of Magic

Epic Ornamented Dagger (level 24)Ornamented Dagger

Sage's Ring (Level 27)

Legendary Mystic WrappingsLegendary Pansophic Circlet

Epic Ornamented Dagger (level 28)Ornamented Dagger

Legendary ComplianceMorninglord's Sceptre

Legendary Breaking the BankLegendary Crystalline WardLegendary Dusk Lenses


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