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Category:Spell Power items

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Cannith Elemental WeaponsEarthcarverElemental Greataxe of FireElemental Greataxe of Fire (level 12)Elemental Greataxe of Fire (level 16)Epic Elemental Greataxe of FireEpic Fury of the FlameEpic Luminous TruthEpic Mournlode GreataxeEpic Mournlode Light MaceEpic Mournlode LongswordEpic Mournlode MaulEpic Mournlode ShortswordEpic Mournlode WarhammerEpic Templar's JusticeEpic Templar's RetributionMournlode GreataxeMournlode Greataxe (level 12)Mournlode Greataxe (level 16)Mournlode Light MaceMournlode Light Mace (level 12)Mournlode Light Mace (level 16)Mournlode LongswordMournlode Longsword (level 12)Mournlode Longsword (level 16)Mournlode MaulMournlode Maul (level 12)Mournlode Maul (level 16)Mournlode ShortswordMournlode Shortsword (level 12)Mournlode Shortsword (level 16)Mournlode WarhammerMournlode Warhammer (level 12)Mournlode Warhammer (level 16)Mournlode WeaponsMutineer's BladePick of Endless Light (level 12)Pick of Endless Light (level 16)Pick of Endless Light (level 20)Star of DayWraps of Endless LightWraps of Endless Light (level 12)Wraps of Endless Light (level 16)Wraps of Endless Light (level 20)

Epic Elyd EdgeWindlasherWindlasher (Level 23)Windlasher (Level 24)Windlasher (Level 25)

Dragon's Eye

Acidic InsigniaAcidic SphereAmulet of the MakersArcane GogglesArcane NecklaceBand of Diani ir'WynarnBarovian's SceptreBlight InfernoBolt InsigniaBolt SphereBoundlessBreastplate of the Celestial SageBurnscar SashCoalesced CoinageConduit of the SoulConstruct's MantleCrystalline GauntletsCursed SkullDeathwardenDeathwyrm CloakDethek RunestoneDevoted GogglesDevoted NecklaceDocent of InsightDocent of the Celestial SageDragontouched ArmorDusk LensesElyd CharmEntropic HeartstoneEpic Coalesced CoinageEpic Docent of InsightEpic Gem of Many FacetsEpic Locked and LoadedEpic Robe of InsightEpic Sacred BandEpic Sacred HelmEpic Shaman's BandEpic Shaman's BeadsEpic Whirling WordsFlame InsigniaFlame SphereFlawless Blue Dragonhide ArmorFlawless Blue Dragonplate ArmorFlawless Blue Dragonscale ArmorFlawless Blue Dragonscale DocentFlawless Blue Dragonscale RobeGem of Many FacetsGlacial InsigniaGlacial SphereHelm of the Blue DragonHelm of the Blue Dragon (Level 23)Helm of the Blue Dragon (Level 24)Helm of the Blue Dragon (Level 25)Katra's Razor WitKatra's WitLeathers of the Celestial SageLegendary Acidic SphereLegendary Amulet of the MakersLegendary Blight InfernoLegendary Bolt SphereLegendary BoundlessLegendary Burnscar SashLegendary Conduit of the SoulLegendary Construct's MantleLegendary Cursed SkullLegendary DeathwardenLegendary Dusk LensesLegendary Entropic HeartstoneLegendary Flame SphereLegendary Glacial SphereLegendary Many-Pouched Belt of the HealerLegendary Mutilator of MindsLegendary Mystic WrappingsLegendary Pansophic CircletLegendary Resplendant FuryLegendary Silverthread BeltLegendary Skulled RingLegendary Solid SoundLegendary SpinneretLegendary Stone ShoesLegendary Stygian WrathLegendary Sunken SlippersLegendary Thrummingspark CordLegendary Wild FlameLegendary Wild FrostLibram of Silver MagicLocked and LoadedLorikk's ChampionLorrik's NecklaceMaenya's FistsMaenya's Iron FistsMagewright's CloakMagewright's SpectaclesMany-Pouched Belt of the HealerMeridian FragmentMorninglord's SceptreMutilator of MindsMystic WrappingsNocturne, the Song of NightNull, the Darkness WithoutPansophic CircletPlanar Focus of EruditionPlatemail of the Celestial SageResplendant FuryRobe of InsightRobe of the Celestial SageRunic TrinketSacred BandSacred HelmScalemail of the Celestial SageShaman's BandShaman's BeadsSilverthread BeltSkulled RingSpinneretStolen Signet of ir'WynarnStone ShoesStygian WrathTeraza's Perfect SightTeraza's SightThe Eclipse ItselfThe Zarash'ak WardThrummingspark CordWhirling WordsWild FlameWild FrostXachosian Eardweller

Reflection of Wave


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