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Class feats are gained automatically or selectively by reaching specific levels of certain classes. The category is subdivided into:

  1. Class feats: Gained automatically by members of a class as they advance levels, such as Tower Shield Proficiency for Fighter, Uncanny Dodge for Barbarian and Rogue, or Trapmaking for Rogue and Artificer.
  2. Bonus feats: May optionally be taken using a class-specific bonus slot, such as Weapon Focus for Fighter, Spell Focus for Wizard, or Deflect Arrows for Monk.
  3. Exclusive feats: Only available to members of one or more classes, such as Weapon Specialization for Fighter, Inspire Excellence for Bard, or Improved Turning for Paladin and Cleric. Many exclusive feats are also class feats, such as Uncanny Dodge for Barbarian and Rogue; or bonus feats, such as Deflect Arrows for Monk.