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Conjure Bolts

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Name: Conjure Bolts
School: Conjuration
Level: Art 1
Spell Point Cost: 10
Components: VerbalIcon tooltip.pngVerbal: A verbal component is a spoken incantation. You cannot cast spells that require this component if you cannot act or speak. This has no gameplay applications in DDO, as all characters can always speak and there are no effects which prevent you from doing so., SomaticIcon tooltip.pngSomatic: A somatic component is a measured and precise movement of the hand. You cannot cast spells that require this component if you cannot move causing arcane spell failure resulting in a ruined spell. Spells without a somatic component may be used with disregard to Arcane Spell Failure chance. Note - that characters make the same arm gestures for most spells in DDO, so you can't tell which spells require this component by watching your character's animations.
Metamagic: None
Range: Personal
Target: Self
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: No
Cooldown: 2 seconds

Conjures a stack of 1000 bolts for use with a crossbow. These bolts will remain until expended, or until you log out for an extended period of time.

These bolts begin with a +1 enhancement bonus to attack and damage and scale up as your caster level increases:

  • +2 at caster level 4
  • +3 at caster level 8
  • +4 at caster level 12
  • +5 at caster level 16
  • +6 at caster level 20 (maximum)

These bolts cannot be traded, and dissolve into nothingness after logout.


  • Each stack of 1,000 conjured bolts weighs 10 lbs, so it's quite possible to conjure yourself into encumbrance if you're not restrained.
  • The bonus of the weapon (bow or crossbow) and the bonus of the ammo do not stack. Combat uses the higher bonus of the two.

  • Bug: Inscribing this spell from a scroll, instead of learning it during leveling, results in the caster knowing and casting the scroll version (produces only +1 bolts) instead of the Artificer spell version version (bolts scale with Arti Level, from +1 to +6).source
Originally Posted by HAL Source

That is very strange - I wonder if the devs intended to have 2 different versions of that spell in-game.

Originally Posted by Cordovan (Contribs • Message• Cordovan) Source

String exceeds 1,000 character limit for automatic parsing of {{ BB code }}, passing quote through:
Yes and no. A bit of history on this one:

For a long time the Conjure Bolts scroll simply failed to conjure bolts. The reason it was broken was that the scroll was unable to scale the enhancement bonus of the bolts based on the caster's level. We fixed this bug by having the Conjure Bolts scroll only conjure +1 bolts. The current bug is that if you learn Conjure Bolts on your Artificer from the scroll, you're getting the scroll version of Conjure Bolts instead of the Artificer spell version.

Unfortunately, though, while this is a bug, it - probably - doesn't rise to a level that beats out other bugs we need to fix. "Most" artificers learn Conjure Bolts during leveling, and "most" players tend to get their enhancement bonus from the weapon rather than the ammunition. So, for "most" people, this really isn't much of an issue. This is an issue, though, for people who learn Conjure Bolts on their Artificer through the scroll and depend on the ammunition's enhancement bonus rather than the (typically higher) enhancement bonus on the weapon. The "solution" is to either pick the spell during level up, or get your bonus from the crossbow itself.