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Halfling Agility (enhancement)

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Icon Enhancement Halfling Agility.png
Halfling Agility: Up to once per second when you are hit, you gain 1% dodge until you are missed. This effect can stack up to 5 times.
AP Cost: 2 Ranks: 1 Progression: 15 Requires: Improved Dodge


Assuming that you have a 5% miss chance from AC, a 10% miss chance from assorted sources of dodge (items, epic destiny, Improved Dodge Halfling racial enhancement), and 20% miss chance from blur, this enhancement provides roughly 1.2% miss chance (additive), which is equivalent to a stacking 1.32% dodge. For characters with significant AC and/or Displacement, it becomes appreciably worse.

It is unknown if being hit by attacks which had no chance to miss (spells, traps, etc.) can trigger this effect. If so, its value is likely higher when taking mixed damage some of which can miss and others which cannot.