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I would like to create an arcane caster. Which class should I pick?

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So you want to be a caster?

In DDO, there are two classes that are considered mainly arcane casters. Those are the Sorcerer and the Wizard. But, along with those classes there are several that are partially arcane casters. Those are Bard, Artificer, and Ranger. I'll go through all of them.

Main Casters[edit]

Whether it be buffs of offensive spells, these characters usually don't do much besides spell casting. It is not recommended to wear armor as that can lead to arcane spell failure. Spells for both are here


Wizards tend to have higher spell DCs. This helps the spells they cast actually land on the enemy. Their main casting stat is intelligence. The also have bonus feats at levels 1, 5, 10, 15, and 20. Most are metamagic feats, which allow you to make spells more powerful but at the cost of more spell points. It is also worth considering that Wizards have slightly less spell points, but they can change spells as long as they are rested and in a tavern or near a rest shrine and have the spell in their spell book.

Currently there are two enhancement lines available for the Wizard. The first and more commonly chosen is the Pale Master. It involves casting necromancy spells that are quite powerful. You can also put yourself in a form that makes you more powerful, but you are unaffected by regular healing and repair sells and must be healed by negative energy.

The second available line is the Archmage line. It gives you more spell points, but also allows you to spend some of your spell point limit to get spell like abilities, which are basically spells that only cost one spell point. This makes it easier to cast commonly used spells.


Sorcerers biggest boon is their large spell pool, quick casting speed, and reduced spell cooldown. They are given less spell choices than a Wizard, but they can spam these spells much quicker. They also get many more spell points per level and receive more spell points from items. The big drawback for most is that you can only swap one spell every three days by talking to your class' trainer. If you manage to obtain a Blood of Dragons or buy one from the store, you are able to change your spells freely for one hour. The Sorcerers main casting stat is charisma. Sorcerers enhancement lines are known as savants and they are one of the reasons people go sorcerer.

Savants are essentially elemental masters. There are four types, each corresponding to an element. They are Air Savants, Water Savants, Earth Savants, and Fire Savants. They become much more powerful in their element, but at the same time become less powerful with opposing elements. I.e. if you are a Fire Savant, you lose power with water and cold spells. They also gain spell like abilities related to their element.

Partial Casters[edit]

These classes are part caster, but also part something else.


Along with using crossbows, Rune Arms, and a companion, Arcanotechnician Artificers can make some lethal casters. They can not only do some great offensive spells, such as Blade Barrier and Tactical Detonation but also focus heavily on electric spells such as Blast Rod or Lightning Bolt. They use intelligence for casting. If you like doing some great ranged damage with some high damage casting on the side, or focusing completely on spells this may be class for you. Spellbook here.


Spellsinger Bards are the best buffers in game, and can heal quite well, but can also become fairly strong offensive casters. They can specialize in sonic damage spells such as Greater Shout and Soundburst, mixing offensive power with crowd control in a potent combination. Spellsingers are also exceptionally powerful crowd controllers, utilizing enchantment spells like Hold Monster and Dominate Person to prevent enemies from harming their party or even making enemies fight for them. Bards use Charisma for spellcasting. Spells here


Whether you want to be a full on caster or a partial caster, it's up to you. Just remember to pick what suits your playstyle.

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