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Item:Kobold Mining Union Rulebook

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Kobold Mining Union Rulebook, focus orb
Kobold Mining Union Rulebook, description

Minimum level: None

Item Type: Miscellaneous

Slot: None

Binding: UnboundIcon tooltip.pngUnbound: This item is Unbound, and may take permanent damage.

Durability: 5

Material: Gem

Hardness: 20

Weight: 0.01 lbs.

Location: Smuggler's Rest or Crystal Cove, free copies given on request by Foreman Wee Yip Yip

Description: The rules of the Kobold Mining Union for mining dragonshards in Crystal Cove.


Out-of-game note: Although the name shown on the book itself is Kobold Minion Union Rulebook, the name shown on the focus orb (and thus the title of this page) is Kobold Mining Union Rulebook.

This rulebook prepares you for the Crystal Cove challenge. You can safely throw it away. (You can always ask Foreman Wee Yip Yip for a fresh free copy.)


  1. Kobold Union workers are paid to haul crystals to home base. Union workers are not paid to think.
  2. Kobold Union workers must remain within 20 paces of Safety Incense Torches at all times.
  3. Workers are not allowed to move the torches. Leave that to security professionals (i.e. adventurers).
  4. Union Foreman has additional torches in stock at Union regulated prices.
  5. Union workers are not issued weapons because of 'the last time'.
  6. In case of combat, workers are authorized to scream and run around in panic until rescued.
  7. Beware purple crystals! They are worth more, but are unstable. Approach with caution. Kobold Union is not liable for purple-explosion-of-doom-related casualties.
  8. The Union takes a percentage cut of whatever they earn, and gives the rest to security (i.e. adventurers). But if the quota isn't met, security gets nothing!
  9. Union Foreman may hire additional workers up to Union-established workplace safety limit.
  10. Union fees increase on each confirmed casualty due to hazardous work environment.
  11. Union Foreman issues barrels to security to distribute as they see fit. Do not fight over barrels.
  12. In case of death, Union will issue outstanding wages to next of kin, then plan on hiring next of kin.
  13. Workers are authorized to touch Kobold Teleporters to get back to base quickly. Foreman has two in stock, to be deployed by security.
  14. Workers are not authorized to move Kobold Teleporters. That's security's job.
  15. Adventurers can use Pirate Port or Touring Tonic to get back to base. They're too hot-blooded to use Kobold Teleporters.
  16. Foreman honors Requisition Forms as well as raw crystals for purchases.
  17. Requisition Forms are sold in the store, but may also be found as trophies.
  18. If all adventurers leave the mining area, the Union will abandon the site and go home.
  19. No biting. No excuses.