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Item:Wand of Blasting

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This item cannot be fed to sentient jewels.

Wand of Blasting[edit]

UMD Difficulty 35 Fireball.png
Elemental Surge

Caster Level: 12
10/10 Charges

No UMD check for: Wiz, Sor
Minimum Level: 10
Binding Bound to Character on Acquire, ExclusiveIcon tooltip.pngBound to Character on Acquire: This item is Bound to Character on Acquire
This is an Exclusive item. You may only carry one at a time.
Durability: 25 / 25
Material: WoodIcon tooltip.pngWood: Wood is common for use in Quarterstaffs, bows, or ammo.
Hardness: 10
Weight: 0.10 lbs
Base Value: 22,400 pp
Location: Diplomatic Impunity, end chest

Not upgradeable

Description Many strange and powerful magical artifacts have been unearthed from the ancient Droaam ruins. This one is a wand that unpredictably casts one of many destructive spells when activated.
Notes Suspected damage:
  • 10d6 fire, cold, acid, or electric damage (unconfirmed).
  • Deals ~70-75 damage with Wand Mastery I (+25%). Perhaps 12x(1d3+3) = average 60
  • 55-65 damage with no wand damage enhancements. 12x(1d3+3) looks about right (and is consistent with its caster level of 12)
  • Does not appear to have a saving throw
  • Charges take more time to regenerate than they do for other eternal wands.
Wand of Blasting.png