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Named quest rewards

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Although most quest-givers allow you to select one item from a randomly-generated list of treasure items, certain multi-part quest chains have a fixed list of named, pregenerated items available. Almost all such items are Bind on Acquire (disallowing exchange between characters). You won't be able to choose freely between those, since all the quest-givers replace some of those items by random ones "of equal value".

Nightforge AegisNightforge ArmbandsNightforge Avenger BladeNightforge GorgetNightforge GougeNightforge HammerNightforge MeshNightforge DarkhelmNightforge DarkscaleNightforge DocentNightforge PlateNightforge SpikeNightforge Stiletto

Black Wolfskin BeltBlack Wolfskin CloakBlademaster BracersBlademaster GauntletsCrimson GemstoneFanged WrapsFist of DaarguulKhyber's FuryKrugg's Spiked BootsLhor-Tragu's Shadowed ArmorSpider Silk RobeSplinterskull Acolyte RingSplinterskull ChainmailSplinterskull DocentTotemic Staff of SplinterskullVisor of the Flesh Render GuardsWarmaster HalfplateWhisperdoom's FangYarkuch's GreatswordYarkuch's HelmZulkash's Bone Necklace

Destructive Hooked BladeFrostflame DocentFrostflame RobeGnollish War BowHooked BladeMark of Bal MoleshMark of Rhesh TurakbarMark of SheshkaMark of Tzaryan RracOgrish War AxeStaff of the ShadowTrial by Fire

Black Dragonhide ArmorBlack Dragonplate ArmorBlack Dragonscale ArmorBlack Dragonscale DocentBlack Dragonscale Robe

Blue Dragonhide ArmorBlue Dragonplate ArmorBlue Dragonscale ArmorBlue Dragonscale DocentBlue Dragonscale Robe

Barovian's SceptreMacabre Heavy PickMacabre LongswordMacabre RapierMacabre ShurikenMorninglord's Heavy PickMorninglord's KukriMorninglord's SceptreNightmother's Sceptre

-1 Quarterstaff of Lesser Halfling BaneLesser Pendant of Travel

Blade of InquisitionBoots of FaithCandlelightCardinal's GlovesCloak of the AsylumDagger of InquisitionEternal RestEternal Wand of Cure Minor WoundsEternal Wand of Magic MissileFlamekeep DocentGoggles of the InquisitionGuidanceMarguerite's NecklaceMask of the AsylumMorningstar of the HereticPillar of LightRing of the ArchbishopRobe of DualitySanctuarySilver Flame BracersTemplar's ChainTemplar's LeatherTemplar's MailWooden Prayer Beads

Blood MacheteBubble BeltCestiCliffdiver Luck CharmsFiltration ModuleHobnail BootsJeweler's LoupeMummified BatMystical Dried FishOilskin TunicPhantasmic MasquePiledriverPoison RingQuicksilver CassokQuilted CapeScavenged WarplateShamanic StaffSheridan's RuinSheridan's WrackShrunken HeadSkin of the MockerySnowstarSwampscale ArmorThe Devourer's HungerWharfrat's Plank

Blacklace BlindfoldBoneshard FluteCarnifexCoronachDelera's VestmentDevotion (Handwraps)Docent of the TombGolden CartoucheHeadman's HoodHellfire CloakIron ManaclesLinen HandwrapsObsidian DaggerRusted ShirtSerpentbranchSigil of StormreachSilverflame HauberkSkeleton KeySparkstrikerSwitchblade BootsTrapsmith's ToolbeltVoice of the MasterWighthide ArmorWrath of Siberys

Corsair's Cap

Dragoncraft BreastplateDragoncraft DocentDragoncraft Leather ArmorDragoncraft Plate ArmorDragoncraft RobeDragoncrafted BreastplateDragoncrafted DocentDragoncrafted Leather ArmorDragoncrafted Plate ArmorDragoncrafted RobeRestored Dragoncraft BreastplateRestored Dragoncraft DocentRestored Dragoncraft Leather ArmorRestored Dragoncraft Plate ArmorRestored Dragoncraft Robe

Dragontouched BreastplateDragontouched DocentDragontouched Leather ArmorDragontouched Plate ArmorDragontouched ShroudDragontouched Vestments

Elfcraft BreastplateElfcraft DocentElfcraft Leather ArmorElfcraft Plate ArmorElfcraft RobeElfcrafted Chain ArmorElfcrafted Chain ShirtElfcrafted DocentElfcrafted Plate ArmorElfcrafted RobeRestored Elfcraft BreastplateRestored Elfcraft DocentRestored Elfcraft Leather ArmorRestored Elfcraft Plate ArmorRestored Elfcraft Robe

Blood's BellowsDocent of the ClawEmerald GuardPlume of AdherenceRaiment of the FerventScales of Surety

Alarphon's StaffBelt of the Sun SoulBoots of the WoodsmanBracers of the Sun SoulBreastplate of the Shining SunDraught of Greater HeroismDraught of Hearty Apple CiderDraught of Sparkling Apple CiderImplement of the Deep WoodsLeathers of the WoodsmanLenses of the WoodsmanOathbladePotion of Death WardPotion of Lasting HastePotion of RestorationPurple Dragon ArmorPurple Dragon GauntletsPurple Dragon HelmSignet of the Shining SunStar of DayStout Oak Walking StickSymbol of the Shining SunVestments of the Sun SoulWar Wizard's AmuletWar Wizard's BracersWar Wizard's Robes

Boots of the MireShaman's BeadsSiren's Charm

Giantcraft BreastplateGiantcraft DocentGiantcraft Leather ArmorGiantcraft Plate ArmorGiantcraft RobeGiantcrafted Chain ArmorGiantcrafted Chain ShirtGiantcrafted DocentGiantcrafted Plate ArmorGiantcrafted RobeRestored Giantcraft BreastplateRestored Giantcraft DocentRestored Giantcraft Leather ArmorRestored Giantcraft Plate ArmorRestored Giantcraft Robe

Axe of FamineBeholder Plate ArmorBeholder Plate DocentBow of SinewPolycurse DaggerQuivering QuiverScepter of Mad TrickeryThaarak Bracelet

Amulet of Inner FocusAmulet of the Brute

Bracers of the ClawElder's CapRaven's TalonsRing of the MireRing of VenomSacred HelmShaman's BandSiren's BeltThe Pea Shooter

Demonic BreastplateDocent of DefenseRing of BalanceScepter of Healing

Morninglord's Raiment

Blessed GogglesGoggles of InsightOrnate Goggles

Benign BreathDalorent's SealGhostbane LongbowKaelth's TouchLumric's LongbowMorleth's DocentRighteous BracersSignal of the Silver FlameSignet of the Silver FlameTouch of the Silver Flame

Eyes of the Reaper: Fire

Cloak of FaithCurative CloakFeather CloakThought Spike

Fang of SiberysFleshshaper's BrigandineFleshshaper's DocentGlorious ObscenityInfused Chaos DocentNature's VengeanceUnstable Handwraps

Kwan's BandRunic Trinket

Anger's StepArcane GogglesArchivist's GogglesDevoted GogglesNimble GraspPathfinder's BootsProtector's GlovesTroubleshooter's Goggles

AdherenceArrondiBijioDeath's DoorFanionSorrelTalon

Aegis of FlameBastion of FealtyBeacon of TiraChain of ConvictionCloth of the FaithfulDocent of the Flames

Battered HelmEngraved CircletStraw HatTattered Cowl

Minos LegensMuffled VeneerSeraphimTotemic LavalierTradusorUndying Gaze

AccompliceAsbestos BootiesBracers of SpiderkindBrass BeaverBrilliant Docent of the DawnCoin BeltCrystal PrismDomus' CuirassFencer's GarbFernian WrapsGlacial CasqueGuard of the ShogunJeweled HammerKundarak Trooper's ShieldMantle of the WorldshaperPenny WhistleRabbit GlovesRatcatcherRecoyleRetributionSpectacular OpticsThanatos WeaveTheurgic Stave

Axe BaneBracers of AssistanceSpear Bane

Battered Marketplace ShieldBoots of CorrosionCharged GauntletsDiabolist's DocentDiabolist's RobeEnvenomed CloakGoggles of Time-SensingStaff of Nat GannTimeblade

Gloves of the ClawNecklace of VenomSacred Band

Discarded RingFintan's BiteLhorne's BladeMin's HandwrapsMolin's Great AxeOladren's Great CrossbowThera's RapierValen's Mace


Ember Great AxeEmber Heavy MaceEmber LongswordEmber RapierEmber Repeating Light CrossbowEmber SickleEternal Wand of Finger of FireEternal Wand of Spark of LightSoren's Handwraps

Elder's FocusRaven's Sight

Acrobat's RingArmor of the Unknown HeroBlack Widow BracersBloodletter's KnifeCorrosion Eternal Wand of Acid SplashFlame WardenGloves of DeceitGnashtooth Piecemail ChainGnashtooth SickleGoggles of GrabbingGraskitch's SkullcapGuardkiller BowInterogator's ShieldLost Docent of the MastermindMelt Wood StaffMisery's WebMoss Weave CloakPastemakerScales of the AncestorsSewer SmockSludge Fin BootsTunnelworm Champion's BeltVenn's Necklace

Antique GreataxeBattered Phiarlan ShieldBrimstone VergeChulchannad's ClawFull Plate of the RingleaderIllusionist's GarbRing of Elemental EssenceRoderic's WandUtility Vest

Anger's GiftArcane NecklaceArchivist's NecklaceDevoted NecklaceNimble BroochPathfinder's NecklaceProtector's BroochTroubleshooter's Necklace

Berserker BracersCloven Jaw War BeadsFlickerGatewarden's GirdleGloves of the PoetGuardian's DaggerNecromantic RobePuzzle CapRing of Dragon's BreathScorpion StaffShadow StarSpellshield DocentSpider SpikeSpiked Mace of the ElementsStonedust ChainStonedust LeatherSurefoot BootsTrapblast GogglesUnfinished Elemental PlatemailVial of SlumberdustWitchdoctor's Mantle

Nicked GreatswordNicked Heavy MaceNicked KamaNicked Light HammerNicked LongbowNicked LongswordNicked OrbNicked QuarterstaffNicked Repeating Light CrossbowNicked ScimitarNicked Shortsword

Crystallized Widow's EyeWidow Weave CloakWidowblight

Agile BeltGirdle of Lesser FortitudeRugged Belt

Experienced Evil

Threnalian War BladeThrenalian War Dagger

Brine Shaman's StaffCorsair's BandanaCorsair's CufflinksCorsair's GaloshesPirate Treasure MapScoundrel's CutlassScoundrel's GreatswordScoundrel's LongswordScoundrel's Repeating Heavy Crossbow


White Dragonhide ArmorWhite Dragonplate ArmorWhite Dragonscale ArmorWhite Dragonscale DocentWhite Dragonscale Robe