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A piker is a player character that stands inside the entrance of a quest and allows other party members to complete quests for them. This behavior is frowned about by some while permitted/encouraged by others. Pikers welcome! Or No pikers allowed!

Piking is a way of life and an artform. After mastering the ways of the Gimp I have dedicated myself to learning the ways of the Piker.

I started off by using lag excuses.. "Sorry guys, I can't move" but surprisingly I am able to make it to chests to loot... Must be because combat is over... Then comes the extended AFK, "Sorry guys, emergency". Then you use rubberbanding excuses which requires some twitch skills as it has to look real and jerk running on other player's screens needs to be believable. Next I started practicing misunderstanding... "Oh you wanted me on base 2 not 1, sorry I'm in the wrong place I'll run to base 3 right now."

I then mastered the cunning use of soul stone syndrome. It involves intentionally dying in what appears to be an unintentional way, offering a light hearted apology. The skill though comes from dying as far as possible from the shrine to limit the amount of work you need to do.

I am currently mastering a multiclass between rubberbanding, untimely death and extended afk's to try and get a perfect balance... "Bah guys, I'm rubberbanding and lag jumped into the lava. Afk quick until we can get to the shrine."

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