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Quests by location

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This page allows you to quickly view quests by quest giver's location. Please note that, categorizing here might be slightly different from the way in-game quest journal does it, as here on DDOwiki we use more specific locations.

Amrath quests[edit]

A New InvasionBastion of PowerDefiler of the JustDemon AssaultGenesis PointSins of AttritionThe Archons' TrialThe Devil's DetailsThe Weapons ShipmentTower of DespairWrath of the Flame

Ataraxia's Haven quests[edit]

ReclamationSykros' Jewel

Catacombs quests[edit]

Endgame: MargueriteEndgame: The Archbishop's FateSetting the Wards: The Lower CathedralSetting the Wards: The Patriarchs' CryptThe Crypt of Gerard DrydenThe Old ArchivesTo Find a Witness: Archbishop DrydenTo Find a Witness: Return to the Sanctuary

Delera's Graveyard quests[edit]

Free DeleraReturn to Delera's Tomb (quest)The Missing PartyThrall of the NecromancerValak's Mausoleum

Eveningstar quests[edit]

A Break In the IceA Stay at the InnA Study in SableBreaking the RanksCaught in the WebDetourDisciples of SharDon't Drink the WaterEscape PlanImpossible DemandsIn the Belly of the BeastLines of SupplyLost in the SwampMurder by NightOutbreakOvergrowthReclaiming the RiftRest StopSearch and RescueThe Battle for EveningstarThe Deal and the DemonThe Druid's CurseThe End of the RoadThe Haunted Halls of EveningstarThe House of Broken ChainsThe House of Death UndoneThe House of Rusted BladesThe Lost ThreadThe Mask of DeceptionThe Portal OpensThe RiddleThe Tracker's TrapThe Unquiet GravesThorn and PawTrial by FuryWhat Goes Up

Gianthold quests[edit]

A Cabal for OneGianthold TorMadstone CraterReturn to Cabal for OneReturn to Gianthold TorReturn to Madstone CraterReturn to Prison of the PlanesThe Fall of TruthThe Prison of the PlanesThe Reaver's Fate

Ruins of Gianthold quests[edit]

Hall of Heroes quests[edit]

Assault on the Aerie of the Slave LordsSecret of the Slavers' StockadeSlave Pits of the UndercityTavern BrawlTemple of Elemental Evil Part OneTemple of Elemental Evil Part TwoWhite Plume Mountain

House Cannith quests[edit]

Blown to BitsBrothers of the ForgeMultitude of MenacePower PlaySchemes of the EnemyThe Lord of BladesThe Master Artificer

House Deneith quests[edit]

Bargain of BloodSpies in the HouseStorm the BeachesThe Black LochThe PitThe Tide Turns

Anvilfire Inn quests[edit]

Hammersmith's Inn quests[edit]

Temple of the Sovereign Host quests[edit]

House Jorasco quests[edit]

And the Dead Shall Rise...Dreams of InsanityFrom Beyond the GraveInto the MistsLegendary Tempest's SpineNight Falls on StormreachQuarantineRedwillow's RuinsTempest's SpineThe Age of RageThe Enemy WithinThe GraverobberThe Madness of CrowdsThe Mystery of Delera's TombThe Path to MadnessThe Xorian CipherToxic Treatment

Drowning Sorrows Tavern quests[edit]

Open Palm Inn quests[edit]

House Kundarak quests[edit]

Caverns of KorromarGateway to KhyberHaywire FoundryMade to OrderPlane of NightTharashk ArenaThe Jungle of KhyberThe PrisonerThe Vault of Night

Ever Full Flagon quests[edit]

House Phiarlan quests[edit]

A Small ProblemDesert CaravanGwylan's StandPartycrashersThe Church and the CultThe SnitchThe Spawn of WhisperdoomThe Tear of DhakaanUnder the Big Top

Bogwater Tavern quests[edit]

Golden Wing Inn quests[edit]

Isle of Forgotten Dreams quests[edit]

Mining for Ancient SecretsRaiding the Giants' VaultReclaiming MemoriesThe Dreaming Dark (quest)

Keep on the Borderlands quests[edit]

Caged BeastThe Bugbear BanditsThe Hobgoblin HordeTotal ChaosTreasure HuntViolent DelightsWatch Your Step

Korthos Island quests[edit]

Misery's PeakNecromancer's DoomRedemption (quest)SacrificesStopping the Sahuagin

Shipwreck Shore quests[edit]

Korthos Village quests[edit]

Heyton's RestThe Cannith CrystalThe Storehouse's Secret

Wavecrest Tavern quests[edit]

Lordsmarch Palace quests[edit]

Assault on SummerfieldBlockade BusterSiegebreakerUndermine

Lordsmarch Plaza quests[edit]

Diplomatic ImpunityEyes of StoneFrame Work

Reaver's Refuge quests[edit]

Enter the KoboldMonastery of the ScorpionPrey on the HunterStealer of Souls

Restless Isles quests[edit]

Bring Me the Head of Ghola-Fan!Slavers of the Shrieking MinesThe Titan AwakesThe Twilight Forge

Ruins of Threnal quests[edit]

Entering the Gate ChamberEscort the ExpeditionHold for ReinforcementsIn Need of SuppliesSecure the AreaThe Gate ChamberThe Giant LieutenantsThe Giants' LairThe Giants' SuppliesThe Library of ThrenalThe Missing ExpeditionThe RescueThe Threnal Arena

Sharn quests[edit]

Alcorin's Forge - Staging Area quests[edit]

Sharn - Cliffside Docks District quests[edit]

Sharn - Clifftop Tower District quests[edit]

The Cogs quests[edit]

Smuggler's Rest (historic)[edit]

Combat Magic TrainingCombat TrainingEuphonia's ChallengeEuphonia's MissionStealth TrainingTalk to the Tavernkeep

Rook's Gambit quests[edit]

Sorrowdusk Isle quests[edit]

The Fane of the Six: Cleansing the TempleThe Fane of the Six: Fall of the PrelateThe Grey Moon's Den: ExterminationThe Grey Moon's Den: The Trollish ScourgeThe Iron Mines: Freeing AchkaThe Iron Mines: Justice for GrustThe Sanctum: Church of the FuryThe Sanctum: Quench the FlamesThe Temple Outpost: Captives of the CultThe Temple Outpost: The Libram of the Six

Tangleroot Gorge quests[edit]

Doom of the Witch-doctor: The Way to ZulkashDoom of the Witch-doctor: Zulkash, Herald of WoeFirst StrikeThe Deadly Package: Agent of the DarguulThe Deadly Package: The Stronghold KeyThe Hobgoblins' CaptivesThe Last Move: The Way to YarkuchThe Last Move: Yarkuch's Last StandWhisperdoom's SpawnYarkuch's War-plans

Tethyamar Mining Outpost quests[edit]

Desire in the DarkGraveyard ShiftRecords of the PastStrike BackThird Time's a Charm

The Cerulean Hills quests[edit]

Where There's Smoke...

The Harbor quests[edit]

An Explosive SituationArachnophobiaBringing the LightDurk's Got A SecretFear FactoryGarrison's Missing PackGood IntentionsGrim and BarettHaverdasherHiding in Plain SightHome Sweet SewerIn The FleshInvaders!Irestone InletKobold AssaultLost at SeaMemoirs of an Illusory LarcenerMissingProtect Baudry's InterestsRecovering the Lost TomeRetrieve the Stolen GoodsServants of the OverlordSinister StorageStealthy RepossessionStop Hazadill's ShipmentThe CaptivesThe Kobold's Den: Clan GnashtoothThe Kobold's Den: Rescuing ArlosThe Kobolds' New RingleaderThe Lords of DustThe Miller's DebtThe Smuggler's WarehouseThe Spinner of ShadowsVenn's Trail: Clan TunnelwormVenn's Trail: Venn's FateWalk the Butcher's Path

The Leaky Dinghy quests[edit]

The Wayward Lobster quests[edit]

The Inspired Quarter quests[edit]

Dream ConspiracyEye of the TitanFinding the PathI Dream of JeetsIn the Demon's DenThe MindsunderThe Shipwrecked Spy

The Land of Barovia quests[edit]

A Raven at the DoorDeath HouseFresh-baked DreamsMad Tea PartyOath of VengeanceRavens' BaneSealed in AmberSunriseThe Final VintageWrath of the Earth

Blood on the Vine Tavern quests[edit]

Blue Water Inn quests[edit]

Castle Ravenloft quests[edit]

The Marketplace quests[edit]

A Vision of DestructionArcher Point DefenseBlack and BlueCome Out and SlayDevil Assault (quest)Dirty LaundryFreshen the AirGladewatch Outpost DefenseHall of the MarkHound of XoriatKilling TimeLegendary Hound of XoriatMissing in ActionProof is in the PoisonRedfang the UnruledRepossessionRiding the Storm OutStand Your GroundThe Bookbinder RescueThe ChronoscopeThe Friar's NieceThe NewcomersThe Stormreaver FrescoThe Sunken SewerTo Find a Witness: Archbishop DrydenTower of Frost

Marketplace quests[edit]

Phoenix Tavern quests[edit]

The Steam Tunnels quests[edit]

The Necropolis quests[edit]

Ascension ChamberDesecrated Temple of VolDesecrated Temple of Vol (epic)Flesh Maker's LaboratoryFlesh Maker's Laboratory (epic)Ghosts of PerditionGhosts of Perdition (epic)Inferno of the DamnedInferno of the Damned (epic)Litany of the DeadThe Bloody CryptThe Cursed CryptThe Mark of DeathThe Shadow CryptTomb of the BlightedTomb of the Burning HeartTomb of the Crimson HeartTomb of the ForbiddenTomb of the Immortal HeartTomb of the Sanguine HeartTomb of the Shadow GuardTomb of the Shadow KingTomb of the Shadow KnightTomb of the Shadow LordTomb of the TormentedTomb of the Unhallowed

The Red Fens quests[edit]

Fathom the DepthsInto the DeepThe Claw of VulkoorThe Last Stand

The Spinner's Prison quests[edit]

Beyond the Rift

The Thunder Peaks quests[edit]

Fire on Thunder PeakTemple of the Deathwyrm

The Twelve quests[edit]

Acid WitAcute DeliriumAnother Man's TreasureDeliriumFashion MadnessKind of a Big DealMemory LapseMired in KoboldsPalace of StoneSubversionTerminal DeliriumThe Price of Freedom

The Tower of the Twelve quests[edit]

The Vale of Twilight quests[edit]

Let Sleeping Dust LieRainbow in the DarkRitual SacrificeRunning with the DevilsThe Coalescence Chamber

Meridia quests[edit]

Three-Barrel Cove quests[edit]

A Legend RevisitedBrood of FlameGhost of a ChanceGhost of a Chance (epic)Guard DutyOld Grey GarlOld Tomb, New TenantsPirates of the Thunder SeaPrecious CargoProve Your WorthProve Your Worth (epic)The Legend of Two-Toed TobiasThe Scoundrel's RunThe Stones Run RedThe Troglodytes' Get

Wheloon Docks quests[edit]

A Lesson in DeceptionArmy of ShadowFriends in Low PlacesShadow of a DoubtThe Thrill of the HuntThrough a Mirror Darkly

Zawabi's Refuge quests[edit]

Against the Demon Queen (quest)An Offering of BloodChains of FlameThe Chamber of RaiyumZawabi's Revenge

Sands of Menechtarun quests[edit]