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Riding the Storm Out

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The very air here seems to sizzle with arcane power. You spot a figure clad in robes of the Twelve crouched over by the remains of a Giant skeleton.

Dragonblood Prophecy adpack icon.jpg
DDO Point icon.png Requires access to adventure pack: Dragonblood Prophecy
Riding the Storm Out
Heroic level: None
Epic level: 32
(considered Legendary)
Duration: medium
Heroic XP: N/A
Epic XP:  ♦16,644Normal ♥17,042Hard ♠17,442Elite
Takes place in: Temple of the Storm
Bestowed by: Dalwyneth
NPC contact: Dalwyneth
Quest acquired in: The Marketplace
Patron: Agents of Argonnessen
Base favor: 10
Free to Play: No
Extreme Challenge: No
Riding the Storm Out map.png
Second Map
Loading screen


The Chamber of Argonnessen is worried about a rogue Blue Dragon named Kor Kaza. She plans to use ancient Giantish magic to summon a storm big enough to wipe out all life on Xen'drik. Speak to Dalwyneth in the Marketplace. She will send you to the Temple of Storm to confront Kor Kaza.

Spoiler Warning: Information below this point can be considered spoiler material!


  • Defeat the dragon Kor-Kaza
  • Use the control points to open a way to the surface
  • Find a way to dispel the storm
  • Reset all control point pairs: 6 left

What to Expect

Tips and Misc

Must be level 27 or higher to enter the raid.


  • Two memory style puzzles in the opening room, opposite each other, with a lever below each. When the lever is pulled, a sequence of 3 random tiles will light up on the 3x3 "number pad puzzle". That sequence will have to be repeated by a player. Then a new sequence of 4 tiles will light up and then another sequence of 5 tiles. When the third sequence is solved the entire puzzle will light up. An error will cause the entire puzzle to reset and all sequences will have to be repeated. Once solved, the puzzle will stay lit for 45 seconds (on all difficulties) before resetting (turning dark).
PC vs Phone number pad
  • When you need to communicate using the number in this regard, note there are differences between PC/calculator ten-key and phone number pad.
  • The two puzzles in the entrance room have enough delay for one person to solve both.
  • Solving both puzzles will open a gate to the main area and locks instance.

Main area, below platform

  • In the main arena, a number of giant skeletons will spawn. They can easily be killed, turn or kited around. Some of them need to be split in order to prevent HP regen.
  • The red-named Skeleton, Forgotten Stormborn King, will (like the blue dragon) cast Storm Magic, a debuff that increases the target's vulnerability to electrical and magical damage.
  • The Forgotten Stormborn King casts Guided Light that on EN can deal 700+ electric damage.
  • Storm Magic can be dispelled by Under Shelter buff which you can get by going below the platform. Taking Dimension Door and going to entrance area won't lock you out of the raid so you can wait for its expiration there too.
  • In the main arena, a raised plateau is surrounded by a force field behind which the blue dragon has shielded itself. Three freestanding walls with bands of arcane energy on top; one to the west, one to the north and one to the east, each have TWO memory puzzles, one on each side. These puzzles will have to be solved in a similar manner to the ones in the entry room to drop the barrier. Each PAIR of puzzles have to be solved together (time for reset unknown). All six do not need to be solved simultaneously, meaning two people can do puzzles while the rest of the party keeps the skeletons away.
  • When all three pairs of puzzles are lit, the force field will come down and Reverse Gravity effect (where tornado-like air streams are) will turn on, making it possible to reach the plateau.

Main area, above platform

  • The blue dragon has a very large pool of hit points and deals massive electrical damage, including the debuff Storm Magic. This buff will stack multiple times (how many unknown; 16 observed).
  • A designated tank should take his aggro and others should attack him from side or back, in order to avoid getting hit by his lightening breath/Storm Magic.
  • Also, when yellow runes are lit floating around the dragon, all the party members should go hide around the dragon's tail, between his closed wings, in order to avoid the lightning/Storm Magic also.
  • From time to time Air Elementals will spawn, and white circles appear on the ground; kill the elementals quickly and get back into the fight.
  • As you beat the dragon down to a certain point, she will fly away. Now west, north and east gates leading to side areas are all open. You must go do another 6 puzzle pairs around the area.

Side areas, 7 puzzle pairs

  • From this point all your party members are under Eye of the Storm effect (deals lightning DoT, 7 seconds a tick). This effect keeps adding up your Storm Magic charge, unless you are under the Shelter effect or reset its charge by the Storm Cage effect obtained while you are on one of the runes.
  • Since only one person can use a rune/Cage effect at one time, when other party members are around you, you shouldn't occupy the rune for too long.
  • Most puzzles are behind the gates, locked by rune pillars. Rune pillars are activated as you get hit by lightning 3 times while you are on corresponding runes beneath them.
  • You must go though all 7 puzzle pairs (so 14 puzzles total). However unlike previous puzzles, these pairs don't have to be solved in a timely manner.
  • Depending on your party leader's choice, group may split up, and activating rune pillars and solving puzzles requires teamwork. However things tend to go rough here if you don't know what you are doing.
  • Shrines on the NE corner also have Under Shelter effect. On normal rest shrine is reusable every 15 minutes.

Main area, above platform

  • As you finish the 6 pairs of puzzles, DoT effect ends. You can now go back to the platform and begin the dragon fight again. He is back at full at this point.
  • From this point, if you go under the platform where you can get Under Shelter effect, one Storm Priest and three Skeleton Archers spawn around there. These keep respawning and cannot be kited away (they get reset with white circle/rubber-band mechanic if pulled from the spawn point). So notify people of this in party chat, and make sure nobody in your group goes there.
  • Pretty much same procedure as before, however a red named Air Elemental would spawn on harder difficulty (Elite and Reaper only?).
  • At some point when Kor Kaza is around 50% to 30% health (seems to vary depending on difficulty), four Forgotten Storm Priests will spawn below the platform. This is in addition to one Priest + three Archers mentioned above. If you get knocked off of the platform they'll aggro on you, charge up your Storm Magic counter real fast and eventually kill you even after you go up on the platform.
  • One tactic here is to send someone with Dimension Door to pull all four of them to a side area and die there, or come back up via the entrance, to keep them out of the fight. If your group is not killing Air Elementals fast enough or is on harder difficulty, you have to do this.
  • As you kill the dragon, quest is completed and a resurrection shrine and a chest will spawn. The Four Storm Priests also will die simultaneously.

Bonus XP


  • Chests: 1 end chest, contains  ♦64Normal ♥84Hard ♠125Elite Kor Kaza Runes
  • Collectables: several adventure packs below platform
  • NPC rewards: Standard with raid rune system.
    • Currently, you have to have the raid completed and off the raid timer in order to access the NPC barter dialog option.DDO Forums

Named Chest Drop

All items are ML 29 and Bound to Character on AcquireBound to Character on Acquire: This item is Bound to Character on Acquire.


Name(picture) CR Type Race
Forgotten Storm King(NoPic)
No pic.jpg
 ♦40Epic Normal ♥44Epic Hard Undead Skeleton
Forgotten Storm Priest(NoPic)
No pic.jpg
 ♦36Epic Normal ♥38Epic Hard Undead Skeleton
Kor Kaza(view)
Kor Kaza.jpg
 ♦35Epic Normal ♥39Epic Hard Dragon Blue Dragon
Forgotten Stormborn(NoPic)
No pic.jpg
 ♦36Epic Normal ♥38Epic Hard Undead Skeleton
Forgotten Storm Thrall(NoPic)
No pic.jpg
 ♦32Epic Normal ♥35Epic Hard Undead Skeleton
Storm Fury(NoPic)
No pic.jpg
 ♥35Epic Hard Elemental Air Elemental

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