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Talk:Deepwood Stalker enhancements

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Currently, Merciful Shot seems to be bugged and scaling with melee power, but I'm afraid I'm a bit new on the wiki and I don't know the best way to show it, especially since the Merciful Strike ability properly scales with melee power. Zunzyne (ContribsMessage) 18:54, June 17, 2016 (EDT)

Survivalist PRR for Warforged & Bladeforged applies to Composite Plating, but not Mitral Body. I tested and observed gain of 3, 4 & 5 for total of 12 when using only Composite Plating. This is significant, since cloth or no armor on humanoids does not get the bonus, a construct can at least still receive it and current wording does not make this clear. This may not be a bug, but rather that it is intended to apply at only one "level" of armor. That is the devs likely chose for this to not apply to both composite and mithral levels as that would be not balance with humanoid levels. Composite plating is considered a "very" light armor and does have 5% arcane spell failure, so this is likely why they chose it. Technically Mithral Body should apply, but it would give constructs more advantage with this enhancement, so I doubt it will ever be changed. This is all too much detail and conjecture to express on the page, which is why I brought it up here. So I changed the wording on Survivalist 1, 2 & 3 to remove "Bug: Survivalist PRR does not work for Warforged or Bladeforged with Mithral Body" and changed it to read "Note: For Warforged and Bladeforged the PRR bonus works with Composite Plating but not with Mitral Body". This simply states how it works for constructs, so players can decide how to apply it on their builds. -- Freememory (ContribsMessage) 15:01, June 30, 2019 (EDT)