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Talk:Stone of Change - Recipes

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Note that most items that don't have recipes cannot be placed into the Stone of Change -- however for some reason the following items can be placed in the stone of change... maybe these are unfound recipes?

Bounty Bags Quivers Holding bags (small collectables bag, small gem bag, etc.)

Alchemical Rituals[edit]

  • There seem to be two sections: Adamantine and Eldritch. Does the prohibition to "one alchemical ritual" mean one of each, or just one, end of discussion? I.e. have one adamantine ritual and one eldritch on a weapon at the same time?
  • Does doing another one overwrite the old one? Or are you stuck with it?
  • How do levels I-V of the Adamantine work? Do they stack up? In other words, V is 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 = 25? This is not immediately obvious from the chart. Can you short-cut directly to V, or do you have to do I-IV first?
1-2 All Rituals are considered Alchemical Rituals.
They stack up Neouni 06:07, April 26, 2011 (EDT)
  • Can either be applied to a green steel weapon at, say, tier 2, and if so, can it still be upgraded to tier 3? Or is it perma-stuck at tier 2 now?
They can be applied to green steel fine, does not change the green steel crafting at all. E.I., you could make a green steel blank, apply Force Critical Ritual, add green steel tier 1 and 2, apply Force Damage Ritual (which would replace the Force Critical), add green steel tier 3, apply Adamantine Ritual I (replacing the Force Damage), then apply Adamantine Ritual II (replaces but requires Adamantine I), etc. Backley 10:24, April 26, 2011 (EDT)

Dodge Bonus[edit]

What's the stacking mechanic behind the +1 dodge bonuses from Alchemical Armor Eldritch Ritual and Alchemical Shield Eldritch Ritual? The word 'alchemical' is there for fluff or to differentiate them from standard +1 dodge bonuses? Do they stack with +1 dodge bonuses from other sources? The wording on the Dodge bonus page seems to indicate so but it leaves room for interpretation. by Mjoll (ContributionsMessage) 03:57, April 17, 2012 (EDT)

They're shown on items and char sheet as Dodge, but they're actually internally registered as Alchemical bonuses (same type as the house denith collectable pots) Which stack when coming from separate sources. Yawgmoth (ContributionsMessage) 05:08, April 17, 2012 (EDT)

yea, theres a long story on this topic (dodge bonus stacking) and i believe, at some point, they stated that they are going to rename this "alchemical dodge" thingy to something else. we should dig that up and {{quote}} that.

edit: Dodge bonus page has the quote actually... → yoko5000 (ContributionsMessage) 05:36, April 17, 2012 (EDT)

Technically it's a alchemical bonus, to your dodge bonus. Same type of idea as the Rough Hide enchantment - thats a "Rough Hide bonus to your natural armor bonus". Thought these types of overcomplicated distinctions exist theoretically for a PnP reason only: Some sources of AC only apply to certain attacks. EG: Incoporeal attacks ignore certain types of armor bonuses... But this doesn't apply to DDO, in DDO it's simplified: All of your AC always applies to everything, so the distinction isn't important.

Personal I'd type them as a: +1 "Eldritch Armor" bonus to ac and +1 "Eldritch Shield" bonus to ac

Because exact like named effects in DDO, internally - never stack due to how the game is coded. So saying they are both "+1 alchemical dodge bonuses" is incorrect - internally they each have a unique value, as they are different, and do indeed stack with each other (last I checked, years ago).

How they show up in the char sheet breakdown is mostly iirelevant imo, thats a huge mess filled with dozens of errors.. As its done seperately from the internals that actually effect gameplay. Infact you can get that display to display incorrect values if you stack enough stuff, the display on your inventory sheet is more accurate, and can differ in some cases.

Shade (ContributionsMessage) 08:23, April 17, 2012 (EDT)

Binding Items Fragment Cost[edit]

The formula for number of fragments needed doesnt always apply. I had a lvl 2 item that needed 400 fragments. If anyone knows the exact details about fragments needed, you should fix the page.