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The Rare Arcane Scroll List

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Most arcane spell scrolls can be purchased from a vendor. Vendors in The Portable Hole sell all spell scrolls that are not on this list. A few spells are purchasable in The Portable Hole but not at the arcane scroll vendors in Stormreach: Master's Touch, Protection from Elements, and Protection from Elements, Mass. Some spells are only available from the wizard trainer when you level up, or if you're lucky enough to find them, in a chest. You can also buy rare scrolls from other players on the Auction House.

The easiest way to identify the spell level of a Sorcerer/Wizard scroll is by the Caster Level of the scroll:

Spell Level = (Scroll's Caster Level + 1)/2

Level 1 Rare Arcane Scrolls

(CL 1 scrolls)

Level 2 Rare Arcane Scrolls

(CL 3 scrolls)

Level 3 Rare Arcane Scrolls

(CL 5 scrolls)

None known.

Level 4 Rare Arcane Scrolls

(CL 7 scrolls)

Level 5 Rare Arcane Scrolls

(CL 9 scrolls)

Level 6 Rare Arcane Scrolls

(CL 11 scrolls)

Level 7 Rare Arcane Scrolls

(CL 13 scrolls)

Level 8 Rare Arcane Scrolls

(CL 15 scrolls)

No vendor sells level 8 arcane scrolls. All level 8 arcane scrolls are rare:

Level 9 Rare Arcane Scrolls

(CL 17 scrolls)

No vendor sells level 9 arcane scrolls. All level 9 arcane scrolls are rare:

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