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Undead type

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Undead are once-living creatures animated by spiritual or supernatural forces.


An undead creature has the following features.

  • 12-sided Hit Dice.
  • Base attack bonus equal to ½ total Hit Dice (as wizard).
  • Good Will saves, poor reflex saves, very poor fort saves due to having no con score.
  • Skill points equal to (4 + Int modifier, minimum 1) per Hit Die, with quadruple skill points for the first Hit Die, if the undead creature has an Intelligence score. However, many undead are mindless and gain no skill points or feats.
  • Usually evil alignment. Only known exception is Cholthulzz.


An undead creature possesses the following traits (unless otherwise noted in a creature’s entry).

  • No Constitution score.
  • Darkvision out to 60 feet.
    • PnP trait. Does not yet apply to DDO.
  • Immunity to all mind-affecting effects (charms, compulsions, phantasms, patterns, and morale effects).
  • Immunity to poison, sleep effects, paralysis, stunning, disease, and death effects.
  • Not subject to critical hits/sneak attacks - All Undead are treated as having 100% fortification and sneak attack immunity. If you have effects that reduce fortification, you will be able to critical hit but not sneak attack them.
  • Not subject to nonlethal damage, ability drain, or energy drain. Immune to damage to its physical ability scores (Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution), as well as to fatigue and exhaustion effects.
  • Cannot heal damage on its own if it has no Intelligence score, although it can be healed. Negative energy (such as an inflict spell) can heal undead creatures. The fast healing special quality works regardless of the creature’s Intelligence score.
  • Immunity to any effect that requires a Fortitude save (unless the effect also works on objects or is harmless).
    • PnP trait. Does not yet apply to DDO.
  • Uses its Charisma modifier for Concentration checks.
    • PnP trait. Does not yet apply to DDO as monsters do not make concentration checks. Player Undeads (Palemasters) continue to use their constitution score.
  • Not at risk to most insta-death effects (they are already dead.. However a few special ones still work), They are instead vulnerable to disruption, turn undead and undeath to death effects. Immediately destroyed when reduced to 0 hit points or less.
  • Not at risk of death from massive damage, but when reduced to 0 hit points or less, it is immediately destroyed.
    • PnP trait. Technically applies to DDO for players only - Palemasters are instantly destroyed at 0 hit points. All monsters regardless of race immediately die at 0 hitpoints.
  • Not affected by raise dead and reincarnate spells or abilities. Resurrection and true resurrection can affect undead creatures. These spells turn undead creatures back into the living creatures they were before becoming undead.
    • PnP trait. Does not yet apply to DDO - Player in undead form may be raised by any standard effect if they die in undead form.
  • Proficient with its natural weapons, all simple weapons, and any weapons mentioned in its entry.
  • Proficient with whatever type of armor (light, medium, or heavy) it is described as wearing, as well as all lighter types. *Undead not indicated as wearing armor are not proficient with armor. Undead are proficient with shields if they are proficient with any form of armor.
  • Undead do not breathe, eat, or sleep.
  • Undead are an ideal choice for the Ranger feat, Favored Enemy. This grants rangers a +2 to their damage rolls on undead creatures at level 1, which increases by 2 with every fifth Ranger level.

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