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16,000 edits and counting!
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You are thee legendary master of the dark side!!!

Yoko5000 has 10,000 or more edits - keep up the good work!

about me[edit]

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  • Thank you for a visit
  • あー、どもでっす
  • 欢迎 欢迎
  • 방문 고마워요

hi, thank you for a visit on my user page. im yoko5000, a long time DDOwiki contributer and thus an admin (well, sorta). you can find me in game on Thelanis, for my gimp characters check out my myddo page or forum sig. dont expect me to help you much in game though, i act as an elitist asshat, a loot whore and a build nazi in there.biggrin.gif yea, yea i know, typical internet jerk/ internet toughguy i am, cannot deny that. /vomit

as for RL side, follow me on Twitter if you would, im a 30yrs old Japanese dude with regular job. um, for the record, my user name is related to my real name but not Youko or Yohko which is a typical Japanese girls' name. IM A GUY, so go somewhere else if you were looking for a hot Asian chick on this **vast and infinite** internet. oh, and im not an anime fan either, so no deal on that kind of topics!

as not being native to English, i make a lot of mistakes on spelling/grammer while editing, sorry for that, it makes me angry too, learning the damned language for 20 years still dont make me handle it well enough but you know thats life... if you find any of my many mistakes, please feel free to fix it by yourself. please leave messages on my talk page if you need help on wiki or anything. thank you again.

good stuff[edit]


Thats right friends, YOU are a Zerger!

Once upon a time, when you were nothing more than a scrap of genetic material in the shape of a snap cap, you were blasted out of the tip of your daddy’s flesh howitzer. What did you do? Did you hang around pondering the meaning of your existence like the other noob snap caps? No, you didn’t. Did you get yourself stuck on the uterine walls like the other noob snap caps? No, you didn’t. What did you do? You ZERGED baby! You zerged the f*** out of that hallway of destiny and beat out millions upon millions of nooblet snap caps in the process. You found that eggy chest of goodness and you looted that bad boy! You can’t now fight that positive instinctual reinforcement. It’s in your nature to Zerg, you wouldn’t be here but for Zerging!

So to you , I say, don’t fight your nature, don’t fight your instincts. Zerg on you brave little snap-cap! [1]


Piking is a way of life and an artform. After mastering the ways of the Gimp I have dedicated myself to learning the ways of the Piker.

I started off by using lag excuses.. "Sorry guys, I can't move" but surprisingly I am able to make it to chests to loot... Must be because combat is over... Then comes the extended afk, "Sorry guys, emergency". Then you use rubberbanding excuses which requires some twitch skills as it has to look real and jerk running on other player's screens needs to be believable. Next I started practicing misunderstanding... "Oh you wanted me on base 2 not 1, sorry I'm in the wrong place I'll run to base 3 right now."

I then mastered the cunning use of soul stone syndrome. It involves intentionally dying in what appears to be an unintentional way, offering a light hearted apology. The skill though comes from dying as far as possible from the shrine to limit the amount of work you need to do.

I am currently mastering a multiclass between rubberbanding, untimely death and extended afk's to try and get a perfect balance... "Bah guys, I'm rubberbanding and lag jumped into the lava. Afk quick until we can get to the shrine." [2]

personal notes[edit]







usr talk[edit]