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Name: Velrath

Race: Drow Elf

Gender: Female

Bestows Quest(s): Mining for Ancient Secrets

Location: Isle of Forgotten Dreams

Notes: Velrath is a member of the small drow tribe in the Isle of Forgotten Dreams.

Isle of Forgotten Dreams[edit]

As soon as you arrive on the island, she will talk to you:

  • Velrath: We must bear outsiders to put food in our stomachs, but Chieftain Bitterblood knows we cannot trust them.
  • Velrath: Take care, <race>, for I have my eye on you!

After you acquire the quest The Interdiction Lens, she will reply:

  • Velrath: Be wary, stranger. Something has happened, and now evil spirits roam this island.
    • You: I'm looking for an Aspect Crystal to get rid of those spirits. -- Do you know where can I find one?
      • Velrath: You are very lucky, <race>. There is an Aspect Mine just ahead, where our ancestors were forced to mine Aspect Crystals for the old giants. You should still be able to find some deep inside.
      • Velrath: And, you are very unlucky..., evil spirits have appeared there as well. Enter the Aspect Mine if you wish, but you will sure perish if you go alone.
        • You: Then it's good that I'm not alone. -- I'll talk to you again, after I bring out an Aspect Crystal. (Bestow quest)
        • You: That is unfortunate, because I'm traveling by myself right now. -- Is there someplace else I can find an Aspect Crystal?
          • Velrath: Perharps the giants stored this crystal in one of their vaults—the Stormreaver had such a vault right here on this island.
          • Velrath: My brother, Murkletter, has spent months digging his way into the vault. Perharps he can help you.
          • Velrath: You can find Murkletter on the cliff above our camp.
            • You: All right, I'll go talk to Murkletter. -- Keep yourself safe from the spirits.

After completing Mining for Ancient Secrets, she will congratulate you:

  • Velrath: You came out of the mine alive..., I concede that you are a mighty <race>.
  • Velrath: Go now, take the Aspect Crystal to Channa d'Cannith back in our camp.

After you get an Aspect Crystal, but before handing it back to Channa, she will reply:

  • Velrath: Go now, take the Aspect Crystal to Channa d'Cannith back in our camp.

After you complete her quest and fixed the Interdiction Lens, she will reply:

  • Velrath:You found your Aspect Crystal, outsider. Be on your way!