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VIP Subscribers are accounts that pay either a monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, or annual fee to Standing Stone Games, they were introduced on the US Servers with the launch of Module 9 to differentiate between Premium Free To Play and Free To Play accounts. They were formerly known as regular DDO Subscribers.

Length of Term 1 Month 3 Month 6 Month 12 Month
Price Per Term in USD $14.99 $29.97 $59.94 $99.00
  • Pricing correct as of: January 2017.
  • Pricing may vary for European customers - but has historically always reflected the correct USD to GBP conversion rate.

VIP: Included benefits[edit]

  • In-Game Benefits
    • Move +10% faster in public spaces! This movement speed boost stacks with all other movement boosts in public areas.
    • Ability to create guilds for free.
    • Extra +10% XP. This bonus stacks with other sources of experience bonus.
    • Chat: Unlimited (Same as premium)
    • Customer service: Full. (Same as premium)
    • Idle Auto-logout: Increases to 60 minutes.
    • Gold Storage: Officially unlimited, technically limited to about 4.3 million pp. (Same as premium)
    • Mail: 50 maximum mails at a time. Anything over that will prevent you from bidding/posting in the AH/SE or receiving mail from other characters.
    • Auctions: 50 items up for sale on platinum auction house, 20 items on the Shard Exchange.
    • Access to all Adventure Packs (except expansion content)
    • Enter quests directly on Hard/Elite without having to run prior difficulties
    • Monster Manual access.
    • Sagas - the ability to skip one quest per quest saga.
    • Shared Bank Vault for free (20 slots)
    • Shared Bank: Platinum Vault: First tier (50,000 platinum deposit) for free.
    • Crafting Storage (FKA Bag Deposit Box): 45 slots for free. (33 more than Premium)
    • Daily Dice: One free roll on the Gold Chest each week.
    • Harper Agent enhancements: access for all characters to this enhancement tree.
    • Epic Destinies: If you have purchased Epic Destinies, you do not need to be at a Fatespinner to manipulate a character's Epic Destiny (spend Destiny points, etc.) and can do so in any public area
  • Account Benefits
    • 11 character slots per server (6 more than Premium, more may be purchased)
    • 500 complementary DDO Points per month. More may be purchased or earned by gaining Favor.
    • Access to the Druid, Monk and Warlock classes. Must purchase Artificer (account-wide) or unlock through Favor (per server). Must purchase Favored Soul (account-wide) or unlock through Favor (per server).
    • Official forums: Read/post. (Same as premium)
    • Beta priority: High. (May refer to the slow release speed of content packs on the Lamannia test server's version of the DDO Store)
    • Login Queue: Priority (This isn't a real benefit, the game has not yet implemented any log in queue tech, you simply get an error if the server is full regardless of your account type)
    • Access to the Warforged, Half-Elf, Half-Orc, Gnome, and Dragonborn races. Must purchase Drow (account-wide) or unlock through Favor (per server).
  • Special Benefits
    • On rare occasions, VIP's may receive other benefits such as exclusive in-game items (for example, the Alabaster Lioness Figurine of Wondrous Power offered early in 2017).

VIP: Terms & Conditions

  • Terms and conditions apply. DDO Points are distributed monthly based on the day of the month of your subscription activation.
  • New and existing subscribers can subscribe to Dungeons & Dragons Online® for only $9.99 a month when you sign-up for three months of service.
  • For existing subscribers upgrading their current subscription to the multi-month plan, the upgrade will take effect at the expiration of the subscription plan that is current at the time of the selection.
  • Druid Class and Eveningstar Challenge Pack are available with the release of Menace of the Underdark.
  • Menace of the Underdark and Shadowfell Conspiracy are expansions and are not included with VIP membership.

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