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DDO wiki:FAQ

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Game FAQs

Q - I used to play/still play pen and paper D&D. Exactly how similar is DDO?

A - DDO tries to be as close as possible, although some things had to be changed just because of the nature of a roleplaying multiplayer online game. For a summary of things that you might be used to that were changed, see the PnP differences page.

Q - The interface to the game is not what I'm used to, and I'm having difficulties doing some things. Got any help for me?

A - See if the Players manual has any tips to get you going.

Q - I'm looking for a piece of information, but I can't seem to find it. Is there anywhere here I can post to ask a question?

A - Sure thing. Head on over to the Reference desk.

Q - Can I find list of guilds, player characters and such on the wiki?

A - No. We don't host pages to advertise individual guilds nor characters. Try or instead, please.

Wiki FAQs

Q - I'd like to add some information to the site, but I've got a question about how to proceed and I don't know where to ask it.

A - This is also a good thing to hit the Help desk for.

Q - Should I create the new topic "Cool items" or "Cool item"?

A - If you intend to create a list (or category) of cool items, name the topic "Cool items" (or "Category:Cool items"). If you intend to describe what is a cool item, just name it "Cool item". Also check out the Naming policy for more detailed information on this.

Q - Should I create the new topic "Cool Items" or "Cool items"?

A - Second choice ("Cool items"). Only the first letter should be capitalized. Exceptions are proper nouns (like named items or monsters), acronyms like FAQ or AC, and abilities that are capitalized in-game (like feats or spells). Also check out the Naming policy for more detailed information on this.

Q - How do I upload images on the site?

A - To do that, please follow the "upload file" link on the toolbox side bar.

Q - What's up with the ads?

A - The ads help to pay for the hosting costs of the wiki. That said, there is an easy way to get rid of them. Once you login to the wiki, the ads will disappear! So if you haven't already, please register an account on DDO wiki and start contributing. Not only will you help out the DDO community, you also will no longer have to look at the ads. It's a win-win situation! :)

Q - I saw a bad ad (plat/gold farmer ad.) Does DDO wiki support that?

A - DDO wiki does not support selling in game currency for real money. If you see an ad trying to sell it, please post the ad's information on Xevo's (Site Administrator) talk page. The ad will then get removed from the wiki. Make sure to include the URL of the site the offending ad is for. This can be found at the bottom of the ad.

Q - How can I remove the annoying CAPTCHA? I would like to edit more but find it incredibly annoying.

A - We pride ourselves on providing the best and most accurate information possible and are happy to reward our editors with extra privileges for making that happen. The first step in the promotion ladder turns off the CAPTCHA edit tests and you can check out the details Here.