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A Grim Turn of Events

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An encounter in the Ruins of Gianthold. You approach the Grim Brothers, who are guarding a pair of treasure chests. During the dialogue, the dragon Skanaal interrupts to recover his treasure and you should slay him while protecting the giants.


  • Speak to Thum Grim
  • Protect the Grim brothers from the dragon


Two Chests, and 1500 XP


  • Thum Grim: I'm busy, leave me alone. Or, talk to Thum. He likes to be bothered.
  • Nale Grim: Huh? Oh. Almost didn't see you little sneaks there. You better not be here to take our stuff. We worked so hard to get it... Way too hard for little sneaks like you to come up and try to steal out treasure while we take a break.
    • You: No no, don't worry, i'm not here to take your stuff.
      • Nale Grim: Whatever, just stay away and... did you hear something? (Encounter starts)
    • You: What are you doing here?
      • Nale Grim: Uncle Brawnpits said we need to come help him look for Totems or something. Said he's got big important things to do here, but we don't care about that. He said there's lots of treasure out here for us, so that's why we're here.
      • Nale Grim: Anyway, We found some, and it was a lot of hard work, so now me and Nale are just taking a rest. You sure you're not here to take it? I hope not. Beating up little people is harder work than it seems.
        • You: No no, don't worry, I'm not here to take your stuff. (See above)
        • You: I see. You just found treasure laying around?
          • Nale Grim: No, I mean... Yes. Kind of. Some little Hobgoblin man said he'd tell us where treasure was if we agreed to help him stomp on his little Hobgoblin friends later. What was his name, Nale? Gardunk? Dargak? Whatever. It's not like we're actually gonna help him. He showed us treasure in an empty cave in the mountains and said we could take it. It was cold there, but no big deal.
          • Nale Grim: We worked so hard for it, walking there and carrying it. Now it's ours and you can't have it.
          • You: I don't know how yo tell you this, but I think you've been duped.
            • Nale Grim: Whatever, just stay away and... did you hear something? (Encounter starts)
  • Nale Grim: Uh oh... This don't look good, Thum. I think we got trouble.
  • Thum Grim: Yeah Nale. I never seen a real Dragon. I think he's gonna try to take our stuff.
  • Skanaal: You runts are the ones who stole my treasure! I can smell it on you!
  • Skanaal: Lucky me... two meaty and stupid giants. I can't wait to take you home and freeze you for later.
  • Skanaal: (Once he is low to 50% HP) You Giants are so weak and pitiful - you need those little insects to protect you!
  • Skanaal: (Defeated) Curse you and your tiny companions!
  • Nale Grim: (Once completed) I told Thum this idea was stupid. We shoulda just stayed at home.
  • Thum Grim: (Once completed) Ugh, I don't even want this stupid treasure anymore. You can have it. I don't want more stupid dragons trying to eat me!