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Base Damage Rating

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All weapons (except Handwraps before Update 33) display a Base Damage Rating on the weapon's information page. This gives you a general idea of the effectiveness of a weapon’s "base" damage. It is calculated from the weapon's damage dice, enhancement and modified by the weapon's crit profile.

The Base damage rating is calculated by taking the average result for the weapons damage dice roll (i.e. a weapon that does 2d6 has an average of 7) and working out the average for each possible result of a d20 roll, applying the weapons crit profile as appropriate (assumes a threat on the d20 is confirmed).

Hence a plain Great Sword (2d6, 19-20 x2) has a Base Damage Rating of (7 + 7 + ... + 7 + 14 + 14)/20. 154 / 20 = 7.7

  • This can also be expressed as ((7*18)+(14*2))=154. 1-18 being normal hits and 19-20 being critical hits.
  • You can calculate the BDR with this formula:
    BDR = (Average Damage)*(1+0.05*(21-Low end of Crit Range)*(Crit Mulitplier-1))

In the above example: (7)*(1+0.05*(21-19)*(2-1)) = 7.7

It’s important to note that this number does not include:

  • Damage done by additional properties like Holy, Pure Good, Acid, Flaming, etc.
  • Strength modifier.
  • Situational modifiers.

(This is why it's called the *Base* Damage Rating.)

Since damage from weapon properties plays such a large role in DDO, the Base Damage Rating of a weapon will play a lesser role in determining whether weapon X is better than weapon Y in many cases.

Bug: Game calculates base damage rating treating 1 as a hit and rounding down earlier than necessary.DDO Forums